today we're gonna do a new type of scam busting it's the crypto youtuber scam now it used to be the horrendous crypto flour that was the worst offender how does this scam work let me explain it's very simple what happens is they do something and it's funny because all of her bit petite videos are gone all the crap that she pumped and here's how this game works you do an innocent review maybe even show yourself putting in like 50 dollars okay showing that you put your own money in you do a different review on a different platform every single day wow she's really cleaned this up and then what happens is you put your links down below Oh even better she was paid for this one sponsored review she don't say it in her video but she'll list it here and this is a link we have a new offender my crypto project that has taken this to an entirely new level heartless terrible deception of his subscribers every single day he does at least one platform and he proudly says he'll have 40 platforms 50 platforms now can you imagine if you just made a hundred or a couple of hundred dollars in referrals on every site you quote-unquote reviewed and then the other thing the huge one that he loves to do is scam or not where he's asking you look scam or genuine where he's asking your opinion you to put your money in if you had any experience with the platform to please tell us the community meanwhile he talks about house money house money let me tell you the only house money that is relevant to this youtuber is the money from your house to his and I can promise you okay that he is just a referral whore absolutely horrendous horrifying and my first run-in with him look as a youtuber a prominent powerful youtuber I have a responsibility to my subscribers I can't just deposit on day one and then just leave the video and the links out there and just collect referral links and tell you it's paying guards at paying boys no paid him but the truth is we have a responsibility for me for example if I found something on the Internet okay that's one thing but if I find a youtuber singing its praises I will believe the youtuber more than something I just found so there is a level of accountability no matter how much you say well guys this is only money we don't you know we can afford to lose then lose it to me as a referral Commission as I sit here and eat my potatoes and laugh haha guys come on guys yeah bye guys mega passive cyclin any of yous got any dealings with this particular service any of you got any dealings with this particular service well I do he knows I put $200 in here I made a video confirmed ninety four times on the blockchain never ever showed up in the back office okay two hundred dollars I was willing to lose but it's still here and the link now I'm gonna log in and probably and he'll say I never deposit a he says all different kinds of stories okay he'll say look my deposit never ever showed up here ever he'll say that well you never sent the deposit you know he'll cover himself in any way he can so if I look here at deposit history shows nothing for $200 in here I swear on my four-year-old child that this is true and I never do that but he's gonna come back and say that I'm lying video still up the link is still up he knows he don't care the same thing with go X now let's talk about go X he has been well aware that people with larger accounts not everyone you put 20 bucks in there to play with yourself okay yeah maybe you got paid I got paid I'm in go X I made a video weeks ago three weeks ago and said there's trouble go X please don't use my links and I went back to every video and made sure that I removed those links to protect the innocent he is still providing only crap well this is a light part of his links usually has about 30 since I started calling him out he's cleaning them up and he only puts the links of what he's talking about in the video but here's proof that he knows that God's is in trouble today it's been going crazy for the door wax the amount of people out on this coax know loving issues is under my eyes so yeah it's shocking me to be honest with you I mean John just was the first guy to come forward and you know it's sorta bit of disbelief and because he didn't have enough fun you know oh because he didn't use your link he doesn't deserve any help no what do you mean he didn't have an upline listen to me this guy is the worst plague in YouTube and I encourage you to report his videos how do you I'm not gonna go into it he'll get his day he will get his day so he knows what's going on here would go X but he still puts a link because he wants referral money Avada scammer genuine I've had to stop paying people long ago alright let's see what he has to say but I am interested in seeing how it works over the service wait a minute wait a minute did he just say he's interested in seeing how this service will work out for sure meaning he's not in it he didn't put money but here's the affiliate link let's click on it and see what happens if we went into a vada here we go al vada gone and so was your money but he's on house money got me house of money right got to me house money see when a youtuber is honest and investing for himself okay he creates a little portfolio not a referral whore garden this is my portfolio that I am in stick with update my subscribers on I know they pay as a matter of fact on my channel I just did an interview with the CEO of automatic bit income that's a great platform my link is down below and of course Marty Martin whatever his name is my crypto Martin project Marty just links everything okay and he follows me into every good program I go into because he knows where the money is at so one two three four risky ones and two long-term projects this is how you get rich now let's talk about how much referral money there is and let's talk about the real deal I put thousands of dollars in these when they work I have a $3,100 active deposit in bit income paying me almost $9 an hour I got about now look what I've withdrawn you ready you ready almost seven thousand dollars and I started this where's my registration date not long ago I don't know they don't show it here but I've taken out sixty six hundred I've more than doubled my money I will tell you straight up about eleven hundred dollars of that is referral commission do we deserve referral commissions yes can you get referral commissions absolutely just like we do but there's a responsibility to this so if I'm making $1,100 here and he's doing 40 programs yes he has a fraction of the subscribers I have but take away take away a zero so let's say he made one hundred ten dollars and he does that and that's minimal minimal minimal you hear me minimum he's making a fortune in house money from your house