CryptoCurrency Attacked! Bitcoin Price Prediction, Ethereum Price Analysis

why this chart will mean a lot of profit for people who take advantage of it shortly why didn't this particular chart right here can help you avoid some significant losses in the altcoin market and why everybody needs to pay attention to what's going on here to know where we're going next please stay tuned attacked from all sides bitcoin is nonetheless holding its own right now and why is that the case because right now it's battling at 9,000 its dropped below 9,000 and yet and yet it hasn't been forced down to 6,000 or anything like that not saying it's not out of the realm of possibility but the reason for this is that bitcoin has been poised for a major rebound that I've been talking about for essentially a month now and and at extreme levels for over it well make that two months extreme levels for just over a month and all of this regulatory onslaught that includes Japan going after seven to 15 of their top exchanges the sec going after exchange is forcing the KYC the know you're no your customer or in the a ml all of these these contrivances that do nothing but restrict free Commerce and force all of us into a banking system that loves to steal our money and make a very select few rich and try to keep us poor that's what it's all about it's about control it has nothing to do with safety or the kids or whatever their whatever line they're they're using so many of you want to know that I don't want to beat that to death the bottom line on it is we will get past this phase relatively quickly and Bitcoin is going to spring up significantly those of you who followed my video we're at 6,000 we were at a double bottom I had made a video said bitcoin is going to rock it up from here this is the same kind of a setup only we're three thousand dollars higher three thousand dollars higher at that point from 6,000 we doubled 12 we're not far off from that kind of a face so this is potentially an accumulation face yes we could see some lower values no doubt about it however we will almost certainly see far higher values so I consider this a trading opportunity I will be trading it myself I just want to share that I know it's not suggesting anybody make the trade just tell you what I'm doing that I see that these stochastic s– especially the stochastic RSI now these are still trending down but not as aggressively so CCI is somewhat turning down it's not in the oversold so I'll probably wait a little while till the hits dramatically oversold which will be below this area this will have continued the sarcastic our site will have continued but we're not very far from that position and let me show you why if we go to the day position we are already in the oversold area we're already reaching not quite extremes in the FI we can go farther but in CCI we're already in extremes and here we have a little bit farther to go to the downside based on my analysis we have farther to go to the downside but I could just as easily accumulate here because I'm confident in the upside potential so I'm gonna wait a little while because I'd like to see a bit more extreme in the FI we can also stay a little bit more extreme in CCI just a bit more not a lot and a stochastic RSI I can definitely bottom more on a daily basis but we will so we'll have a little bit more downside but on a weekly basis on a weekly basis we could have a little bit more downside as well but we are certainly poised for a massive massive upside move massive upside move how much downside I could potentially get into the 6,000 area but I don't I'm not banking on that so to speak but even if it does even if it does I probably buy more because I see us again in the 1415 range in the not-too-distant future I know I'm sticking my neck out on it but I'm looking at April not very far and that's what I said a while ago it could be more table could be a couple months but that's not a big deal I mean considering you're talking about a hundred percent move now let's go to a theory Imperium is not so good on a weekly basis is still it still got a downward momentum downward trend on a daily basis I believe it's recaptured a little bit of ground I'm not sure it has it's captured a little bit of ground to the upside but I'm not banking on that I necessarily trade it and I think that etherium speaks for the bulk of the altcoin market particular projects are showing fundamental value reeve Ain several of the platforms that have decentralized exchanges because what's going on now is that people are sensing the danger of being on a centralized exchange a by Nance and things like that bit finex is going to yo spin X in the not-too-distant future creating a decentralized exchange based on a OS which is going to have a 500 millisecond block time it's going to be ripping fast and can handle as many transactions as any any centralized exchange out there including finance finance is up at one point four million transactions per second far far beyond what is required it's because the guy who runs it who's very capable and very sharp programmer he's speed focused but he isn't the isn't as market focused in the market is not valuing speed right now as it once did right now it's valuing can we trade freely and I think that we're going to see some of the decentralized exchange catch a bit one in particular that I happen to like and I'll get back to that chart I wanted to talk about I happen to like quite a bit because they have a unique proposition for how they trade and they provide liquidity in a unique way that I think is catching on it's called bank or BNT they have their own token it's not doing too well today but then again nothing is but look at this it's showing some decent stability around the what is it now yeah round the $4 mark decent stability despite the fact that the market is getting hammered I think main core has a very strong long term future it's showing