so I hope by now some of you longtime viewers know that by trade what I do for a living is video editing video editing requires some pretty beefy computer hardware and it's what I like to do it's it's my job and it's frankly how I put food on the table I think a lot of you sort of realized that I'm not exactly I guess you could say a full-time YouTube requirement over here I don't I don't really do YouTube for a living if I did it for a living I'd have lost my two years ago ladies and gentlemen but and when the whole bubble broke by the way but when I was uh so basically when it comes to YouTube ladies and gentlemen you all know that I basically record these videos you know three three days out of the week three days out of the month sorry and I upload them all for the month and I do the next month rinse and repeat there are some videos like this one deep web browsing where I do you know a couple days before doing it it's not that big of a deal you record you edit and it's sort of the same day type process day all right two days of the most but ladies and gentlemen the reason why I do this kind of stuff this way is because it frankly saves on time I can do my job and I can livestream and do all that kind of good stuff now my job requires me to have some pretty beefy computers one of the things that we've been doing behind the scenes of the office is sort of building a I guess you could say a crusher type computer I guess you could say a render farm for those you don't know video editing takes a lot of processing power it's a lot of transcoding a lot of video rendering a lot of deliverables to be sending out to your clients right for example for us we got to send out client we got to send out our deliverables which is basically the final format for our video edits to our clients in many different ways okay sometimes our clients are you know producers you know can also be other you know directors things like that who want a different platform different render for everything so sometimes it could be like four or five different formats for a deliverable and we'll need to have the processing power to do that right to render it out in HD Full HD you know Ultra HD all that kind of good stuff for many different client tells in many different parts of the world right an NTSC pal all that all that good stuff um DVD whatever but ladies and gentlemen to do that you need a good computer you need good computers to do it so the system that we were building the crusher is put on hold uh entirely indefinitely for a little bit of time and I'm gonna sort of take you unto a behind-the-scenes look at what's been making me lose my mind for the last two weeks those of you don't know bitcoins are a big cryptocurrency mining all that good stuff cryptocurrency mining is all the rage because cryptocurrencies have seen a massive rise of not too long ago now since then since Bitcoin was twenty thousand dollars per coin it is officially dropped down to if I can look at right now BTC to you ace you USD just the actual conversion rate it is about nine thousand u.s. it has actually dropped to the point where it was sub eight thousand I think yesterday sort of rises and falls it's very out of nowhere now somebody who had a little bit of money and some money invested into cryptocurrencies for a long time I know that this is a pretty normal type thing these things go up and down and they fluctuate it's gonna be a while before they harmonize I know that bitcoins and all this stuff is sort of a ten-year plan this is a coin that I support I support all crypto currencies because I believe in about five to ten years it'll become the norm and the main way you're gonna be transferring money and all that kind of good stuff but right now in the year 2018 it is not a viable thing and that's because of multiple because of the many reasons that I'll get into so for those of you don't know why cryptocurrencies are ruining my job and my PC gaming is due to the fact that the price of graphic cards have seen a skyrocket that I could not fathom ladies and gentlemen so we're gonna go on we're gonna go on Amazon for a second just a quick cursory glance as to why I put the system on hold this Crutcher system that we're building requires a lot of graphic cards we cluster them together for massively efficient rendering times all that good stuff so we can get more work done if these days goes around more work means we all make more money and so we need this crusher right it's a thing that helps us keep our lights on food on the table all that good stuff ladies and gentlemen I'm going to show you guys some of these gtx 1070 s now ten 70s if you're looking at a price wise is nine hundred almost eight hundred dollars for this card when this card launched I believe it was priced at around four hundred u.s. it is seen a almost hundred percent increase in price for a ten seventy this is the same price I paid for a GTX 1080 at an 80 TI I got an open box all that good stuff before this thing blew up graphic cards right now so high that you cannot buy one logically for yourself it does not make any sense ladies and gentlemen none of this is breaking out in any way shape or form there are cards such as a gtx 1070 gddr5 all that good stuff eight gigs or eight gigs of onboard ram for two thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars from some piece of seller who's definitely scalping the out of this card if you go look around anywhere else in the market