Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading – the Revolution

Hello dear Traders! My name is Petko Aleksandrov – head Mentor of
EA Forex Academy! And I am very happy to welcome you to our Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course. I have created this course because a lot of the students and traders were asking me how they can trade the cryptocurrencies nowadays after they are so expensive and specially the Bitcoin and they are right. The Bitcoin is already very expensive and you’ll see a lot of videos and courses where they will just say “Hey look at the chart from 2016. If you have bought one, two, three Bitcoins you would have made more than $10 000. You will hear the stories for pizzas bought with cryptocurrencies, and apartments bought nowadays in Dubai for few Bitcoins. But it`s done, guys. The Bitcoin is already expensive. And you can`t buy one Bitcoin for couple thousand of dollars and wait it for come to 10 000. Maybe it will, but nobody knows, maybe it will take a lot of time. So, the question is how you can trade now on its volatility, and this is what we care about that the Bitcoin, the Ethereum, and the Ripple are still very volatile cryptocurrencies and this is exactly what I will teach you in this course. I will start from the very beginning, from a simple demo account, without any historical data without any strategies. I will show you how to download the History data from your broker because this is very important. How to create and do the selection of the strategies and how to create hundreds of strategies and trade them on one account and see the best performers. The idea is that at the end you will have a nice portfolio of Expert Advisors, easy to manage, easy to follow and you will be trading only the top performers. And if you wish to have my 12 strategies I’ll give it to you as a bonus. The other thing I will show you is my Never Losing Formula that I have created for the cryptocurrencies, by which you will be always ending on the profit or worst case scenario you will be on zero. Thank you, guys, for joining the course and I really hope you will find it the profitable it is. Cheers.

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