I just like to call a Marty Martin that's the name I gave him so if YouTube's listening this is not a privacy issue I don't know his name or anything about him no right holy donut boy right how about I come near and bring you some donuts Oh gotta love it gotta love it gotta love it mmm stay away from these type of youtubers please you will notice them from miles away they act innocent this guy has been at it for well over a year a lot of subscribers have realized okay what he's up to and that's why he's got a fraction of what he should have after this amount of time and look recycle crypto growth bot they're not paying people right now they're saying they're under maintenance you can go and Google some videos recycle crypto grow recycle BOTS scam and you will see it the owner is a scammer dira global I'm going to tell you straight up they may be paying this and that now he believes everything on a website he will open up a website a cigar is this is running for 642 days you go and do a youtube search on whatever platform and see when the first video is up that will tell you the truth okay that will tell you the true day you go check ip's and fucking domains and all that that's bullshit this is straight-up truth okay now dirt global is you probably weren't around in the lending platform days okay is and I will tell you the exact same template from something called hydro point which exits camp there you go right there Kirkland and Phelps does anyone remember Westland storage did you lose money in Westland storage I'm sure he was in it I'm sure he made a fortune he made house money also money cars their global I am Telling You actually actually Kirkland and Phelps Kirkland and Phelps is wesleyan storage they all come back with a new name go X is bit petite go X is bit petite now there's another new one he just did the other day which I put money in it's called bit let me pull it up yeah he did a one minute review on this one the other day dropped a link okay I went in this I have 500 bucks in here and I'm gonna tell you that every one of these developers leaves us a trait a tiny little thing that's easy to find for example there was a DAP that scammed us once before and when you read the fine print on the very bottom it said created with love and had a heart no other DAP ever did that another DAP came up totally different name totally different template and boom at the very bottom the idiots put that and busted bit rush is something called bit BTC clock out of Russia let's log in here okay I'm gonna show you that yes I have a $500 I have a $500 deposit okay maybe more hold on zero point one two five zero one two two five I have five hundred and twelve dollars in there that's how you test a platform okay if you put ten or twenty five bucks in there you are not I'll tell you straight up okay you're not gonna get enough to get the minimum withdrawal quick enough to know if this works and you're gonna be scraping pennies and yes this does pain what'd I tell you to go into it no I know who these are this is the people from BTC clock what we got here 0.123 I'm not gonna be able to draw that little right there did you hear that sound did you hear that sound do you know what that is that's a signal that's a footprint there is only one hype ever that had that idea and made that sound every single time money was accrued who wasn't BTC o'clock there's your signal now douche bag potato eatin fucking limey said that Oh the Oracle had to take his videos down because he's a u.s. resident first of all I'm a citizen of the world little boy I'm a citizen in the world dick bag you don't know where I live or what I do okay other than I make a fuck ton of money okay and I'm gonna point it straight out to you I still have this account it's not closed I took the videos down let's protect my subscribers okay that's why I took the video down so just in closing okay these are the platforms are men this and this will probably disappear very quickly EE is a good long-term play automatic fit oh my god I hate that crap automatic bit income is an absolute winner I have an interview coming up with the founder and these are long-term and they're slow look I don't really like anything that pays 1% a day or even 2% a day because here's the truth if they paid you the first day at 1% you still have 99 days before you get your money 99 days these hypes don't last that long they really don't I want you to think I'll show you another trick don't believe anything you see on a website but there is one thing you can believe because they're all so stupid these developers that use these templates and scripts okay I'm waiting for this page to load it's taken forever but here's what happens there's a a on the bottom you're gonna pull up I'm gonna go ahead and get paid from Triton but I want you to see something okay now these guys are too stupid to realize what they should do and I shouldn't really expose this but they should why don't they if they're paying out so much money they should be paying out more than they are taking in think about it if they got a trading bot if they're doing whatever story Marty tells you they're doing because he's just reading you the website okay like this one let's see three percent average return blah blah blah – under current seas they do this that and the other thing these certificates you can get one for 15 bucks it means nothing but this is from the script okay they're not smart enough to figure it they should hack this and make it that basically in Reverse they don't do that so this number tends to be real do you see that they've paid out the majority already of what they've taken in okay so this means they have about eight BTC left about eight BTC left they're gonna go under any day this will shut down I promise you so now you know some tricks now you know what's good now you know who is screwing you with a smile on their face all right boys now you're wise are smarter better faster stronger let's go get that money let's call out the YouTube frauds


  1. Once a thief, always a thief. There are so many reports about Taylor Monahan that I don't trust her with my money. Stay away from her!

  2. Also, Stablemining DO NOT INVEST, I confirm they will pay for a few days and when you drop a load they block your withdrawal, currently have almost 1btc (interest is still calculating) and cant get it out soo, word of advice

  3. Lol, I was ripping him in his comments about "house money" after he put fuckin $8 in a platform and dropped his link.

    Comment got deleted. Lol

  4. It’s so sad that people get so greedy. This space could be so great if everyone was as transparent as we are. There’s always hope this space will change.

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