8 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies & Wyckoff "Pyramiding"”

  1. The video is VERY helpful, thank you, Todd.
    It's fascinating, I find that being new to trading and "high finances," (lol) a lot of the lessons take extra time for me to "get" because I'm so used to thinking of things in opposite terms than traders think – meaning in terms of LACK, not GAIN. Initially, I kept seeing "resistance" as "supports" for a new high level – BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA! It's like having a paupers mindset – so weird!

    I've had to realign my thinking from gains being rare to nonexistent – to gains being plentiful and thus having my perspective mirror that. Supports are LOW and Resistance is HIGH!

  2. Hi Matt/Todd just watched the video twice and want to clarify, all the points you are saying to sell at, you use the gains there to buy more at the next point down, then once that downwood trend continues you repeat the process?

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