30 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies to Watch in September 2018 (Cryptocurrency Picks)”

  1. Well you were right about Ripple.. I bought in earlier in the month at 0.28…. as of this comment it's 0.58

  2. I gave up waiting for the bull market, joined this pump group last weekend and made over 1k in 60 seconds no joke. Next one this Saturday 😉 https://discord.gg/zu5Entk

  3. Have you heard of DADI (DADI) it aims for building decentralized cloud service to take the power from the big companies and put it into the hands of the people using who are it. I think its worth watching out it could rise significantly.Trading on KuCoin.

  4. AdA-Ox-Xlm-Zll-Vet-Dgb-Icx-Bcn and the biggest sleeping surprise giant that will take the crypto space by ↗?: Dent.

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