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Although guys, thank you so much for joining my channel here is oh man It should be work for you guys Today we have to discuss what went on what it hiriam Market friend and we have to analyze how we can see this market will grow in the future so Before going to that I want to wait for some people if they come then I can start let’s give a second before I go ahead and See if it’s working all right, it sounds good to me everything is working a stream with haldi. Let’s go ahead Thank you so much guys for joining my video Here is the live stream for you guys because we want to discuss about the materia market friend that we started since yesterday And we need to follow up how the market is going so far first of all um. Have a good Sunday I hope you guys are enjoying today. Um you had a good time if you watch it afterwards and Hoping that the Monday gonna bring it a lot of good news for you guys So by saying that let’s get it started and see what’s going on in the market all right? Let me Okay So let’s see what’s happened in the past and now what we are observing so seems like The market kind of give me an idea That whatever we expected yesterday happen similar trend. What do I mean by saying that? if I go with to our trend and Let me go Smoothly so that you can’t understand what I mean By that let’s put it this Way if you guys remember what happened this it was around 270 dollars right it was over here, and then what happened all of a sudden it went down to 247 so when it was way here yesterday, which when we discuss about it I mentioned that they could want to be some chances that it will go down and Touch around 230 dollars so my take was that that it will continue to go In to friends, and we’ll continue this confirm this support level of 270 dollars up to 230 dollars By the way when I mention any of these numbers um They’s important for me To put some buffer of around five to ten dollars because I’m not giving exact number I’m not analyzing on the basis of exact number. I’m having some kind of Some kind of friend that I always try to switch when I do analyze so that is also important for me when When I do this so whenever you guys do it and whenever you try to follow me, I would highly recommend that Thank you so much for joining man. Um. How are you man doing? So what I’m a my trying to do it right now is trying to analyze. What’s the helium trend and we will go from there How the etherion friend is working for now yes City if you have watched my video I mentioned that it reached from 270 dollars dollars And now I was expecting that it will go down all the way to 230 dollars, but seems like it went down it went down around 238 something that’s why I mentioned and always to put some buffer when you do some analysis that is more important for me because You know I’m not doing exact analysis. Also I Want I would highly recommend man if you have any questions, please go ahead and ask me. I’m really entertaining. I will try to Give my my enough analysis as much as I can On these things so yeah, let’s continue What’s going on all right, so now what happened? It’s touched back again at 270 dollars, so that’s again that happened And it goes around 270 again. Um so seems like it is confirming That – same deal level and – 30 level it seems like it’s it’s a good support level and why I took that why I chose that if you have any questions like that if you want me to ask it I Would definitely gonna tell you guys why I thought that this is the way and what kind of tools that I use in order to? Find these analysis And by the way I also want to mention one thing over here man that if all of these analyzes that that I do This is just for the information for but that is what I believe that’s what how I do crates um This is my analysis, so whenever you put your money. Don’t don’t put it in a way that oh, you know It’s a cup cover. I think that everyone says that and you are You are you are gonna be Answerable to your money. I’m unstable to my money That’s how I do praise I’m just trying to educate you you are giving you my my analysis the way I do you straight, so Whenever you guys do trades keep in mind that I this is just for the informated purpose is not any Advice or any prediction that I’d make it all right, so let’s continue What’s going on in the market so now once we have seen it touched assembly learn it is going back down today I have three scenarios for you guys that one I can see That the market on the basis of the tools that I use the formula I use what these three scenarios can hit and when we can expect these things So let’s analyze this thing and this is very interesting kind of a concept that that I’m trying to put it over here You know when I see everyone try to just give their own advice But they don’t tell on what faces they are getting vision advices so I will try my best to give you on which tools that I’m using it and wife making sense to have those kind of results So hope you guys like it and enjoy it, so if you have any questions if you want you to and analyze any of other Currency so please coins, so please let me know I will definitely look look into it in the future and will let you guys know All right, so why I said that This is very interesting thing over here, so look at that We have seen the support level around 240 245 right and then what we saw after 245 support level it reached in support level of 270 dollars So after the support level I have also meant I have also seen that this support level reached up to 295 as well so what my take is My kit right now if it Breaks this line it will go towards To ninety five dollars so the next target From the support level if it breaks and gonna go to 295 if it does not break If it still continues this one it will still be around the student twenty to forty five dollars They could be possibility it will go jump from here from 270 go to 245 and then jump up all the way to 295 that could be