Cryptocurrency Ban? The Conspiracy is Real! Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…

I didn’t notice you there So, if you’re in
the crypto space you’ve probably heard news going around about the whole thing with google, facebook, twitter. They’re all announcing that they’re going
to be banning cryptocurrency ads. Now obviously this is big news but I’m going
to kind of come at you more from the conspiracy side of things with what I’ve dug up, and
it does seem like this reach is much further than just cryptocurrency ads. It’s getting down to the point of organic
content, and as people in the crypto community this is something you need to be concerned
about and were going to talk about that today. Okay, so as I mentioned before, the media
giants out there have all announced at this point that they’re going to be targeting cryptocurrency
ads. But being somebody that’s in the crypto space,
we post on multiple different platforms; twitter, facebook, instagram, all those. And one thing that became glaringly obvious
very early on is that this “ban” is not restrictive to ads. It is a blatant ban on content relating to
blockchain and crypto, far beyond this kind of “ICO/save the consumer from themselves”
type perspective that the media giants are trying to put out there. So, the first one I’m really going to talk
about is twitter. They supposedly just start doing this, I believe
it was the 28th when they put the official announcement out there. Twitter is the most interesting one for us,
because with all the other ones where there’s a lot of guesswork going on, people saying
“oh we’re seeing this, oh we’re seeing that”. Twitter is simple, it’s very straight forward
for us. So essentially we use scripts to transfer
over our instagram posts to twitter. And our guy that runs some of our social media
pages also runs a number of other pages. And something that we had pointed out to us
is that all these other pages that he is running, they’re posting just fine, hashtags are going
through, you can put hashtags right there on the post, it feeds through the script,
it appears there. What we noticed is right here around march
5th was the last time that we had had a successful posting on twitter. You can see right here we had this one (march
5th) and then there’s this gap from march th to march 8th and then once again all the
way out from march 8th until the 18th. So youre talking about two entire weeks that
out content was not being pushed to twitter. And for the life of us we couldn’t figure
it out. We dove in, and we realized that the moment
we went through and removed our cryptocurrency and blockchain related hashtags from the initial
posts they immediately went through. So that was red flag number one. No matter what they can try and deny we saw
it with our own eyes, you include crypto or blockchain hashtags and twitter is using an
API to filter us right out from even being able to post. Okay, so obviously twitter was kind of the
easiest to touch on, because there’s no ifs, ands, or buts. We saw it with our own eyes, they’re clearly
blocking hashtags. But facebook is kind of an interesting one
because they were the first one to come out and announce it. Now for us, I think obviously facebook has
been struggling with a lot of different issues. I mean look what they have going on right
now with the whole data breach, in terms of massive amounts, 50 million users data being
collected�.and that was over two years, ago. Facebook never said a word until somebody
else figured it out and brought into the public eye. So do you really think ist beyond facebook
and zuckerberg to go and bury something like this, and just not tell their user base? This is what they’ve become notorious for,
they hide the data they don’t want you to see, they sell the data of yours that’s useful. This is what they do guys, its not beyond
them. But on our end like I said facebook is kind
of the side issue. Instagram is really one of the platforms we
hit the space hard with and facebook is relevant to that because they did have a merger/acquisition
over instagram and they now own instagram. So one of the things that we saw with our
instagram page that was just glaringly obvious is that we interact with nobody but cryptocurrency
people on that page. I mean, Bitcoin, ethereum, these are the tags,
these are the hashtags that we interact with. Nothing else, that is what we do. And one of the most obvious things was, we
hopped onto our explore feed one day and it was like somebody had just flipped a switch
and all of the sudden the cryptocurrency flow had just completely stopped. Our explore feed is nothing but watches, luxury,
and lifestyle things now. It is literally difficult to find something
about Bitcoin from a page that’s centered around Bitcoin. And we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just
us so we actually reached out to a few of the other hard hitting instagram pages. We’re going to show you some screenshots they
sent over from their explore pages as well. It really says something when your talking
about a number of pages where we’ve got well over hundreds of thousands of followers between
us and none of us are seeing anything cryptocurrency related when that’s exactly what our pages
are about. You know guys, something stinks. It would’ve made a little more sense if things
had just filtered out but it was just like we woke up one morning and crypto was gone,
it was like they just decided they didn’t want us to see it, they flipped the switch,
and they’re cutting the info flow. So the kind of last major group were going
to talk about is google.Which really, when we talk about google, you can’t think of google
as just google. Google is a subsidiary of alphabet inc which
owns all of the different google projects, youtube is under that umbrella. But the thing that’s really important with
the google/alphabet inc issue is they said that they were going to be blocking the ads
come June…Clearly, from what we’ve seen with search results, what we’ve seen with
our own results for our personal pages popping up and things like that, obviously the filtering
is already happening and obviously the reach is much more than ads they’re cutting out
organic content. One of the things that I think is important
to point is that those of us that were growing up in the 90s/early 2000s we remember a time
