Cryptocurrency – Ethereum Price Prediction. What will happen after touching $300. Find Out

Thank you so much guys for joining me on my channel this video is dedicated to a theory on market analysis social last two days we have observed the market is going up crying and showing bullish trend is this how the Market will travel in the next few days are not so today. We will discuss how the market will react from last two days of trading on the basis of previous analysis as You can see in the cryptocurrency market Capitalization website, we are seeing everything is in green that is a really good news and at the same time I want to mention that we have seen that the market cap of etherium Bitcoin and even Bitcoin cash all of them are Increasing on the daily basis which is a really good thing seems like whatever the news that we were seeing in the market is now getting a Poll where everyone is getting calm And it’s smooth once again the point that I want to make right now is we have to see a consistent uptrend and rather having a very sharp uptrend This is very important if we want to grow smoothly for the future of this cryptocurrency market All right, let’s discuss what the etherium market is talking about right now If you see at the coin market CAF website We are seeing that we have raised twenty seven billion dollar of market cap and the Bitcoin is at 65 we have seen 70 billion earlier and for atrium the last time we have observed was around 31 to 32 billion of market cap which seems like it went down all the way to 20 cap before we have seen the The lowest value in last few days and now it has gained 7 billion dollar So far in the market cap we have observed that the volume crane is around $1,000,000,000 on In 24 hours who seems like it is good doing a good job. If you look at the price graph in last 7 days Everything is going according to Bitcoin graph and today We will discuss specifically what is it helium trending right now? but before that I want to go dig down and what cerium is doing the what the market is telling us right now, it’s You know we are seeing Everything going is smooth the price ranges that we have on different sources is to 81 to 86 to 87 to 88 where e1 to 51 by the way if you look at those Historic stearic value in coin market cap these are all coming from Chinese market exchanges and it says if you guy go down it says the price excluded, so these PI prices are not included and these Value which has come up over here? So as you can see the most of the prices over here, I’m seeing is around 2 80s and Even in gtex is 287 so seems like we after touching $300. We are we have gone back to 280 so why what happened why it took so long to reach? $300 what happened last two days, let’s discuss right now All righty, so here. We have the graph that we have for coinbase From e3 m2 USD dollars, and I’m trying to analyze on a 4-hour chart From September all the way to the October that we are From all the way of September actually so that is a chart for the month of September we have where we have seen in a Print all the way going to the downtrend and now we are trying to recover are we recovering or not? So let’s discuss right now if you have seen my previous two videos where I mentioned where the market was over here And I asked and I’m the market was certainly you were here and I mentioned that we might gonna See they had gone a touch to seventies or it gonna sustained at 2:45 But seems like the market improve immensely high and not even close to Seventies it does to 90 that was one of my scenario last time yesterday if you watch my yesterday’s video which was live video that I made it because I was it was seems like we are seeing one of the cranes either will go really high because of Old all the news that we are getting from metropolis And we haven’t updated for Metropolis as well today so but over here we have seen it turns into $90 and since Last night until today a few minutes ago, we were seeing consistently that the market was trading from 288 until 296 so that was the market trend it was trying to keep Consistent at that level and then what happened few minutes ago it touched $300 and as soon as it touched $300 it starts to go back down to 88 to $88 why it was like that because most of the people who use limit orders they all They must have put $300 as a time to sell they must have bought it at a lower price And they were waiting it to reach up to $300 that’s what we have noticed every time at the retouch 250 or 300 or 400 or 350 we have seen as soon as it touched that portal level it always comes down to Some few levels where people start to sell all of them who ever make it as a limit So that’s what happened as soon as it touched if you look at this red sign it touched $300 over here, and and as soon as it touched $300 It came down all the way to 288 to the people who put it Limit that’s how they came back But now the point is what will happen next what the market is talking about What is the support level that we can expect right now? Before that this is very important for you guys that I should mention it to you That there was a channel we were seeing over here if you If I go over here all the way to this level you will see that there was a channel That was forming which was downtrend But all of a sudden we have seen that it has crossed the challenge and was going down And if you notice that was the same time when the China news was at hype Everyone was confused either they gonna bad not those exchanges or not that was the time It was the buy time and whoever has bought at that time It was an amazing damn fault too for them to sell it right now, so right now the case seems like Everything is moving an uptrend after that and not even up crime it has shown that the market has cut off their downtrend channel So the point is done is this though is this the level that shows that then now the downtrend channel has ended We exactly don’t know we can find out if it touches to another level of 315 why I mentioned 315 because we have already seen if you look at a way here we have already seen the support level that we have seen a 315 level so if it touches 315 I am pretty much Confident that we have broke the channel and we are going uptrend, but at the same time I am afraid if that gonna be the case if it goes fast ready If it goes really fast right now The chances that will go back down really fast as well. We need a consistency when it goes up, or it goes down Let’s discuss. What is the real scenarios right now? Just think about it if it continues this trend of downtrend channel Where we can? Where we can expect that the next point gonna be so I have two options for you One option that I think is to $90 which showed strong strong support level Since yesterday until today where I marked some level if you see away here This level was at 288 to 290 this level was also considered a strong one so we have seen that some level was shows the support level at 290 dollars so if it continues to stay at this 290 dollars and the above level is around $300 for to 295 if it continues to move in this direction. I am pretty much sure That we will see another uptrend and we might gonna break this downtrend channel and go upwards Another option that I think that this 290 support level is not that it strong enough, and we are going down Like if you look at few minutes ago, it was 288 and now you can see it is 291 so seems like we are maintaining the support level of 290 dollars right now, but let’s take an example If it breaks this 290 level, and if it goes down What will happen the next support level that we are seeing right now is at 275 dollars That gonna confirm that we are is still in the bearish trend and that gonna confirm that we are going on a Consistently basis that could possible that can lead us to an uptrend to the next Reid point of around 300 plus That’s the third option for me so my take right now for you guys is when you are doing Trace right now seems like we are towards the overbought region and We have to make sure that when we are doing some trades We buy it low and sell at a high so whoever has sold it right now They did an amazing job, and I’m just hoping that we continue to grow it smoothly rather than sharply That’s all from my side guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know if you agree or Whatever the market that I am analyzing with or if not let me know What do you how the market will go? Do you think that the market will go up high like that or they will drop it like crazy? I will try my best to post videos every day if I get time it from my world, but if not Enjoy your work if you want to contact me if so feel free to contact me on Twitter add me on Twitter account And this Twitter account or add me with this snapchat account if you want to add me on a snapchat. You can add it Or if you want to join my Facebook page I recently created it for you guys if you want to join it That these are three sources for now from my side, so that’s all from my side if you liked this video Please hit the subscribe button if you have any Recommendation, please put it on your comment section, and if you liked it give me thumbs up alright guys Thank you so much once again for your time. Hope you like this video, and I will get back to you soon. Thank you

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  1. I've been watching the charts very closely. And I believe that Ethereum will drop to 275 within the next 10 days. This is setup for a short trade with very weak supports below 290. I believe a large group is ready to short the market in the coming weeks. But we do have very strong support at 275 if that breaks we are going down. That's my guess. Eth is mirroring its previous trend the only difference is that we have a higher bottom then the previous bottom at 132. This time around the bottom is was 203. This run to 291 is similar to the run from 130-247 in the previous down trend. And if its mirroring the previous trend then our next move from 291 is going to be 275. Then 230 – Then long term ATH.

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