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Hello guys, this is Wendel Costa Z Crypto channel, and we are here in one more channel video then as usual leave your like and share it with your friends too, and be sure to follow the Z Crypto channel also on social networks thanks guys? will help a lot there! so guys today I’m going to talk about a very different thing is I gave a searched the internet and found it well interesting and would like to share with you guys, which is about the Opera browser and the integration he has is with respect to ETHEREUM wallet, there you too can store TOKENS on either device your cell phone as for own browser. So let’s go to the tutorial that I will show you how it works on practice personal beauty after you guys do Opera browser installation on computer of yours in downloading and also an application on android then click here first in android app here so click here or the opera icon where was included Opera down here and then you will look here for  for me it appeared of course here of first and will appear here for you create this ETHEREUM wallet having created is all automatic and automated You go here and there will be part here for you receive will appear the address here I say to you then be do the following is to have an information here well and I found it very interesting about token issue Opera will detect the list of your ERC20 tokens here automatically for example if you token token Nioshares by example at the ETH address here at wallet of yours automatically he will have to give the token he will identify as being Nioshares beauty? to make the browser integration you will do the following in browser has this drawing here of a wallet you will click it will ask here to show code you will click here and show code and on your phone will click here or on gear at the top and go click connect to computer I asked to do scanning the read code Qrcode will ask if you want to make a pairing closely so beauty staff was done here pairing OK? and here you can act directly saved here direct is on you computer can copy the address send to someone ok receiving however if you do not want keep the wallet straight on the computer of you guys go up here and remove current pairing click ok and he will leave. Ok I hope you guys liked the video was very simple quite easy to install the browser on your phone and make the browser integration on computer folks then like and share and stay in peace

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  1. Uma ótima opção pra quem faz vários airdrops e não quer perder tempo configurando cada token manualmente

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