Cryptocurrencies and US Equities Correlation? – XRP Supported at Key level – NEWSBTC 02/06/2018

Hyatt's invest Eva's keanu with news BTC and Heiser cryptocurrency update the bloodbath continued among major cryptocurrencies as well as in the US equities market on Monday the US stocks fell the most since 2011 with the Dow Jones sinking more than 1100 points it is interesting that the cryptocurrency market is getting cues from the US equities market and showing some sort of correlation in that sense rippled dropped over 80 percent from the old time higher levels and versus the US dollar it appears to be supported by the 78 percent the Bonacci trace my level of 0.7 t 145 this level is important because it also acted as a support back in December 2017 when XRP versus US dollar was just getting started on its way up to the all-time highs these are the times when the markets get fueled by fear and for sure the drops in the US equities market doesn't help the general market sentiment now a break below the key support levels across the board could indicate for their bearish moves but if the support levels hold we could see a period of consolidation followed by an erase of losses the next support level for XRP versus u.s. dollar is at point 22 which is where it consolidated for seven months since its ICO back in May 2017 before the massive uptrend its uptrend started thanks for watching responsibly and I'll see you with more updates tomorrow

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