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we’re back people the new kids on the
block chain for another week of crypto and blockchain related smash-fest
foolery of information fun and games you can hear all the cheers of the people
who missed us ah the crowd goes wild what do we have on this week’s show this
week’s show we’ve got some great stuff we are speaking to JP from
next-generation living homes who talks about a 200 million euro baller mansion
that’s powered by Bitcoin , what’s that number again 200 million euros!… we also
talk to you Brendan from fauna chain about how they’re planning to save
endangered species on the blockchain and the return of buddy his tiny face will be back on your screen with his blockchain giveaway so stay until the end of the
show and he’ll be appearing to deliver another one of his fantastic giveaways
but I guess until then we should have a quick news roundup! first up from News BTC is Facebook about
to battle telegram with its own cryptocurrency launch the crypto token
race is on between the world’s internet and messaging monopolies telegram
already has a head start with a successful multi-million dollar ICO but
Facebook will not be left behind and it’s highly likely to roll out its own
cryptocurrency this year according to the New York Times Facebook is already
working on a crypto coin for users of whatsapp to send and receive payments to
each other the report added that the project is so far along that Facebook
has already approached the number of crypto exchanges with regards to listing
the new coin whatsapp is likely to be the digital guinea pig for a larger
scale rollout of a crypto coin integrated into Facebook itself from CCN
news flash 90 million dollars of quadriga CX is missing crypto is found
but is it recoverable zero nonsense a crypto currency blog run by editor James
Edwards claimed that it found the trails of the missing ninety million dollars
worth of crypto from the now-defunct exchange quadriga sea eggs the detailed
report curated by Edwards discovered the transfer of 649 thousand seven hundred
and eight aetherium from the wallets of quadriga CX to cryptocurrency exchanges
including Polonius BitFenix and Kraken loving that quadriga CX story just keep
investigating trying to Fayed so there’s plot thickens with that one it’s been a
really really interesting module now our next story is from the mainstream news
and it’s from The Daily Express no less which is has Bitcoin bottoms and can
crypto really bounce back bitcoins fortunes appear to be fading at least in
the short term with BTC seemingly trapped in an endless bear market the
flagship crypto has consistently dashed investors hopes by failing to regain any
of the bullish momentum Bitcoin once enjoyed but Bitcoin could be about to
hit bottom and even turn a corner according to technical data from crypto
news it’s a coin race here are the top 10 winners and losers from February
first up the winners there is by Nance coin on top followed by maker Komodo on
top jee-in yas the losers bar i headed up by
a silica followed by name and tron now let’s check out a bit of blockchain
banter and learn about the bitcoin house so in blockchain banter today who
wouldn’t like to live in their own Bitcoin baller mansion that pays for
itself we’d love to live there right that sounds fantastic well we’ve got JP
from next generation living homes who’s going to chat to us today about what
they do and also a little bit about the Bitcoin house so JP are you there I am
and thank you so much for inviting me we met out in an arc apoco when we were out
there and now we’re all back we saw you and we thought it’d be a really
interesting project to chat about it looks fascinating yeah can you tell us a
little bit about you and next-generation living homes sure I started the company
almost four years ago and we have two internationally known architects one in
Scottsdale and one from Australia that’s living in Thailand and all of them both
of them do incredible work my background my my father was a also an
internationally known architect and I became a draftsman but I didn’t really
pursue it until I wanted to build my own houses so at this point I built a house
in San Diego back in 2004 now I’m designing luxury homes starting at 5,000
square feet and going all the way to almost 21,000 square feet with the
Bitcoin house being at 20,000 600 square feet well that leads us nicely into the
Bitcoin house so obviously we we’ve had a you know had a look at some of the
renderings which were amazing I’m sure we’re probably showing someone’s screen
now to give a bit of background but in essence can you explain what the what
the idea behind the project was or is sure so you know I’m an early adopter
with Bitcoin started in 2012 and I said hey you know Bitcoin that’s really the
future for for mankind you know especially the decentralized
side of it the fact that you can earn bitcoins by mining it I said how can we
combine this into home ownership because home ownership is so difficult and
especially with today’s robotics and automation of jobs and and young people
I don’t I don’t see young people getting homes in the future unless they go down
this route that we’ve we’ve developed so it’s taken about a year and a half of
technology upgrades but we have built a and designed on the Bitcoin house that
incorporates a Bitcoin mining pod or mining rig it’s a 40-foot container with
600 computers on board and at today’s price one pod generates about
eighty-five thousand dollars a month income but you can stack them so with
this house we’re doing five pods which you know once Bitcoin gets up to let’s
say $4,200 we’re at a hundred thousand dollar a month income per pod so
realistically five of them you could get five hundred thousand dollar income per
month with the home easy it easily used to pay the mortgage or just to have
extra money coming in we’ve also hurdled the electricity so we were a hundred
percent off-grid with the home and we’re also a hundred percent off-grid with the
Bitcoin mining and each miner uses one megawatt of electricity so we started
originally so the plans that you see behind me shows solar panels on the roof
and that was about a year and a half ago it’s been sort of a tenure hike in with
the technology we moved into fuel cells then we moved into cold fusion and now
we have found the holy grail of electricity which is electromagnetic
hybrid with solar and that electromagnetic system basically gives
us anywhere from one megawatt of electricity to one hundred megawatts of
