Cryptocurrency Bloodbath: 3 Things To Remember

it happened in 2015 it happened in 2016
it happened in 2017 it has now happened in 2018 you know what I’m talking about
right the crypto currency markets correcting which turns into a bit of a
bloodbath if I don’t say so myself you only need to check out coin market
cap to see what I’m talking about it’s read all of it I’ve been a part of the
whole cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem
since 2014-2015 I’ve seen it before and I’ll sure as hell see it again so if
this is your first time experiencing these wild volatility swings let me
share three things with you that you should keep in mind when investing in
crypto currencies these three things and tips will hold you in good stead over
the long term earning a healthy return on investment one hurdle the good
projects no that’s not a spelling mistake
well the initially was but has now been adopted by the cryptocurrency ecosystem of
course it stands for hold but hodl has been interpreted as hold on for dear
life but you shouldn’t huddle any crypto currency that you come across only get
involved with the most valuable projects those with long-term potential of course
if you want to go down the route of pumping and dumping pointless coins who
might stop you maybe you see as you’ll get rich quick
scheme I don’t and that’s not what I teach if you want real success provide
value and invest in valuable projects which have a potential to impact this
status quo naturally you’ll be required to do research on projects before
investing following this just as you would do with anything crypto is no
different you still need to do your due diligence
who’s in the team what past successes have they had why are they aiming to
solve and much more we teach this thoroughly in our ICO course and that’s
a course that we really focus down on the key points you should be researching
on so remember hodl the good projects to
never invest more than you can afford to lose pretty simple right however a lot
of people tend to invest more than they can afford to lose why because they see
as this cool thing that will make them boatloads of cash albeit encrypter this
is just a basic principle follow it it’s recommended to never have more than 10%
of your investment portfolio in crypto currencies remember as an asset class
this is in my opinion by far the most riskiest even riskier than investing in
very early-stage startups it’s not rare to see double-digit percentage gains in
a day but also double digit percentage decreases in a day so let me repeat it
again never invest more then you can’t afford to lose regardless of what people
around you are saying as they may be selling sunshine and rainbows finally
don’t get caught in the fear of missing out a big one one that leads on from my
last two points you’re more than likely have heard about Bitcoin from someone
else maybe they were selling you on the old sunshine and rainbows dream become a
crypto millionaire but don’t get caught in that trap of getting involved before
you already we’re still in the infancy of this whole ecosystem there is plenty
of time do your research be diligent
find the valuable projects you believe in then invest don’t just put your money
into a cryptocurrency because everyone else’s you have your own mind you’re
capable of generating your old forts use them with crypto don’t let it go out the
window I see so many people setting the stream now and quite frankly it’s pretty
amusing please don’t say I didn’t warn you and
just another thing to add on here which ties up all my points
don’t panic buy and don’t panic sell link to the fear of missing out
mentality don’t act before you’re ready and 90% confident e there we have it my
free things to remember during a crypto currency bloodbath from someone who has
been through many of them now if you have any questions drop them in
the comments below until next time have fun in the wild world of

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  1. Hi Ravinder, i have a short question on the situation right now. I Know that nobody can predict the rebound. But what is the real value to Euro of 1 BTC in you opinion ? i mean it is still expensive compared to last year but cheap compared to December 17. When is the point you woul re enter the game and what rises do you expect in 2018 ? thanks in advance

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