Cryptocurrency $BLOC Mining with Raspberry Pi3 SBC

In this video we are going to see how to mine cryptocurrency BLOC with a Rasperry pi also known as Single Board computer BLOC money runs on cryptonight haven algorithm. Everybody can mine BLOC Let’s go on WIKI.BLOC.MONEY Click on Mining menu and select Mining with a SBC First we need to download the latest non-desktop version of Raspbian Then checkout the installation guide You will require to uncompress the file and download a software called balenaEtcher to write the image on the SDcard for your system Install and Launch balenaEtcher Select the image file Select the SDCARD you want to use then click FLASH button You will have to put your computer password Then wait for the wait for the process to finish. It should take few minutes Once ready, connect the SDcard to the raspberry and start it At the first start you will be asked to download the latest update and setup the general options of your system Then use the internet browser and go on BLOC.MONEY Click FAQ in the menu to visit the WIKI. Click mining, and select mining with a SBC Now copy paste the following command to your raspberry terminal This one as well Now let’s download the miner Here i will create a folder called dev and i will download the miner inside. Copy and paste the command to download the miner Then unzip the miner Now go to the miner folder We need to edit the miner settings with our mining pool and mining address We can do that with the nano command or simply by using the editor You can copy and paste the details from the wiki and edit the mining pool and your BLOC address Once you are ready save the file. Now copy the chmod command to make the file executable and then, start the miner Congratulations! You are mining BLOC from a Raspberry pi Thank you for watching, I see you in the next video

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