electricity it is a proprietary technology that has
just been released and people that are interested in the electricity they can
go to our website and fill out a demo request to find out more about it but
anyway the beauty of this home this is a three-story home it is twenty thousand
six hundred square feet eleven bedrooms eighteen bathrooms three swimming pools
there’s a pool in the center the bitcoin house is shaped like a coin circular
it’s wonderful the pool in the center is also shaped like a coin and we have a
big giant be in there for the Bitcoin logo and then we have a 360 degree pool
on the second level of the three-story home that is a jet stream pool and nine
bedrooms are situated on that floor so you can slide out of the bedroom the
glass doors through the glass doors hop into the pool and be jetted around the
house and then come back to your bedroom and exit there so we could feel on a lie
low just floating around the house it’d be like our own lazy river it is and
it’s a heated pool so it’s very nice yeah on the main level there’s one more
pool with two jacuzzis and that’s really the party pool where we can have a
hundred people there hanging out at that pool so well what’s one of these gonna
set us back if we wanted to right so first of all the success of this kind of
home has to be you know at first we have to do it at the high end and the high
end means well today Bitcoin mining rigs are expensive electricity is expensive
and we want to be in tax free zones so we’re looking at Montecarlo as our prime
location we can go to malta we can go to the Bahamas Bermuda we can go to Cayman
Islands where we’re currently represented by Vic’s real out of Miami
and they’re promoting us in 14 countries right now and they plan on tokenizing
the bitcoin house so people can actually invest in it
our thought process is hey you know this is going to be the first home of its
kind with a self paying mortgage and what that really means is well there’s
there’s no credit report there’s no credit score there’s no financial
institution that is going to finance it it’s going to be privately funded
through tokenization and guess what you don’t even need a job to own a house
like this all you need is a down payment so if you have a 10 to 20 percent down
payment you qualify this particular home in priced in Montecarlo is a two hundred
million euro home now a two hundred million euro you’re going oh that’s a
lot of money well in comparison to other homes they other homes are debt ridden
this is an income-generating home so if you have one home that can generate half
a million dollar income per month and the other home is only a debt there’s a
big difference in the two homes now long-term this is the most exciting part
of this whole project is long-term meaning two to three years down the road
instead of six hundred miners earning $100,000 a month two to three years from
now we expect the technology to change dramatically and it’ll be six computers
to earn a hundred thousand dollars a month well with six computers you can
handle the electricity you can handle six computers and any home in the world
can be a Bitcoin house in other words what’s it going to take to qualify very
little to qualify to own a home in the future if you’re mining if you’re using
mining technology to pay for the mortgage but on the mining obviously you
know mining fluctuates drastically you know algorithms change my experience
with mining was like buying a miner and one day earned me this much and then
three months later I was using it as an expensive doorstop is there redundancy
built into that kind of mechanism to make sure you don’t end up with a pod
full of kit that isn’t really very valuable down the line well yeah that’s
that’s exactly one of the strategies that we have of course the homeowner is
earning an income and so as the technology changes we’ll swap out
computers to generate faster technology better income things like that so yeah
all of these things are part of you know the experiment and also part of the
whole process Bitcoin is really you know experimental but it’s a it is the future
I believe it is the future and I trust it you know maybe one of these homes
will be a fractional ownership kind of home or it could be like an air B&B kind
of home depending on the owner what they want to do with it so you know there’s
there’s a lot of opportunities lot o options we’re not saying no to anything
it’s great to chat and we’ll stay in touch and we you know we’d love to speak
to you more as things develop it looks fantastic
it you know it was we were sat there drooling looking at imagine ourselves
floating around and now we can imagine if those sliding – yeah exactly
so I do want to mention we do have an online video tour of the house on the
exterior and then the next week to ten days we’re releasing the second video
which is a walkthrough of the entire home which should be online in the next
two weeks here so you know I’ll definitely you know anyone watching the
show you know just go to our website next next-gen living homes calm and and
look for those videos there is a video page where all our videos are there well
they’ll be yeah they’ll be linked below so check the links out below and thanks
so much for coming on for a chat and I’m sure we’ll catch up with you soon so our featured projects this week we
all love animals we do we love saving I’m excited about this and we love the
idea of blockchain being used for worthy pursuits so we have Brendan Pickett from
fauna chain who’s going to tell us a little bit about how they are planning
to help conservation using blockchain so Brendan are you there yes thank you for
having me on can you give us kind of first of all somebody who knows nothing
about the projects what’s what’s the what’s the short form derivatives are
form of trading assets and commodities model T’s like gold and derivatives the
important here because it allows you to trade an asset with actually without
actually handing it so we have an enormous and I’m trillions of dollars
worth of gold traded each year we don’t actually need to handle that goal most
that gold is stored under the ground or in vaults and we don’t actually handle
that so being able to trade wildlife as a derivative is quite exciting what that
does is it basically makes one life far more valuable alive than dead at the
moment as we all know we’re losing an enormous amount of wildlife because it’s
actually more valuable dead than alive so what we aim to do it on a chain is is
commoditize while so we can say trade it now what we will do is is basically