alright you can get like the gaming eight gig ones these even go for like two grand two grand for a gtx 1070 it doesn't make any sense and this isn't just nvidia that sort of been affected by this too you can go all the way down to like you know a ten sixty and even that is priced abnormally higher than it's supposed to be almost half of a thousand dollars put towards a gtx 1060 which is an entry level graphic card a 1080 is pretty much left away from it because it's always been a pretty expensive card as of itself you know a thousand two hundred it's still too high for a 1080 now considering it's not even a 1080 TI go all the way down to a 1050 which is like entry level that's been pretty market that that hasn't actually changed a bit so the actual cards that you want to get for gaming purposes and even for video editing purposes are all but chewed out people have went out of the way and they've gotten out and definitely stood took taken all these cards for cryptocurrency mining one of the cars that I wanted to sort of get for the business – one of the one of the ones that we were looking at at the time was these are not these Radeon vega's which isn't sort of the ideal thing you probably want either but it's a pretty decent card for the price that you get it ad ladies and gentlemen it is went up to the point where you can get a new graphic card from some random company for about two thousand four hundred and seventy nine dollars this card is not worth that much money ladies and gentlemen it is not worth that cost that they're charging for it this is a card that has been priced so high that buying it at this price is making you lose money now for the price of some of these graphic cards I've went out of my way and looked at a CyberPower PC which is one of the places that I personally support I bought a PC off a couple pieces off these people for a pretty decent price one of the gaming pcs that you can end up actually getting a prebuilt which comes with ten 70s at some of them ten sixties all that kind of stuff for about sixteen hundred seventeen hundred dollars two thousand dollars for like the top-of-the-line GTX 1080s which is infinitely better than buying these things outright on your own the day of building your own systems is dying right now because these cryptocurrency miners have taken all the good from us okay and if I sound passionate about this I am is cheaper to buy these pre-built systems so this is why I'm not really complaining about the gaming side of it in fact if you want a game you might as well just buy a ps4 Xbox or whatever the you wanted unintended switch because that is a more viable way to game right now ladies and gentlemen than just going out of your way for this because right now cryptocurrency miners have things up entirely for all of us now why has the cryptocurrency market sort of taken over the reason why cryptocurrency markets are taking orders because everyone and their grandmother have put fifty thousand dollars I know for people in my life that have put 50 grand roughly into buying a bunch of graphic cards clustering them together and make money it is not viable to make money especially over here in North America electricity fees are still high to the point that if you try to mine the amount of power you're consuming costs more than making the money to mine these systems in the first place you spend $50,000 on a set of graphic cards you ain't making your money back in like six months like some of these people are telling you so all over Facebook and Twitter all this kind of stuff I've seen a lot of these upstart pool companies sort of coming these individuals who are basically telling people to put their life savings into crypto currencies to the point where they can go out of their way and make millions of dollars almost overnight okay sounds like a great deal everyone wants to make money real quickly let me give you munis tip of the week tip of a lifetime money does not come easily you gotta work for it okay there's no get-rich-quick scheme anybody that advertises that to you is making money off you okay they're making money off your gullibility don't fall for it so let me tell you how mining Bitcoin works ladies and gentlemen to mine bitcoins you need to have a you need to have a bunch of processing power anyways it call it a hash ray call it raw power call it you know pixie dust for all I care let's assume you have a lot of pixie dust alright millions of graphic art sitting around let's assume you have ninety points of pixie dust alright the way Bitcoin mining works is in order for the transactions to take place they work on what we call a blockchain a blockchain is all the transactions of Bitcoin going from day one all the way to now so when you transfer like 10 20 bitcoins it needs to basically be mined I guess you could say by all the miners out there now the problem why there is such a high amount of processing fees to Bitcoin is because the mining has happened lesser and lesser there are less people mining actively because it's just not cost-efficient ladies and gentlemen it's not not at all all right a lot of legitimate miners who are into this have left out of it because they're not making the cash out of it anymore so what a lot of people do is they make what we call a mining pool a a cluster a Ponzi scheme so to speak there's been plenty of these Ponzi schemes that have kicked up some of them are legit though but basically the idea is you create a pool