possible the second possibility for my side is it will continue to oscillate in these two channels before it goes back up the third possibility Which is very less likely? I believe it will jump all the way from here as people wants to break this channel right now I want that too But I want it in a consistent way that grows in up in those where the higher is higher and the lower the smallest So that is my three scenarios, and why and how I came up with this scenarios There’s gonna be very interesting for you guys. Let’s hear me out Okay, so if you look this up or a side table What this RSA table tells is right now in the two hours charged on point base in 3m USD dollars I’m seeing that the RSA in level is not even over sword not even overbought, but it’s close to or It’s close to robot right so it means that these very less likely chance in next two hours. It could will break this level To the next support level up to 95 right now That’s why it is going down most likely also what I know it is the MACD level no doubt It’s going up high But the difference between the blue line and the orange line is to be small that seems like it won’t gonna complete a big jump over here like that in order to See and this support level 295 what might take is there could be chances it will go up to 250 or 245 or maybe within the same range that we have it over here and after that we will continue To see and it is support so whoever has sold it over here, or whoever is bought it over here. I would highly recommend Don’t get nervous, and if it’s going down. It will definitely gonna go up in the future and whoever has sold it over here I’ll congratulate you guys that you guys said is changing this chart very well Because that’s what’s going on right now in the market if I go And why do you say that? Why this dumb pinch and why I believe any of these three scenarios will happen? Let’s dig down on that number one scenario. I mentioned that it will oscillate over here On the support level of 270 into falling why I mentioned that because this is very interesting chart for each area that most of the Analysis that we have seen it never happens like that, but in this view see a mirror image From curiam chart where we saw some ups and downs so fast And so nicely it was done that looks so good ok so what I was trying to show you Seems that my system is pretty slow. I’m so sorry for that and even the streaming is happening so that could be possibility It’s giving me a hard time, but I’ll stick on with me guys. I’ll be good I’ll try to help you guys as much as possible Ok so and if you can see over here over here There was going a downtrend, and then all the way we saw the apprentice but before you see enough friend. You will see some Consistency and some support level continue to grow in order to go to up front What happened over here if you look at this yellow highlighted sign? In that sign you will see that everything was going down all the way and then it start to go up People might say that as students goes down it will go up and then stuff you sure you showing a friend But it always goes with with some consistency before it’s closed up so what happened So what’s what happened over here? Let’s take this in example the highest level support level over here Um around July 11. Did you live you start to see that? 235 is the support level over here And the lowest support level we saw it around 170 so who saw them There was some consistency we have seen things goes down things goes up And then goes up and goes down so it goes down and then it start to fray so we we saw this one time went down all the time went up the Next thing went down, and then it went up So it seems like we saw some 1 2 3 4 and fifth one was the top one So that’s how the consistency Shows that will pray also if you see it over here on the RSI level it went It was it was going towards the downtrend where it was getting over soared and then I start to take His feet up to take Up the bounce to increase to break this Bullish line to go to the next level The funny part is over here is steps time to go down, but already it takes so fast over here And we also see much lower point for oversold at this time when the Chinaman happened and After that we starting to see that it could be possible since it went down very fast it might gonna go up very fast Too it went down Really slow it tooks time to take this feedback up So there could be some chances that it won’t go down and then we’ll go back Thank you so much man for joining me on my channel once again. We are discussing What’s going on in the market and trying to analyze, thank you so much charlie for your comments, yeah I’m really trying my best to give you guys a very analytically why I think this is going in this direction in a friend and on that So let’s what’s going on in the market right now so my take was that it will since it’s going down It will be definitely gonna go up again, so once you’d want to go up again um The point is it will show some consistency over here. That’s how it’s showing over here if you look at at the MACD level it was going down and then it takes time to Take some speed up to go through the next level at the same thing over here It’s a very similar trend if you look at this September to September 18 or from 19th of June to the 17th of July you will see a similar trend But this is taking so far so there could be possibility we have to see some consistency before going up to the next level That’s my thing alright So let’s let’s look down on the second scenario where I mentioned that we might gonna see we might gonna see and Going down again at this 45 and it might gonna go up to 295 That that was my next point right so What we’ll have what happened. Let me get done the okay all right. Let’s hear it here Mia Okay So when I was using the Fibonacci chart if you know what is Fibonacci chart is the Bonacci chart is an all way of Analyzing data where they mention the top and the lower, and they