Cryptocurrency And World Debt: Who Will Pay?

hi there crypto fans dick Allgaier here in Honolulu Hawaii a couple days ago I referenced a conversation that Bitcoin Ben and I had had we said oh we had this two-hour conversation and it left a slack-jawed that we were talking about who controls kryptos where Kryptos are going and why and world control all kinds of light subjects like that we just recorded one of these conversations this is our friend from Europe whose job it was to travel the world and implement policy from a higher authority now he doesn't put his face out on video because he wants to own his own face once you go on YouTube and the internet you don't own your face and he wants to own his so what you're gonna hear right here is a little excerpt from our conversation and you'll see me on screen and add our guide down in Florida corporate headquarters conducting this interview anyway this is interesting I think it will generate some interesting discussion once we enter the realm of cryptocurrency payments when the adoption is there you will be fully occupied to stay on the game in order to keep your wealth because otherwise it will disappear in terms of we will have coins now that are great now like coin will be great now Bitcoin will be great now a couple of others will be very great now then they reach their climax and the usage that have been designed with and others will come up there might be then more energy efficient or they might be more decentralized they might run faster they might be more secure so once you are into the crypto currencies once we all are being moved from one paradigm into the other paradigm now it's the question on how to keep your wealth and think okay I I come I approach that from a different side we have so many unfunded liabilities on the planet or so many debt that needs to be dispersed evenly on the entire population of the planet that is why we have the digitalization of IDs going on you get a better resolution how much everybody on planet earth needs to pay back you know how much does your kid all when it comes on to this planet and once this is established once this system is established where the resolution on the numbers is getting higher and better we're not going to have a a war like a world war where people are being slaughtered by armies it is nature that will take that part and creating famine and mass migration and depopulation of certain areas that suddenly will not be habitable anymore that is why they have the migration Accord there coming up where they regulate exactly that and where you then have your benefits on your social security so let's say a disaster strikes okay now the plug that whole conversation two hours of it will be put up in segments on our patreon channels so if you have any interest in hearing the rest of that you can go there and and check it out for now that sound bite right there was pretty interesting don't you think I'd like to know what what you think about that share your comments you

34 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency And World Debt: Who Will Pay?”

  1. The bankers are going to TRY and get the debt paid for – because, as I understand it, this is how they keep control and hold power. HOWEVER, it does not have to be so!
    This is the craziest sickening thing I have heard ! …. that the debt needs to be dispersed onto the entire planet … including unborn children ?????????? what a fantastic 'story' they wish us to believe ! 'We, the masses' didn't create the debt! – the paradigm we live in does not need to be this way – it was designed to only enrich a small percentage at the expense of the many. in the US – it has been documented that the 'government' has stolen at least 22 trillion dollars from it's citizens … all the while the Fed Reserve is printing money out of thin air – nothing backing it and no one tracking where it all goes…. our fiat is based on debt – inflation built it – 'politely' stealing from 'we, the citizens'. ( listen to Catherine Austin Fitts) Who are 'they' to tell us we owe this back ?? – even unborn children?! And, he says that coins, in the future, may be better in part because they will be more decentralized ??? – they have started out decentralized. Ripple, which is a 'banker' coin, is NOT decentralized. What do you think the banks are going to develop and look for all of us to use? An organization that is looking to be a global ruler does not wish to have coins it cannot control and track and tax! … more of the 'same -o , same-o' … 'they' are telling us the exact opposite of what they are intending. It seems they are looking to roll all the derivatives into cryptos – to continue the game and control. .. and IDing everyone – putting them 'on' the blockchain ( which will probably be worse then our social security number system) and trying to tell us it is for our own good … and safety??? … what BS. All the immigrants that have poured into Europe … why ???? because their countries were getting bombed to hell. Would you not pack up your family and run too? Why didn't the UN stop this ? why was there no huge push to have peace talks and settle differences like civilized, mature adults? – to avoid destroying thousands of humans lives? the UN was created because the world leaders supposably didn't want war any more . Well, they have failed big time! Just because they are not calling it 'war' does not mean it is not war! So … using logic, a stream of refugees/immigrants was created to drive a huge influx of immigrants into Europe and beyond ( I have heard that America is to take 100 million of them) – it is creating stress, unrest, tensions and violence in the countries they poured into. NOW, the UN is trying to make it a law that no one can speak ( as in , it will be 'illegal' !) to say anything bad about immigrants and the issues around them – they are to have the same rights as the citizens of the country. WHICH is to say, countries do not have sovereignty – they can not control their borders… breaking down the culture , the unity, the strength of a country. … which then gives an org. a better chance at coming in and taking power – they have a 'solution' ( that they wish for) to a crisis they created ( which is made in such a way to look like they did not have any hand in creating it and they can and will deny any involvement).

