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array were going live from
getting a red yellow green
signal isn’t a fund a stream
there ago and we kicked in with
some green an the a morning crypto and talk
about world domination to the sea one will play everything is so of
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letting out here on very hard to tell if a mall a
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Tabor topics so when we see here me a heads up thumbs up I’m sure
there’s a 10 minute are a 10 second or so
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on my phone so on and try to
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walleye attempts to fix a knee,
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totally recapture of a night so as we as we allow
some some people to jump in here
on a clinic and a leg up
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headroom it’s it to rate to take a look
was up I think Dion I might’ve
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morning session on and so on, looking for to the
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nullity that bennett’s quick it’s pretty good and say to that and it’s crazy
on a turn dumb idea and turned
on my phone over here and get
down to confuse or a awesome so
as e of that he’s talked about and up
kind of in a in a vacuum just focused on on the digital
asset to impact of the economic
impact up in the sun in these
different other regions and so
this a good light stokes do all you
get if you guys give me a gift
comes up from your your side of
it if this lag is strictly just
a of what oh BS is doing a night
and I think it does 0.0 BS offer
they actually they have undone
new law and the new software
they and say of not this one to pull this not
this time this tennis and Arrigo
are a guide to the right thing and I will will drill down into
some up into some of my other
thoughts of when we talk about
global domination but I thought
I w of together a video of I know
maybe maybe a month ago up and
we started getting out there
we’d sent that video to warn
davidson’ there’s a great video that we
think that actually have an
impact a positive impact on
helping up helping others within
Congress on and you look at all of those
who say on the Financial
Services committee and let’s go every sin through
every single republican on so we have of one committee
which is the Financial Services
committee on bat is the primary committee
that is the most important the
committee up at this point up to
emphasize into goal after then i it’s gonna die in committee and
its can be ignored event right now so whether or
whether it’s up a pipe $10.00
realized gain or $1000 realized
gain you have to keep track of
all o now under the idea of the HR
2144 up and looks like I was losing a
few people a popping in here so
to me go back to 20 BS let’s see
what’s going on the only trans to to eight bits deftly anno BSE
issue that such transmitting it
on love got a lot of dropped
frames here of 74% Rupp frames
on and to write so slowly get back so
that you guys you give me a
gimme a a times all but the
audio is still streaming well if
everythi up into a little bit of
international law politics so if
you guys are OK on it you know
if you guys are OK talking a
little bit of this space when we talk about
digital assets we talk about of
the digital impact the digital
asset impact upon global youth t we have to look at it off from
the guide geopolitical
perspective on then we have to look at why
and we have to look at the
impact of the impact of it you
know not to say that everything
that th tight ship and the appreciate
that and a smash of the thumbs
up I wish I could give myself a
thumbs up by Brawley Ken Klee
that relative stability on in the
world from a safety perspective and his 100% diametrically
opposed to the western ideals of
freedom or do you take the other
approach and you put because it you know and I guess
what we should do is let’s take
a quick step back in time let’s
go back onto the point where the on so so when we look at it from
an economic perspective a
matching now if East Germany
West Germany you imagine if
you’re if th after the collapse of the Soviet
Union we’re left with one major
superpower which is the United
States there was no counterbalan China has a lot of internal of
issues of that dictate why I
China hasn’t really elevated to
a point of being a eight a true
hege up, a dictatorship or or
communist government now the
distinction in China vs. a
Soviet Union the Soviet Union
rolled with an ir was diametrically opposed onto
the concept of a com unit of the
communist of government under the shawl on and a if you
look in Iran under the shawl of
yet politics can deftly be a a young not taken a stem where the
other at this point you because there’s you know so
much uninvolved in all of this
so let me let me go back in and
look at some of these up to and
l on the itinerary has been talk a
lot I don’t I don’t mean to
create any kind of of tension
are a position I just thought
I’d be to Ralph by having lived in the
UK us your entire life is very
interesting move into Vietnam up
I prefer capital is capitalism b a LAN it’s always a state actors
are corrupt and the concept it
done fairly may have works, as
close as a success would be in
Ga are somehow in control of five G
on that would be really
interesting and on and I’m still strolling
scrolling down here on and low inquiry reveals
everything about the legal Iraq
war two million span go for oil,
there’s a lot more involved, as
well in toe route this is interesting
you’re an artist all you look at
the world differently of Nevada law to interesting
lessons over the years as I
traveled on but as an overall a
cross section and care what
country you war of of tension between
countries up all that stuff is
completely out of our control
although we have to look at that
up and h to let me see here, let’s let me
go back up sorry on a night in
mean again to print all of this
up on to create tension or divis up on on a previous video and
and that’s to me is is really
interesting but all right now and they can
create a paid black chain a
company they can code they can
come up with something amazing
on they can relative been relatively that a budding scare too many
people off with this
conversation but I really the up
and think about this for so long
I thought i up was more to you not discuss
everything from up a larger
perspective so

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  1. Hi Jeff- thanks for a great stream earlier. I suspect you're never going to doing another political theme again. 🙂 keep up the excellent work- I really miss the US -lived there for eight years.

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