Cryptocurrencies in Red Despite Nasdaq's Bullish Announcements

hi it's invest Eva's Kiana with news BTC and here's your cryptocurrency update most major cryptocurrencies lost ground on Wednesday despite the super bullish news out of Nasdaq which gave the whole industry a new level of credibility in an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box Nasdaq CEO Adina Friedman said Nasdaq is open to becoming a platform for trading cryptocurrencies that is once they think the industry has matured and people are ready for a more regulated market Friedman appeared confident in the industry and said she believes digital currencies will continue to persist also Wednesday Nasdaq announced a collaboration with crypto currency exchange Germany founded by early Bitcoin investors meanwhile Thomson Reuters survey claims that a one in five financial institutions are considering cryptocurrency trading in 2018 with many planning to do so in the next few months on the other hand and in the other side of the world South Korea's largest crypto currency exchange become is planning to allow millions use cryptocurrencies become is reportedly on a mission to drastically improve the adoption of digital currencies in the country and evolve into a bank wide business to ensure its users can use cryptocurrencies with ease like cash despite these the market ended Wednesday in red with top 10 current cryptocurrencies such as a yota losing as much as 14 percent just another reminder that you should manage your risk properly before getting into cryptocurrency investing thanks for watching and most responsibly and I'll see you with more updates next time

15 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies in Red Despite Nasdaq's Bullish Announcements”

  1. Yes, bought it 9yrs ago at very very low price. I told my friends to buy they laughed at me. Now my turn laugh at them. lol

  2. if you understood crypto then you would know there is always a pullback after good run, doesnt matter what news comes out, if its had a good run then its going to pull back.

  3. I’m a newb in this but even I’m aware that Coinbase is NASDAQ so this seems like a public announcement of something that is already in use.

  4. ICO TELEGRAM opened pre-sale for common users) Literally in a couple of days they snapped up 85% of tokens. I managed to buy 2500 tokens on

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