enfranchised local communities and these are mostly for communities rural
communities who are the ones that live alongside most almost all of the world’s
remaining wildlife and what they will do using an app please take pictures and
videos and uploaded to upload those images and videos to a database
they will collate an enormous amount of information so it’ll give us location of
enemy it’ll give us range of animals the
animals move around within it’ll allow us to identify the animal
we do any which is quite important and we have that technology available to us
now we certainly right at the at the stage of cleaner technology available in
also tell us that little animal is healthy and fit so that’s very very
important information to have and a whole collation of information which you
have to have that’s been the problem up until now is we don’t really know what’s
going on around the world from reading your site earlier like my understanding
of it is essentially that you’re going to give the people who are on the
doorstep of some of these wider world animals the opportunity rather than
profiting from them by eating them or using this medicine or you know or
whatever they put making them custodians of them and providing them an income
stream and incentivizing them to essentially protect that wildlife as
opposed to exploit it it’s that a kind of fair assessment that’s the social aspects to it is the conservation side
there’s the community of social upliftment side which you have powering
of doing people money to actually look after the wildlife because they work
here their villages their poachers possibly their villages some of them are
focused and we like to put both approaches to more sustainable to a more
sustainable income for them the other aspect is liquidity and that goes back
to crypto currencies you know in economics the liquidity is probably the
most important part of money movement around the world and when we have an
economic collapse if all it really is is a seizing up of the system and then and
the liquidity of money stops so when the Federal Reserve tightens and loosens all
it really is is changing liquidity or facilitate and liquidity of money so
that’s important is well all cryptocurrencies play a role in creating
more liquidity so we can move money fast in the world where technology moves
faster and we need it to move faster so we also have this lead now we need a
a change in our economics them and cryptocurrencies facilitate
them the more different cryptocurrencies we have the more liquidity is is offered
to to the world and that’s very very important for money in the community
receive protecting these animals is it a consistent reward or is it say if you’re
protecting is specifically endangered animal and it breeds they get extra or
perhaps they protect their from a post here they get extra first of all
endangered and rare animals will evoke a higher payouts eg into their or into
your wallet whether you put a wallet for example it’s a fantastic wallet or where
I wanted to be in the day we don’t even need to create our own wallet with you
there’s so many projects out there they’re really really good but two
things if the animal is state state court in one place see those images
because of course we could be algorithms now a I won’t will record the
y-coordinates of we’re that fifty was taken and where that animal is if the
pictures are taken in the same area all the time in other words if the animal is
trapped somewhere the money goes down it drops Tintin year zero if it’s an
endangered animal and you can see it moving around and the images are coming
from different parts of the community in different areas wildlife photographers
nature conservationists game reserves and local villagers then the money goes
up tremendously because we can see it moving around it’s healthy it’s not
trapped and it’s endangered are you starting with a small number of species
at the moment or are you equate spread out already
we’d have to start in Africa and initially to build the algorithms and
the AI technology we want to secure an endangered specie and with for
highlighting basically basically established that the best species we can
get our hands on that’s endangered is a zebra Grevy’s zebras are in danger and
they’re less than 2,000 of them left left in the world and you can purchase
them at all in other occasions or on odd occasions
in the United States so we’d like to bring that specie to the UK there are a
number of zoos and wildlife Fox who have groupies at the moment so that would
increase gene stock in the country we can also lift some income from creating
a small wildlife while we work on creating the VIII go algorithms and the
technology to do this it’s a massive project this it’s really really young in
depth the more you look into it so it is a long-term project but when we’ve got
invested involved investors involved I want to be able to guarantee well that’s
really hard but can you guarantee that investors can at least get their friends
to go back if we’re making money from other avenues from the wildlife which
would be able to set up relatively quickly where where do we send people to
find more it’s fantastic what you’re doing we love the idea of it where can
we send traffic to get involved and find that bit more information the website is
WWE all the informations there to start off with you can be in touch with us
through the website and give you more information great well we will
everything will be posted below so go and check it out guys again lovely to
chatterin and we’re I’m sure we’ll catch up as the project develops thank you
very much take care it’s buddy’s blockchain giveaway it’s
the tiny little hound and what has he got for us this week he’s got two of
these fantastic stop licking licking two of these fantastic cold storage coins
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win more of these beauties and what is that question in honor of our incredible
Bitcoin house story our question is to win comment below if you were going to
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sure we’ll be bringing you lots of other fun and interesting stories and projects
but I guess that’s all from us this week so remember in the meantime you’ve been
loved chained

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  10. Comp answer: id want my bitcoin house to have a solid silver bath tub that’s pegged to crypto’s and every time I had a bath it would go up in value Ethereum coin pls if I win!

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