    We are citizens of sovereign nations – who is this supposed 'global org.' to tell us we owe money to pay for global debt ???? ( and, it seems, they are trying to use the sifting of a currency system as a way to saddle the debt they created onto every human – what better way to gain out right power over every human on the planet from the moment they are born!! )

    AND, if you tell us we are not sovereign nations,, then we have been and are all being lied to …. and why would we, if standing with logic and sanity, believe anything else 'they' have to say or any of our state 'leaders' ??? Also, to say that because we adopt cryptos as a currency method is a reason that we do not need countries and borders anymore – is not logical or true. Countries do not exist JUST because they have their own currency. The money – the fiat systems we have now is basically digital now as they can be and are numbers on computers and can more across borders easily. Cryptos offer a way to control and track better – which works better for an org. that wishes to control the whole globe. Countries – sovereign states are SO much more than just their currency! Plus, I don't find that this is really a paradigm sift – it is strengthening the paradigm we are in. … that we are all slaves here – because this planet runs with money… and that money has been controlled and manipulated to a greater and greater degree over time.
    THINK people !! … the more power gets centralized, the worse off the masses are. Bureaucracy and the 'red tape' that goes with it gets thicker… and the quality of life for individual humans goes down. If you disagree with me, please give me examples that demonstrate otherwise and let us have a discussion. BUT this is 'sold' to us – a story – an org. that is claiming to have power over the world… and as an American citizen, this is not what I was taught… and this is not democracy. ( have you noticed, no one seems to talk about democracy any more). I was taught that America is a sovereign nation…..yes, our so called leaders have fucked up the world and America in the name of America and democracy, but we are sovereign. Is this not true? Is it a lie? if it is …. what else are they lying about? how much of our history – that we have been taught, is a lie?

  2. It makes me laugh when people get upset that the banking cartel is moving into the digital space. What did you expect?

  3. Why would my unborn child be responsible for all the debts that the Federal Reserve, Central Banks, and the IMF created through interest???

  4. What a bunch of crybabies yowling about paying for information that is hard won over years and years of involvement in all things hidden from the public. You people don't think that is worth something? Do you go to the doctor? Do you send your kids to school where teachers teach? Do pay for the newspaper or your cable news or your internet provider? Ever need a lawyer who went to school for years to learn his trade. How about your plumber, your gardener, et al? But no, Dick should just open up and with his big heart give you for free what you can't get on your own. What disgusting socialist group around here today. You freeloaders are likely to get what you deserve when everything is free, but there isn't any of it to be gotten.

  5. I want freedom… I want to break all karmic chains and be reborn. I don't want to be held in the flesh where elites can harness my energy for their own gains. I will attain this within myself. The system will never trap my soul. You may as well set me free in the flesh from all debt of my father for I break the chain here and now.

  6. DigiByte (or something like it), absolutely seems to be what Michael is referring to. I'm really surprised that more people have not taken hardly any time at all to look at DGB. The first time I made a transaction with DGB and it finished in about 10 seconds, compared to BTC about 20 min at the time, I was hooked. Maybe lighting network will speed up BTC and LTC, but in DGB speed is already there natively. Then with the decentralization, the 5 mining algos, advanced security and super cheap to transact, it seems so far ahead of everything else for per to per transactions, it's a no-brainer. Obviously there is a split coming in consciousness; There are the slavery coins (keeping the system in control but just moving to a digital format to do it), and there are the new way coins (decentralized) that can't be used to continue the slavery. My sense is that both types of coins can exist at the same time, but once you see the difference and what the difference represents, it's up to you to decide what you want your future to be.


  8. You continue to push the false idea that the “Powers That WERE” will continue to rule over us. But doesn’t Clif High’s data show that they are losing power even now? And that we “commoners” will control our own lives in the near future? And that the “Powers That WERE” will be powerless in a few short years?

    “Anonymous Michael from Europe” continues to “program” the population (through you, Dick Algire) that we should give up now and continue to allow the big bullies to dominate us, as if we were cattle. You are totally brainwashed by “Anonymous Michael” to believe we will continue to be slaves to the PTW. And all you, Dick do is to continue to participate in brainwashing the population. You should try to find someone to deprogram you, yourself before you do any more psychological damage to your viewers.

    You are probably just an unwitting “useful idiot” in helping the PTW to resist their inevitable loss of power over us. Snap out of it, Dick! Quit making your brainwashing videos like these. Ask Clif High to help deprogram you.

    And stop asking people to pay their hard-earned money (via Patreon) for even more brainwashing.

