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so we can get closer and closer to 18,000 but the first piece of news I
have for you guys is the coinbase founder launches crypto charity platform
now this isn’t any news directly related with a cryptocurrency market it’s not
anything that’s gonna make the market go up or down as you guys can tell actually
by the market today we have a lot of sideways movement so to me that
indicates that we don’t have any crazy news going on either in the positive or
the negative direction but this is still cool to see so the coinbase CEO Brian
Armstrong has launched to give crypto a new charity platform which will hold and
distribute crypto currencies to people in need it’s according to a medium Post
published June 27 Armstrong said though while he believes cryptocurrency said
that said that while he believes cryptocurrency has the potential to
create more and more innovation and change the world the reputation has
involves flashy cars and luxury living flashy cars nice watches luxury living
guys when lambo am i right but you while you can’t control what people spend
their crypto earnings on Armstrong believes the Piave the crypto ecosystem
can impact the world more by pooling resources together so others can benefit
from an equitable and OBO an open global financial system so this is a really
cool thing to use the cryptocurrency I think obviously everyone knows everyone
here would love to buy Lamborghini I know most people in the world would love
to my Lamborghini Lamborghinis look really really cool guys don’t get me
wrong if I have enough money I will certainly be purchasing a Lamborghini as
well and putting a big Bitcoin logo on it how about that but no but in reality
everyone would like a Lamborghini but I agree that the reputation does involve
flashy cars and luxury living which does throw some people off and attract some
people just some people off I think week if we can
mix the flashy cars and luxury living with actual you know use case of helping
people I think that would completely change the cryptocurrency culture
overall and may get a lot more people involved in the community a lot more
people excited about it I think this could be a step in the
right direction now next a piece of news I have you guys is about Robin Hood so
Robin Hood job posting confirms of rumors trading platform could create its
own wallet so guys apparently they have been looking for people to work for them
they have been posting jobs and that has confirmed the rumor that they are
looking to create their own cryptocurrency wallet so this is really
cool they’re looking for a crypto engineer to help develop their crypto
wallet this is cool because again Robin Hood is a system that really it started
trading crypto currencies very recently and we saw that you know it has no fees
which is really cool but it it certainly helped get people who were trading
stocks on Robin Hood the possibility to buy some cryptocurrency and then maybe
they’ll put in 10% of their portfolio maybe fifteen maybe twenty percent into
cryptocurrency went before they wouldn’t have done so because of the barrier to
entry which would mean having to go through coinbase and then maybe through
by Nantz to get the other crypto currencies they wanted some all coins
obviously Robin Hood doesn’t have a ton of cryptocurrencies right now but they
certainly are looking at adding more and now they have their own or they’re
looking to add their own cryptocurrency wallet for more safety but also just to
join the community and do what you know they think is right and helping the
community grow and doing their part by securing their own cryptocurrency wall
so they can have their Robin Hood cryptocurrency I think this is really
cool to see again more adoption the more and more we see these big companies
start their own you know and not as much exchange as my exchanges could be one of
it having their own wallets having their own you know blockchain
this is all really cool adopting a certain cryptocurrency this is all
really really good news a really good sign for adoption in my opinion next up
isn’t almost 9 out of 10 crypto execs want formalized industry self-regulation
this is according to a research does there’s a play there are plenty of ways
to work with regulators and legislators to develop common-sense cryptocurrency
laws and this is what came out of the research
that they were doing but guys this is true although a lot of people are
looking for regulation and a lot of people know that you know Wall Street’s
not gonna come in and institutional vests are not gonna come in without
regulation I think self-regulation is a possibility if they can come up with a
consensus of how things are going to work and they can work with the
regulators and the legislators to make sure this is how its finalized this
could certainly be a good thing so it’s a mix between you know people because I
know a lot of people also don’t want regulation so maybe self-regulation
would be the middle ground where everyone is happy let me know what you
guys think is self-regulation a way to the way to go with cryptocurrency other
than just regulation by someone else is self-regulation the way to go guys let
me know what you guys think in the comments down below I know a lot of you
guys you guys like it like regulation because you know that it could bring in
the institutional investors and but a lot of you guys also I see in the
comments do not like regulation so let me know if you love you guys who do not
like some who do not like regulation would you be okay with self-regulation I
would love to hear your guys’s answer down below but guys we look at the
cryptocurrency market like I said we had no game changing news so we’re trading
sideways for another day and 245 billion dollar market cap backwards on it’s at
42.4% take a look at the chart things look
like they’re trading relatively sideways for the last seven days except for you
know pretty much the seventh day ago when we had that dip but if we trade
sideways tomorrow as well they were pretty much gonna have a straight line
of trading for the last week Bitcoin is still at a hundred and four billion
dollar market CAD getting closer and closer to falling under a hundred
billion don’t know if that’s gonna happen though ripples 17 billion Bitcoin
cash twelve billion it’s a OS finally having a green David though it’s not by
much whatsoever tether star number nine I know I know a
lot of you guys said tether market doesn’t count guys I know I just think
it’s funny to see each other in breaking the top ten since everything else is
falling and then we have Tron at number eleven neo still at number thirteen if
you look at twenty four-hour change though mid throw up a ton of 16 almost
17 percent we see digi byte we seek in we see waves we see Maiden
say if we see Manero is up actually four percent then we scrolling down we do see
Nano and silica two cryptocurrencies which we are going to be talking about
today but first let’s go over Neos O’Neill blockchain tweets another
cryptic message crip of the community telling them to stay tuned so yo and
Neal has posted another cryptic message on Twitter reminding us of the November
tweet which sent the community into a frenzy so pretty much all they did was
