CRYPTOBRIDGE TRADING COMPETITION | Withdrawing from Aircoins | SINS Block Reward Episode 106 (2019)

what’s up guys thanks for joining us
again this week I wanted to start off by telling you guys about cryptobridge’s
trading competition for June they have started it with the sent hashtag #fromJunetothemoon this competition will reward the best traders in terms of
volume and not in terms of profit this will allow anyone to participate
regardless of their financial possibilities and will significantly
increase the volume on the platform I have provided that link below so go
check it out if you guys have been following along with the journey from
our friends from Aircoins you can now withdraw AirX to any wallet that
supports ERC 20 tokens so if you plan on trading it to other wallets be sure to
have some Etherium stashed away just to cover that cost this is the only coin
you can withdraw right now but they have said that they do plan on adding more
into the future I provided a link below to a video that gives you instructions
on how to set up a wallet and start withdrawing those Aircoins all right guys last story for this week on June14th Safeinsure’s SINS coin block reward
will enter the long term stability phase so block rewards will decrease from 9 to
5 coins the reward decrease will lower the inflation bringing more stability
and security I have provided that link below so you can read the full story and
all that information that’s it for this week guys sorry it was short and sweet
I’ll have more information for you next week like comment subscribe share these
videos let us know what you think in the comments down below and I’ll see you
guys next Monday

3 thoughts on “CRYPTOBRIDGE TRADING COMPETITION | Withdrawing from Aircoins | SINS Block Reward Episode 106 (2019)”

  1. CB trading competition is interesting tho i rarely used that exchange. Good news for Aircoins lovers then! Looking forward for more update! 😊

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