Cryptocurrency Board Game: How to Play Video HD

Hi! My name is Steve, the designer for Cryptocurrency and I am here to teach you how to play the game. In Cryptocurrency, the aim is to earn the most money by the end of the game, by either trading or mining various cryptocurrencies. And each player accomplishes that by using the characters in the team, to do various actions. At the start of each round, each player receives 1 Rumour card. Like so. And… Each rumour card has either a positive number, like this, or… a negative number like this one. Okay. These numbers will affect the price of the cryptocurrency if they are placed on the traps faced up. So after each of the players receive their Rumour card, they will get a chance to hire someone from this row over here, by paying the hiring cost. Okay. Let’s say this player over here wishes to hire the… Fintech Specialist. So what he has to do is to pay 5 Wongas, as stated on the top right corner. Like so. And then he will add the Fintech Specialist to his team. But your team can only consist of 3 characters. So when you hire someone new, you must get rid someone that is already on the team, like so. Alright! Ok. So let’s say this player wants to hire the Blockchain Engineer. He will pay 6 Wongas… … and he will get rid of 1 Intern and add the Blockchain Engineer to his team. Alright! So at this time, players can also take a loan… that looks like this if they feel like they want more cash. Okay. So when you take a loan, you will get 8 Wongas straight up. But every round, you’ve to pay an interest of 2 Wongas, as long as you hold on to the loan. Let’s say this guy over here. He wants to take a loan, so he take this and… … he will get 8 Wongas from the Bank. Okay. So after everyone has the chance to take a loan and hire someone… … this… all the remaining experts will be discarded. 5 new ones will be placed out… … to prepare for the next round. And then you move on to the next phase of the round which is the Action phase. During the action phase, starting from the first player… … they will get to take 1 action and you need to take 1 of 2 actions. … and these 2 actions include mining or trading. So let’s say this player wants to trade. So how that works is you will choose which Cryptocurrency you will want to trade… … and then you choose the expert you wish to use for trading. Ok, so let’s say this player wants to trade in Singacoin and… … and he will use this Fintech Specialist over here. Okay, so when you use an expert for an action, you will get the Energy and then, you will get the chance to use their ability if the ability affects the action. Alright, so Fintech Specialist, she allows you to buy coins for 1Wonga less and sell coin for 1 more. However, the coins cannot cost less than 1 Wonga. So, because this player is buying Singacoin, the Singacoin’s current cost is 2 Wongas. He can buy each Singacoin at 1 Wonga instead. So, for each Energy that’s spent over here, he can buy up to 4 coins. So in this case he can buy up to 8 coins which is all the coins over here. So he will go ahead and do that. … by spending 8 times 1 Wonga because of the Fintech Specialist’s ability. Then… he will add all the coins from here to his own supply. Then because he used Fintech Specialist for the action, he will flip her over to show that she has been exhausted and cannot be selected anymore for the remainder of the round. Ok! Another thing that happens is because I bought so many coins… … I caused a market shift. What that means is for every 4 coins that I’ve bought, I will increase the price of Singacoin by 1. So in the case, because i bought 8, I will increase it twice to 4. Ok, so with that my turn is over and it passes on to the next player. Which is this guy over here. So what he will do is… … he will take a mining action using his Blockchain Engineer and he chooses to mine, let’s say… Misterio! So, when you choose to mine a Cryptocurrency, you’ll look at the difficulty of the current progress level…. … and then you will take these cards. These cards are called, Hash cards, and in these Hash cards there’s 1 Success card, and everything else are Fail cards. Ok. First thing you do it take the Success card then you add on the Fail cards… … until you reach the number stated on the number stated on the difficulty level. So for difficulty 4, it will be 1 Success card and 3 Fail cards. Ok. Then because he used Blockchain Engineer for the action, he gets 2 Energy…. … and he has the special ability where if he mines unsuccessfully, he can retry once more. So let’s say during this mining action, he will be able to pick one card for each Energy he spends. So he gets 2 cards, and let’s say those 2 cards are both Fails… … what happens is because of his ability, these 2 cards will go back into the deck, shuffle again. Then, he will get to pick another 2 cards. So if this time he gets a Success, that means that he has mined successfully. And he gets the reward stated over here based on the progress and… … which in this case is 2 coins will be added to his own supply. And he will validate any transactions that are in this row over here. for any transactions of of Mistero over here, So, in this case, because there are 2 Mistero transactions, he will flip both of them over, and resolve them. Ok. To resolve them, you will increase the price of Mistero 2 times. 