have already included some levels Where they discuss about you know it will jump down for example? This is the highest point over here at the top and around 395 and it went down all the way to 202 so it seems like my scaling is not exact I’m just trying to give you an idea how to market those who always put some buffer of five to ten dollars when I’m mentioning Anything so what’s happened if you go down all the way so it gives you some skills level over here right to 23% of a skill level of increased thirty-eight level off of Another level editor 8.5 Level editor eight sixty one percent or seventy eight percent, so these are some levels and as for these levels It says that if it had that level it will find two such game or if it breaks it will try to jump to the next level might if it’s Benefits going down it will go to the next level downwards That’s how this definitely works so when I talk about these Fibonacci works I was trying to go and trying to use the Bonacci tool on three different heights from 395 all the way to two or two there was the second one I use at 3:45 to enter another height that we saw and all the way is going to do it you and then another one which was at 3:15 and all the way going to 202 and the funny part when I did that there were three lines that I saw I think actually three lines that I saw was nearby Coincide into each other that gave me an idea that we will see a great support over there That’s why in the old time when I mentioned yesterday that we will see a support of 270 dollars And we’re gonna see the support at two forty five dollars when I mention a 270 dollars if you look at over here I know it’s gonna be very dark for you guys There are three lines touching it at 61 percent at 50 percent at 38 percent So that’s give me confirm idea that this gonna be the support level for sure the second confirmation that I have it gonna have a support level at 2:45 is at 38% and 23% so these two aren’t exactly concerning, so it seems like this is the support level I want you guys to remember one thing. Please remember to put The buffer over there all right, so let’s continue to the next point what I have is Once it reached to the DA uptrend right now my point is it will go back down that is the most uh Looking thing right now But if it breaks if anything happens like crazy and Pete and I start to break it will go to the next level of 295 Because it is touching three levels over here had um 71 percent age 61 percent age and 50% a that gotta be the next level up to 95 what I would do right now, I will keep a close eye on it if it goes back goes down, okay? But I at the same time I have seen one more Friend which is very funny Do you see it right now which is around two point? which is working at two thirty eight percent and fifty percent and that is the Line that I think there’s gonna be at 2:58 so 258 Is there and the line that I think might gonna go down and if it goes down okay? Let’s look it like that This is what was the level once to 58, so let’s put it to 55 for now Okay, so let’s put it is not the support level it is a turning point Turning point alright So what does it mean stand the turning point as soon as we see that it gets to? 55 either it will go down to 245 or it will stay ah go back to 275 point is right now, if it goes down it will definitely on track to funny But if it goes back up it gonna be some chances It will break this to 70 level of support level and goes to 295 That’s another possibility that I mentioned on the basis of the vanity chart that we see two points I two levels are making connection to each other then forming. This is the next level in order to analyze Also, I can tell you that the RSA level seems a good support. It’s not even at the bar It’s not even at the soul, so I’m not even oversold so I believe is a huge Huge huge buying opportunity it still even though it goes down to 45 to 55 this technology’s amazing We are expecting more upgrades you know Metropolis is coming there are a lot of good news hanging around What are talking everything to go back? Up to two meum the 3m is a hot topic nowadays And it gonna be by the end of year we’re gonna see motor breaks on it, so Um it seems like it has a long way And we’ll go up high with respect To Big Pine as well the Bitcoin is going up high as well since it’s an AI CEO if you ever stolen I see you But it’s trying to break that fridge and goes back going up high level so seems like It’s still a very good buying opportunity I would highly recommend you guys so Even if you have too few dollars seventy dollars if you like it if you think that it’s a very good point and the technology you know don’t go only with the money it also comes up with the Technology that you’re gonna be using it it does it worth it or not That’s a main point when it comes to any investment, so there are a few rules that I always believe in I want to tell you guys when there’s a dip or a spy when there is some height when everyone is spying That’s the point to sell when everything everyone is selling. It’s the time to buy Surely, it’s not a bad idea to take some profits always take some profits number four always make sure you have a lot of different points in your in your portfolio because this way you are distributing your your your luxury of getting more chances to get Improvement you know if something is going down something will go back. Ah so this psychologically we will do it You won’t be feeling some very tough by investing money in one place. If everything is going down that is more important for you guys Learn this technology how this technology works try to educate yourself try to have for the trying to help everyone trying to motivate Everyone try to get this community in a very nice way and I hope I hope you guys I hope to see you guys through next time in my next video and This has been like an amazing journey so far and whatever I’m doing it. I’m doing

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