you got a hundred people that pour all the pixie dust into one pool now this pool uses all the combined pixie dust to solve these Bitcoin algorithms these Bitcoin equations that get harder and harder as more Bitcoin needs to be mine more of it is in the transaction more of it as in the ledger so realistically once something has been solved this pool this this pixie dust pool gets bitcoins and these bitcoins the pixie pool that the pixie dust pool owner the guy who owns the pool guy or gal divvy it up between everyone now of course this can be equal this can be random that's all up to the pool sometimes it isn't even told to everyone ladies and gentlemen so basically this is how Bitcoin mining effectively works if that's all you need to know if that if that's how you learn ladies and gentlemen congratulations okay the more you know the point is with all the grandmothers and all the people who have put 50 to $100,000 their life savings into this have basically reached a point where they've cost shortages for people who need it people like me people who need graphic cards to basically keep their lights on you know people who buy computers upgraded all that kind of stuff the job field that I need requires this gamers who want a game require this kind of now they have to pay up the ass to get a graphic card that initially is like 10 times less than what some people here are charging ladies and gentlemen so a lot of the manufacturers don't really support this either and video and AMD as far as I know but it still happens it's a shortage that's a global problem is there any fix to this well because of those dropping values of bitcoins and the actual increased regulations towards it from the United States and many other countries it's actually reached a point where the bubble might burst at some point and all the graphic cards these people have bought will have to be sold for about half price they're gonna be selling these graphic cards off to make some kind of a return on little giant loss that a lot of these Bitcoin miners are sort of getting through right now to an extent I sort of hope they get that way shape or form because a lot of people are falling for this Ponzi pyramid scheme from some of these individuals themselves if I sound heated about this it's cuz I of course really am if I've been all over the place is because there's a lot of that really perks me about this kind of stuff nowadays but regardless for those of you who are mining Bitcoin aetherium and all that kind of stuff mining can be a profitable venture you need to mind alternate coins and trade them around here and there but at that point if you have $50,000 sitting in your life savings invested towards a more viable business path ladies and gentlemen millions of them exist I sit down I I make my money and I do a little bit investor I do a lot of investing on the side and I'll tell you this much right now there's a lot more profitable ventures to be made and then just Bitcoin mining ladies and gentlemen so let me just have a little time to rant about Bitcoin literally taken away my job all right not really okay I'm gonna be fine the lights are still gonna be on we're gonna find a way to build this crusher system and maybe just maybe I might actually make a little video on it for you guys later on if you all are interested in all that nerdy that I do out of this kind of stuff trust me it will be nerdy but ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed my little rent time my little triggered ranting phase discussing about this cryptocurrency crap that is actively destroying some of the gaming markets that III choose – I choose to put myself into the video editing market I guess you could say the computer purchasing market make graphic card prices normal okay make this fun to buy again make the not a goddamn more I should not have to take a second mortgage out to play games and maximum settings it shouldn't be that way alright god damn it I know this is a first world problem but goddamnit I'm still gonna be harping on it ladies and gentlemen I hope you have an amazing amazing Friday I hope you really do this is me muta har and I actually have to be getting to work if you liked what you saw please like comment and subscribe just like if it dislike it I am out


  1. Just came across this and yeah I feel you. I saved up some cash to build my first pc at around January 2k18. I was wanting the 1070 FTW. It was like 1,500 USD for the cheapest one but I got lucky and hit up nvidia and got one for $449.99.

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  3. 3:10 Muta hesitates for a second when telling the then current year
    MUTAHAR TIME TRAVELLER CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED WAKE UP SHEEPOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i should make a stuxnet like virus to fry all the gpu's on hi end cards…. that will teach em…. and then a killswitch after a month or so

  5. I have no idea how graphics card companies can't keep up with the demand.. it sounds to me arbitrary limited stock, much like shit like nes classic and what not.

  6. Just don't build a pc or build one without graphics card as long retards retard, just wait it won't last long and if you're a youtube leech affected by this – good.

  7. I was wondering why, just a crappy video card for my laptop costs like 200 dollars. I didn't buy it, so now I can only play flash on it.

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