tweet stay tuned and people are going crazy trying to figure out what this
means a simplified translation of the of the poster refers to one session and
three things in July it may very well be pointing towards an upcoming event in
July with three different announcements that’s not entirely clear as yet this is
not the first time Neal team has posted a message like this in November last
year Neal councilmember Malcolm donor has
named posted a challenge to the community so it’s pretty cool guys I’m
gonna stick to seeing what this is what it is that they are going to announce
whatever comes out and obviously I’m gonna keep you guys updated as well
could this be what Neal needs to break into the top ten again to get more
momentum flowing more trading volume more people coming into Neal and seeing
the market cap grow overall is this what it means well Neal is a top 13 coin so I
don’t doubt that they are actively making progress they’re continuing to
make progress even though we are in a bear market they are continuing to make
process lbrahim progress and get things where they need to be and following the
idea they had when they first launched and continue to grow that idea as well
so hope I’m very excited to see when neo can do guys like I said I will keep you
guys up to date but talking about the neo ecosystem we have news from ontology
as well so ontology countdown days to may net launch I know a lot of you guys
are are interested in maintenance because that does provide an opportunity
to make some profit with the prices going up now obviously when we’re in a
bear market versus a bull market we will see a difference in how much the prices
go up but even in a bear market we have seen some crypto currencies do very very
well and well ontology is preparing for the main net launch at the end of June
today it is the 28th of June so it is already getting close to the end of June
is already dudes only a few days left with a market
price about halfway down its peak prices the token swap may prove to be a measure
for the project’s preparedness so that’s another another very true thing let’s
see how this works out we’ve seen a lot of bigger cryptocurrencies try to launch
their main net and have issues so let’s see how ontology is prepared I think
they should do fairly well they over overall so far haven’t had many issues
going forward but maybe this is going to be it guys immediately scam threats
increase with emails spreading on behalf of the ontology team now I want to share
with this as well because I see scams all the time in my comments and guys I
do my best to delete as many scam comments as I can but it’s impossible
for me to get through all them they’re posted all the time and this involves
the zelicah airdrop I’m sure you guys have seen this in the comments tell us
the comments about that guys 100% a scam also if you see an account
with my name on it asking you to email them at a certain email don’t do that I
only have one email and it’s Patrick elk Orsino at that’s my only email
do not email anything else because they’re asking for money and I’m not
gonna ask you guys for money whatsoever I’m not gonna just ask you guys to send
me over some cryptocurrency that’s not how that works not going to happen make
sure you guys are staying smart you guys are not falling for these scams next
news we have is about Tron so bindings in Tron are having a Tron trading
competition with 10 million TRX to give away yes you heard that right bonuses
just announced the Tron trading competition will be conducted during the
29th of June up until the 6th of July time period Tron recently celebrates
Independence Day of course the list of prize for different ranks is you guys
can check it everything out right here special considerations you guys can
pause the video right now and read more about it but I love the fact that
Finance does this this is honestly something I want to get more involved in
it’s you can make a good amount of money now obviously unfortunately this is
favor to those who have more money who have more cryptocurrency those whales
this is usually favored to them because you can see the people winning usually
have a lot of Tron or have a ton trading volume all the time very hard to
compete with but definitely something I’m gonna be checking out more and more
cuz Finance has these competitions all the time every time they launched a new
cryptocurrency you know sometimes just with a random cryptocurrency this time
Tron for example love to see these competition if you guys want to watch me
doing more of these competition or try and get involved in them give this video
a thumbs up and well as well and let me know that that’s something you guys want
to see I definitely would be interested in going in and trying to see if we can
win the number one spot that’d be a lot of Tron that I could give away guys so
maybe that is a good idea next up is silica so silica got listed on a new
exchange and it said the price spurts on new Exchange listing well and prices up
like two percent I don’t know how much it was down before but we did see silica
have a little bit of a green day today so overall pretty good to see not much
news coming out with silica recently so happy to see that it is listed on a new
exchange I want to keep you guys updated I know a lot of you guys like silica I
personally have been invested in silica for some time I saw some great gains and
then now obviously with the bear market everything is slowly going away but you
guys know how that feels because all crypto currencies are falling and we’re
all watching our portfolio job that’s why we close up our folio apps and we’re
not looking at it right I know a lot of you guys are doing the same strategy
just not really looking at your portfolio because there’s no need to
look guys but V chains made that lunch gets support from bit thumb and other
small piece of news for you guys but I know a lot of you guys are invested in
bit envy chain as well and now you know that the main that launch gets support
from bit thumb obviously there are a lot of other exchanges that are going to be
supporting as well so make sure you guys know which exchanges support it why you
guys have to do stay up to date with that situation
and lastly Nanoka voted bye-bye Nance as its as the fastest as you guys see with
buy nets acting as its own nano representative the core team now holds
33 percent of total network voting power thanks seesee underscore – who is the
CEO of violence for helping to secure the nano network basically nanos been
ranked the fastest payment system along among all crypto currencies trading on
by Nance after that they get after after them comes stellar lumens and then
ripple but guys nano number one which is another reason I am so bullish on nano
it works perfectly as a cryptocurrency as a currency it’s not trying to do too
many things simple project trying to you know change the financial system and
that is what they are currently doing what everyone wants Bitcoin to be which
is you know fast transactions no fees that is nano that’s why I’m still very
very bullish on nano but guys let me know what you guys think in the comments
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another video


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