1 for each, as such. Then he will receive validation fee per transaction. So based on the progress over here, Each transaction gives him a fee of 2 Wongas. So for 2 transactions, he gets a total of 4 Wongas. So after all that, this 2 get discarded. and 2 new cards will be placed out to replace them. Then, this checker will move forward by 1 to progress the Cryptocurrency track. If it is already at the end, you do not move it. Also because he has used the Blockchain Engineer, he has to flip it over … to make sure he has been exhausted. So the action phase keeps going on until the all the players have exhausted all their characters. so in this case, because this player still have characters remaining, … … you will go back to his turn. OK. But let’s just say that … … all the characters have been exhausted and this is the end of the action phase. Alright! Then… … we will move on to the next phase, which is the Upkeep phase. So during the Upkeep phase, all characters will be flipped over to prepare for the next round. And whoever that is holding on to a Loan, will have to pay the interest. which is 2 Wongas. If at this time, they wish to pay off the Loan, they will pay it off by paying the lump sum that was taken at the start. Which is 8 Wongas. After all the players have done this, we will move on to the Rumour phase. Where each player will placed their Rumour card that they received at the start of the round on 1 of the Rumour traps over here. During this phase, the Last player will go first and the First player will go last. There are a few placement rules when placing the Rumour cards. The first thing is you can only place your Rumour card on a trap that has not received any Rumour cards from other players during this phase. The second thing is, when you place your Rumour card, it must be facing in the opposite direction from the previous card. So let’s say this this player wants to place his Rumour card on Singacoin because of his opposition. Because the previous card was a faced down card, the next card has to face up. which in this case, it would be like this. and because the Rumour card has been placed facing up, it will affect the price immediately, by reducing it by 2. Then you pass on to the next player, … which is this guy over here and he will place his card maybe here! Increasing that coin’s price by 2. After all players place their Rumour cards, … all the Rumour traps that did not receive any cards will receive a supplement from the top of the deck. So these 2 will each get a card from the top of the deck, as such. And because they are faced up, they will affect the price. Like that. And then that will the end of the Rumour phase. So that is the end of 1 round. And after 5 rounds, the game is over or 4 rounds if there are only 4 players. After 5 rounds, the Rumour traps will look something like this… Let’s just put 2 for comparison…. So all Rumour traps will look something like this… Then at the end of the game, which is after 5 rounds, you will flip over all those Rumour cards facing down. And they will take effect immediately… For Mistero, it will be a -2 overall. For Singacoin, it is a -1. Then you will do the same thing for other coins. For whoever that is holding on to the most for each type of coin, You will give out these ultimate Hoarder Bonuses which grants a bonus of 12 Wongas. Because this guy is holding on to the most Singacoin, he receives the Singacoin Hoarder… The other player will receive the Mistero Hoarder… And because no one is holding on to Flyt and Eruptium, these 2 bonuses will be discarded. After that, you will then determine which is the scam coin. How that works is you will look at all the Rumour cards of each individual cryptocurrency. You will add up the balance of their Rumour cards… So for Mistero, adding everything up, it is a total of +2. And for Singacoin, it is a total of -4. Alright! Let’s say if Eruptium is 0 and Flyt is +1. In this case, Singacoin is the scam as because it has the lowest balance of -4. And whoever that is still holding on to Singacoin, like this guy over here…. … has been scammed and because all his Singacoins are now worthless. But he will still get to keep his Hoarder bonus. which still gives him a bonus of 12 Wongas. After that, whoever that is still holding on to the other coins will sell it off at the current price. And everyone will count the total amount of money they have, less off the loans. The player with the highest amount of points(money) is the winner. And that’s how you play Cryptocurrency!

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