when google’s main thing was about information freedom. And I think those of us that saw that initial
google entity as it was and have seen what its become have realized they really mad a
transfer of going from this open source ideal to just becoming this kind of ultimate data
broker. At this point google’s goal is to control
the data that’s out there, and the control of that data gives them a massive amount of
power. And the reason I think this is so important
is that if we look at a list of mergers/acquisitions under alphabet inc going back to 2016…While
google is sitting here saying they’re blocking blockchain and cryptocurrency ads to protect
the consumers, we can actually see that they’ve been buying up cryptocurrency and blockchain
inspired companies and projects. And they’ve been doing this since 2016. Do you really think they’re against something
this revolutionary and they’re shutting it out? This is just my opinion but personally I think
it’s pretty transparent. I look and I say they’re trying to control
the flow of information, they’re buying upop these blockchain projects an they’re trying
to bury it just long enough that they can come in from left field with googlechain or
whatever they decide to call it. Because they did announce they’re thinking
about a blockchain. This is not about blockchain being bad, this
is about them trying to capitalize on it and force everyone out. Now along with that like I said, alphabet
inc is the umbrella company and one of the projects under them is obviously youtube. This is another one that was big for us that
was very easy to notice. So that last post we had on twitter before
everything went awry was right around march 5th, which was the same time that our last
video on youtube went up that did really well. Historically, usually the first day or two
we see at least a thousand views for anything we post, and that goes back to when we first
started the channel. Im talking back when we had less than one
hundred to two hundred subscribers. Even the first couple days you’re still talking
about hundreds and hundreds of hits. What was really eye opening (were going to
open up the youtube channel here). We went from our most recent video that pulled
in about three thousand views, it did relatively well; and then we had this hit that we took�.And
we went from three thousand views average, to now were actually seeing three hundred
views in a week. Its unprecedented. We literally haven’t seen views this low since
we started the channel and we’re twenty five time the size we were then. Something is up guys, they say they’re not
enacting any of this yet, they say it’s just ads. But look at the facts. The numbers don’t lie. These companies are notorious for selling
your data, they’re notorious for basically manipulating that data and using it so their
advertisers can capitalize on what you’re interested in. Don’t think that it ends there guys. They are trying to push as many buttons with
this crypto things as possible. They want to capitalize on it, they absolutely
do want the little guys having any say in this. And you know, it’s not just us. We looked at a number of the other bigger
crypto channels on youtube. You know, someone like crypt0news isn’t going
to take as much of hit because of how popular he i, but you can look and see that even his
videos have seen a marked decrease in the traffic. And you know, they can say what they want;
but it’s pretty obvious to those of us that are in the space. No matter who argues and says it hasn’t started,
whoever says just just ads�.it’s just not true guys. This is an all out war, they realize that
this is something that threatens they’re platform, they’re point of power and it’s going to be
a real struggle over the next year. Personally weve been looking at steemit, were
actually looking at Dtube which is an alternative to youtube that incentivizes the uploaders,
its decentralized, people have the ability to vote to have content removed, there’s no
moderation by some unseen power that’s just going to flip a switch and say you can’t post
this. With all of the controversy with facebook,
with what twitter, what google, what youtube are doing right now, I think that 2018 is
going to be a big year for people looking for new outlets where they’re not being stifled
by these media giants that are essentially wielding they’re place that we helped them
get to, as a way to kind of shut down their user base. So you know, if you’re interested into getting
into an environment where your not going to have your content controlled by someone out
there; please, I really suggest looking at steemit, I suggest looking at dtube. Look at these decentralized options. If you’re into blockchain, one of the driving
things about this is decentralization and putting the power back in the hands of the
people using the networks. Twitter, Facebook, Google, they have all proved
to us that they don’t have the interests of their consumer base in mind. We need people that have us in mind. Stay sharp guys, it’s a war out there. Have a good one.

12 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Ban? The Conspiracy is Real! Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…”

  1. Hi Austin, I agree with you that these Big Companies have created a Monopoly in the Social Networks. And hopefully the public wakes up and does something about it. Great Video!

  2. The conspiracy is real! Great video and way to give the community a heads up on what these companies are trying to do to crypto content.

  3. Yes, I agree. Social Media should be for the People. True Democracy is fading away due to these recent changes. I only hope that it will create new opportunities for other companies.

  4. Great video. It's crazy how these companies think that by suppressing content they're going to make everyone forget about crypto!

  5. Am experiencing something funny with twitter. I was locked out of my account and ask to do verification, all effort to verify has bn fruitless. I believe it is because i do Crypto related stuffs with the account.

  6. The big social media players are obviously hypocrites buying up blockchain firms or building their own blockchain type technology while blocking almost everyone else.

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