Cryptocurrency For Beginners: How To Make Money In 3 Easy Ways

I’m gonna give you three easy ways to
make money with cryptocurrency for beginners my name is Belle Martin
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video you have below so three easy ways to make money with cryptocurrency for
beginners way number one is to simply sign up for a coin base account you can
find a link in the description box below I actually purchased some cryptocurrency
which you hold for the long term I’m inside of coin base there’s Bitcoin
there’s bitcoin cast as aetherium and there’s light coin and you will find
that you know if you’re new in this space and you’re thinking do I have to
buy a whole Bitcoin at this price or do I have to buy this at the full price you
don’t have to buy one of these coins in the fall you can just buy a piece of any
of these coins here but I highly recommend and if you search through my
channel you’ll see I did quite a few videos on this recently I highly
recommend that you purchase as much of light coin as you can right now because
I feel that it’s a very very undervalued cryptocurrency that’s going to do really
well over the next 12 months so way number one is simply buy some
cryptocurrency for beginners and what’s known as huddled hold onto it for the long term
let it go up in value when you have major initial investment
back pull out your initial investments and a little profit and keep the rest in
for the long term so that’s way number one way number two it’s actually share
your coin base affiliate link I’m just gonna move myself down the screen but if
you come under your name at the top here and you press this arrow you can go to
invite friends and this is a really cool feature about coin base
it’s just gonna take a second for the next screen to load off fact what I’m
gonna do is I’m I’m just going to pause the video just for a brief second while
I max screen oh no here we go what’s going to what here we go
so you can see coinbase gives you this link down here and this is how it works
invite a friend who buys or sours $100 of digital currency or more and you’re
both earn ten dollars of free Bitcoin so when you invite a friend using your
special link and they buy or sell their first hundred dollars of digital
currency coinbase are going to send ten dollars our free Bitcoin to your
accounts so way number two of actually making money with crypto it’s just by
sharing your coin base affiliate link with family and friends and on the
internet on places like Facebook YouTube and Twitter way number three my final
way is by partnering with me in a company called
USI tech now in the past seven weeks I’ve made well over one full Bitcoin
passively with us i tech USI tech is a cryptocurrency company that specializes
in trading and mining and when you join the company you purchase mining you
purchase mining packs and basically your income is made
because these mining packs compound now here’s my here’s my disclaimer you can
check out us I tech at the link below I’m not making you know any income
guarantees or anything like that I’m not making you any promises I’m just telling
you exactly what work for me and encouraging you to check it out yourself
and do your own due diligence on the company you know the company is very big
on you know we’re not we don’t make any massive claims we just encourage people
to go check out their evidence for themselves to see if there’s a good fit
but yes this has been working for me on a passive basis and I absolutely love it
so way number one set up a coin base account and whole clip to Quincy for the
long term way number two is share your coin base affiliate link with family and
friends and people on Facebook please don’t be spamming people though make
sure they’re actually that they actually want the information way number three
check out a company called USI tech that I’m partnered with by clicking on my
affiliate link in the box below ok well that’s three easy ways to make
cryptocurrency for newbies hope you got a lot of value don’t forget to like this
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questions below and let me know some other ways if you already making money
with cryptocurrency and you know some other ways let me know below just don’t
like drop affiliate links all over my crap because that’s spamming just leave
a comment saying hey Ben I also do this and you know maybe we can benefit each
other too so I’ll see you in the next video and as always let’s make your next
crypto investment your best cut to investment see you in the next one you

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  1. Thanks for the video. I had joined coinbase but i had not made a purchase until today. i bought 2 light coin but it said it would take 8 days for delivery, which i didnt expect.

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