that with its social networks showing that with a number of coins that are listing on the bank or network and it it's a much easier distributed or decentralized exchange to use than many others but there's some other ones to look at as well crypto bridge is okay it's based on the bitshares network and then of course there are a whole raft of ones that are based on the etherion blockchain which I think limits them somewhat because they're not going to be able to scale significantly I mean 15 transactions per second across all of them is not not very much to write home about bank or network and let's see a couple of other ones crypto bridge let's see there's ox Network there's a next I Oh exchange or next exchange simple some other ones that are out there that are capable of far far higher throughput and that's what we need but let's talk about this chart why is this so important okay so this is a Bitcoin to fiat traded volume you could think of it somewhat as to a certain extent as the market cap to a certain extent but we're graphing the market cap and we're also graphing Bitcoin TUSD volume and Bitcoin to others volume and showing that at this point it's graphing to others more than US dollar and Bitcoin to the Chinese yuan which is kind of unusual considering they're trying to bands it but still there's quite a bit of that so what we're seeing is on the way up we have tremendous Asian participation US participation and right now we're seeing just a downward trend in the value of fiat to Bitcoin okay and what we've got here are lower highs lower highs for the most part we add a mid term mid a minor wave correction to the upside which looks like it's failing right now but lower highs and lower lows that marks a reversal of a major trend so right now we had a minor wave up which I called on my videos because at this point we had a double bottom and it was pretty obvious it was reversal so I recommended buying in I bought in and it worked out to be a pretty good trade right now that looks like it is beginning it has run its course we've just broken below the an interim level our next levels are you know probably in this range right here we'll see how that goes I would suspect that we would hold that's what I think we would hold I don't I don't anticipate us necessarily going any lower than that by the way this happens to go inside this level so right around 6000 happens to coincide with what it costs to mine either the break-even point actually a little bit below but not much of the break-even point for mining a Bitcoin so the bottom line on it is that this indicates that we've had a breakthrough of this minor wave uptrend we're going to need to recapture it fairly aggressively and shortly that's how it works when you're in a in a bull market when you're in a bear market you don't capture recapture aggressively and you don't catch recapture dramatically you have a minor pop-up and it's less of a V and more of a U and if we see that because this was right here this was more of a V this was sharper than a lot of these right you noticed that and it was a double double wave up so I'm looking for that to happen but not quite yet I would expect it to be more in the April time frame so in March we're gonna have a little bit of rough water no problem take positions and expand ride the wave up if you're traitor like I am that's what I'm doing so that's why this chart is so so important alt coins are going to suffer Bitcoin is obviously suffering there are still some really good projects out there populist Rebane many other ones are doing you know still doing well Walton is a good one too is a good one to accumulate V chain several other ones are showing some significant promise obviously EOS is one that I'm a big fan of and almost any of the decentralized exchange tokens should catch a bid should catch a bid here they haven't yet but I would expect that to reverse at some point so in any case this is coin picker dot u.s. signing out and I will if you haven't subscribed please do so share if you find some value in what I'm offering and then of course subscribe on my newsletter at coin picker dot u.s. coin picker dot us oh let me just let me just do my brief commercial break here which I've already talked about ok so right now just to let you know I'm finalizing a couple of the deals and I'm also getting all the payment systems set up for the various membership levels so that anybody who wants to trade on the kind of signals that I use and engage in the kind of trading I do you can do so by you know joining the membership site plus there will be a really big benefit that I'm working on where you can go very easily kind of like you would at a coin base but far less hassle and almost in Dainius approval where you can go from crib from Fiat into cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency back into Fiat kind of nice it'll be a feature of my of my site so almost nobody has that and there will be obviously guidance so you can avoid avoid being in the market on the downside and get back into the market on the low side so that's what it's all about making the making the profit all right we will talk with you tomorrow thank you

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  1. The market is starting to come back as of last night.. This morning i noticed that allot of the coins i personally have investments in are the ones on top of the upward list.. I have to thank you because that has allot to do with you.. VEN, NCASH, BCPT, WTC, FUN I have a large amount of my money in and they are bouncing back with massive upward movement…

  2. Thank you again for your predictions.. What is your opinion on Nucleus Vision? Do you think it has some upside?

  3. Comment below about your prediction for the market, how you see the recent regulatory attacks, and most importantly, any new projects you are excited about.

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