Cryptocurrency – Ethereum at $1400 by summer 2018! Ethereum at New All Time High

What’s up, YouTube? What’s up my
cryptocurrency creepers? What are you all doing? What are you all into? What are you all looking at? All right, let me know. Let me know what’s hot– or not. I just wanted to talk to you
guys about Ethereum today. I was doing some reading
and some checking out about Ethereum. I read this article, then I
saw a YouTube-channel video, and then I started reading
some more information about Ethereum– got me a little interested–
a little more interested. I already knew Ethereum. I’ve never been like
a huge Ethereum fan but, also, it’s not
like I’m anit-Ethereum. So BritVR put this video
out talking about Ethereum and how Ethereum– or how Tesla put out a– how blockchain was integrated
into a Tesla vehicle and that was used to manage
and pay for toll fees. And they were using
a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain
backbone to manage all of it in kind of a smart
contract form. It’s pretty slick. And so that piqued
my interest, so I started doing some digging. Of course we all know there
were some big players that got involved in Ethereum,
and they’ve brought up some conversations about it– Microsoft and some
other big boys. And we all know that
the concept of Ethereum and the design of Ethereum isn’t
going anywhere for a long time. So I started looking, and I came
across this bit of information. I was talking about
Ethereum reaching $1,400 by next summer– $1,400 Ethereum by next summer– man. I mean, everybody’s talking
about how Ethereum– it broke $200 today again,
and I think the last time I saw it was earlier today. It was like $218 or something. And that’s amazing. Everybody’s stoked. Everybody’s all pumped up. Ethereum is over $200. $1,400 by next summer– what do you all think? Let me know in the
comments if you all think that’s going to happen–
$1,400 by March next year. I’ll give you my
breakdown on it. I don’t know if you all heard
about the “internet of things.” It kind of sounds like
this little mysterious shit out there– you’re not really
sure what is talking about. But internet of things
is really, like, things that are around you that
are connected to the internet. They’re all integrated–
thermostats, refrigerators, microwaves, home
appliances, home automation, security systems, your car,
your watch, your phone– all these things are
integrated into the internet– all interconnected. They’re all things
of the internet. And everything has already
started headed that way. And I don’t know
if you guys know, but there’s a block chain out
there for internet of things. I want to say– I think it’s XoT. So anyways, internet of things– it’s been around, but
it’s picking up steam. It’s going to pick up
more steam, I think. It’s going to get
bigger and bigger. With the whole Tesla car using
Ethereum blockchain structure to manage toll road, that’s
eye-opening because that lets you know that Ethereum
has got the potential– even more than you
could even imagine– to be integrated into
our everyday lives, especially with the
internet of things going on. That, for me, sets
it in motion to reach that $1,400 by next summer. I think it’s very feasible. Look at the price of
Ethereum in March. Look at where it was;
now look where it is. Of course you’re going to
have those people there that hear me talking
right now, and they’re going to say, yeah, but we’re
in a cryptocurrency bubble. And I would have to say that
I don’t agree with that. And the reason I
don’t agree with that is because the amount of
currency that is in the world– I’d say probably 95%
of it is still paper. And that’s being
extremely generous. I mean realistically,
we’re probably talking about more
like 1% that’s actually in cryptocurrency,
but it’s fine– being generous. 95% of the rest of the currency
in the world is still paper. That means we’re not
even close to a bubble. The climb that you’re
seeing isn’t from a bubble. It’s simply from the
advancement of cryptocurrency, its notoriety, and the
fact that everybody thought it was going to be
gone by now– and it’s not. And the value is increasing. The fiat currency
values are decreasing. The economy isn’t what
everybody thought, worldwide, not just in the US. Japan has taken on
cryptocurrency full force. I read an article today that
said that they were back– there’s like 120,000
stores or something that’s going to accept
cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. That’s insane. That’s crazy. And that’s fast. We’re so far behind. It’s going to take a long time
for the wealth of our country to get into cryptocurrency. We’re not even
close to a bubble, so don’t worry about it. I’m curious to
what you all think. Ethereum– $1,400
by March, 2018. I don’t know. I think it’s feasible. Bitcoin is climbing like crazy. All the coins are climbing. We get our corrections
just like a normal market, but everything is
on a upward trend. The market caps are growing. Communication about it is
starting to grow a little bit, but it’s still in
its baby stage. Very few people know
what cryptocurrency is. Walk down the street– walk in a grocery store– just ask five or six people
if they know what it is and if they do– ask 10– and if
they do, I guarantee you’re probably
going to find one that might know what
cryptocurrency is, and they probably only
know what Bitcoin is. They haven’t heard of Dash,
Monero, Ripple, Burstcoin, Doge’– they haven’t heard of any of
these other [INAUDIBLE] None. So it’s still early. So you all let me know
what you think, all right? Shoot me a comment down below. I’m curious to know what
everybody thinks about this. And you all hit that
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questions, let me know. And I’ll yell at you all later.

2 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency – Ethereum at $1400 by summer 2018! Ethereum at New All Time High”

  1. Fascinating stuff. I'll be interested hearing more about your experiences with other digital currencies. Check out my vlog if you get time.

  2. Very good odds eth could hit $1400 by march 2018. Now russia legalizing crypto currency. Eth inventor is russian.

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