Cryptocurrency Bull Market After These 3 Events?!

three upcoming crypto events that may
trigger a bull run welcome back to crypto land where the charts are always
greener today we are talking about three upcoming crypto events that may trigger
a bull run this is based on an article that I read and some additional research
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definitely consider subscribing the first cryptocurrency event that may
trigger a bull run is the consensus event which will be held on May 14th it
involves big names in the cryptocurrency industry as well as regulatory
authorities that will discuss blockchain and kryptos last year this event
contributed to its bullish trends in June there are some other articles that
backed us up and I will link those in the description the second
cryptocurrency event that may trigger a bull run is the SCC’s etf approval
another thing to pay close attention to is if the SEC allows the trading of
crypto ETS an exchange-traded fund is basically an investment fund which is
traded on stock exchanges much like stocks which are very attractive as
investments because of their stock like features low cost tax efficiency etc in
January SEC as several crypto base ETFs to withdraw their proposal siding how
the funds holding massive crypto amounts can’t satisfied in 1940 Act which is
basically investment advisors Act that require security investment advisors to
be registered with the SEC at the end of the last month CBOE that launched a
Bitcoin future made an appeal to the SEC to allow ETS for cryptocurrencies if the
SEC does approve crypto ETFs it will help building investors trust in all of
them number three big cryptocurrency invent that may trigger a moon launch is
Ethier aims hard cap Vitalik booter in the the co-founder of
cryptocurrency aetherium has suggested a new theorem
hard cap of 20 million in a post on github which i will also link in the
description it is expected that it would go live in the first phase of kaspar
updates by limiting the supply of eath a potential price rises in the future
besides we all know that the theorem is the most popular plan
when it comes to icos and by capping the etherium supply the entry into the ico
market can be made tougher which could lead to increased gas price which would
eliminate the opportunist looking for a quick buck through ICO scams this would
not only help the crypto community clear its name but also bring more trust for
more institutional investors to enter the market crypto currencies are awesome
and it will change everything as we know it but there’s a lot of work to do still
and I think it’s good that the prices have gone down so much as it takes some
of the pressure off so we can focus on solving some of the problems that we
clearly still have I think that all of these crypto events are very significant
in this crypto sector and who knows we might get another rally out of it let me
know what your thoughts are about this crypto events and their respective
impact on the crypto market share your thoughts with the community in the
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