    Who is this “Anonymous Michael” and why is he so special (so “elite”) that he gets to remain anonymous while being the source of our brainwashing? What is Michael’s identity? Where does he live? How can the commoners communicate with him directly? (If he and the PTW had any real power he wouldn’t need to use you, Dick as a shield.)

  9. Also bitcoin and litecoin etc., will be the transitional coins into mass adoption, then will be replaced by more controlled coins.
    Or did I hear this wrong?

  10. So I heard, they will blame global warming for the "natural" disasters that will be used to depopulate less desirables, and use the migration accord to relocate the survivors to more easily controlled population centers. Sounds a bit like the agenda 21 story.

  11. So you get free information and then want us to pay? The more we pay the more you release? Not viewing you again!

  12. If one lived in 1930s
    Germany, Dick would’ve
    been that (charming, funny)
    neighbor, none would ever
    have suspected of being
    a Nazi Sympathizer …

  13. Dick look up the definition of stalking horse because it seems It’s the best description of what you’re doing. You say you don’t want that kind of world but yet that world is the only direction you point people to.
    Then look up odious debt. The debts of the British territorial and holy Roman municipal regimes/corporation will be uncollectable from the people. One of the ways they could ever hope to collect would be to have marginal “influencers” such as you and Ben to be anointed by the likes of the all knowing all seeing Mikhail to go out and spread the gospel of we have to pay pay pay otherwise the world will end and your children won’t have IPhones. Pretty sad to see you’re just a shill for the globalist line. You seemed like such a good guy when I met you at bix’s party in San Francisco.

  14. One day, people will realize the ONLY REAL VALUE IS THE HUMAN BEING, and will finally, finally !!! decide to get rid of these f*****g enslaving systems, wether fiat, crypto, gold, silver, etc … 
    A pile of gold will never ever build a house, a garden, etc … it's ALWAYS the Human Being in the end who does the work, even building automated systems, robots, etc .. 
    So, in this moneyless system, we would appreciate the value of Human Beings and with the help of the internet, bring them wherever they're needed to perform what they LOVE to do, THEIR PASSION, not their forced slavery !! 
    Michael Telling and his Ubuntu movement believe in such a moneyless society he calls " Contributionism ".  
    Much more to be said !!

  15. Dick you are familiar with censorship. I understand you were a "journalist" though truth and accountability are seemingly very far from you.

  16. Props to the ltc bullishness … but How much does your kid owe when they come on to this planet ?
    That's straight up evil slaver mindsickness.

  17. I'm so grateful you post these videos and that Michael is willing to talk about the variety of topics he does! It helps moving forward and seeing the big picture of how to best live and take care of ourselves with so many changes. It's also very grounding to know what's coming and be prepared for it. You rock!

  18. As a newsman would you charge people for information of a tsunami that was about to occur? Very disillusioned that you would try to profit from this info that was give to you to share.

  19. Most everyone wants to point to some higher authority or factions (Corps, Gov. Elites, Satan, Aliens…) for all the ills of/in the world.  Although the upper classes, elites, etc. are plenty at fault for either direct (or indirect) involvement in pushing wacky (certain cases outright evil disguised as "for our benefit/protection…") agendas; and yes, one could conclude they are much more to blame, because having more resources/power/wealth, enables their ability to ensure much greater distraction/destruction and control, or put resources/energy to doing good, honestly/Truth driven. With that said, practically all human beings are capable of commiting heinous acts and capable of being degenerates, regardless of what level of society or IQ or class they belong to, either by direct involvement/support, "willing participants," or just being by-standers and looking the other way when ethical/immoral acts are in front or sorrounding them.  You throw in the widespread increase (purposely being caused by man-made CBR) of mental disorders (also at all levels) and what you have is a very screwed-up, toxic world, where humans no longer even realize what their role in this physical world, which is primarily about doing good things, helping others where/whenever possible, being compassionate, being honest/truthful, building things, instead of destroying people or environment.. all in preparation for the next phase! Even if majority of humanity was good, the only ingredient needed for 3% evildoers to succeed, is for the other 97% (good or indifferent) of people to stand idly by and do/say nothing!" What percentage of people (aware, awake, informed, knowledgeable…) actually stand up (consistently) for what is right, and against corruption/cronies/evil at all levels??

  20. If the crypto doesn't hold it's value than no one will adopt it. The bankers will rule just like before. This line of thinking is all dream world stuff. Govt. isn't going away and neither are the bankers.

  21. Rent seeking behavior. If you were so concerned about humans why would you have a pay wall for such "important" information.

  22. So he said BTC and LTC will have their day then others will come up that are more energy efficient and run faster. Ben said you were buying XRP Dick?

  23. The only way this works is to wipe out the untenable debt and start with a clean slate. Short of that, our descendants will start life hopelessly in debt.

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