what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys
full of information we’re gonna be talking about the death cross where are
the markets headed I don’t see a lot of people talk about this so I’m gonna
cover that because so many of you guys have been asking before we get started
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though first thing first we saw brick we’ll do this yesterday we’re seeing oMG
and Vitalik also do this today so they donated $1,000,000 in crypto to charity
now this is again a smart marketing move in my opinion to kind of push the
cryptocurrency name and seeing see it being used for good things other than
what’s being other than like the thoughts people have of it now I’m in a
bunch of scams that people think that cryptocurrency is maybe this is going to
give them more positive insight on what cryptocurrency is so more people will
take the time in to research it and figure out what exactly is going on
number two I’m gonna run through the news very quickly cuz that’s not the
important part of the video that’s not what you guys are here for but number
two is the Bank of England is gonna test blockchain features for new payment
system again more people adopting the blockchain technology realizing that
it’s significantly better than what we have going on right now so the Bank of
England is going to test that out and hopefully again they come out with
positive results and it’s gonna show the whole world that they’re missing out if
they’re not currently investing and looking into these you know this new
technology so again a good adoption point and the last article is BitFenix
wants to move to Switzerland I like this because I personally I personally a big
fan of Switzerland I think currently they’re in the British Virgin Islands I
think moving to Switzer is a good idea I think they’re going to
do better there than the fifth-largest crypto exchange so wanted to shout that
out that looks like a very good idea now let’s go to the markets because today
isn’t a day for news today is a day for the markets we dropped under 300 billion
dollars in market cap I just hit the refresh button so let’s see what it
actually comes out to two hundred and seventy seven billion bitcoins almonds
at forty five point six percent so I get a Bitcoin holding its value pretty up
better than other altcoins that’s why the dominance is going up in
the week bitcoins only down fourteen point three percent a lot of all coins
are down a lot more you see the likes of Neil down 23% at fifty three dollars if
theory I’m almost under for a hundred dollars that’s a painful because for
some reason I have some etherium that I should have sold into something else I
don’t know why I didn’t I was a dumb move on my part I should have sold it
for some more neo and stuff like that because I’m just personally don’t want
to hold too much aetherium I would rather hold other things but that’s a
shame however we have coins like Tron which we’re gonna talk a little bit
about today up 33 percent in the week and eight percent in the day so you guys
know again don’t be fooled by this because charlie isn’t an exception to
the market what’s going on is that Tron has their big releases coming up you
know Exodus test net beta all that’s coming out and it’s a lot of stuff so
they’re going to increase in price they’re currently have four point eight
cents you guys can see Justin is tweeting about getting them back in the
top ten currently Tron is number 10 so Tron
breaks top ten that’s crazy congratulations to Tron they were at
14th for a while now with all the good news in the 33 percent increase while
everyone else is falling they managed to climb their way back up so good job a
Justin’s son and the Tron team congratulations and the test net this
was 11 hours ago so – 2 days 50 hours now it’s like 39 hours life’s one and a
half days until the test net is launched I’m very excited for that again we’re
gonna see prices go up these are points for those of you who got in early let’s
go to three months chart those who got in not early feel those you got in here
at the low point of the market overall then you guys are enjoying some nice
Tron profit Tron although up to four point eight cents and
hopefully continue this climb now be careful if you’re a long-term holder
you’re gonna be fine if you’re a short-term trader
be careful holding on for too long because what might happen is after all
that occurs and triangles up and a lot of people make profit people are gonna
look some people are gonna look to sell and Tron is one of those coins that had
such a big run-up over here that it’s possible it’s very very possible that
it’s going or it is going to have a rough time climbing back up simply
because a lot of people are gonna sell one at their break-even point because
they’re scared that’s it the weekends that haven’t sold you know not week
they’re not as week of the weekends but they’re little stronger than the
weekends they are going to sell when they break even over here now again this
is also a typical pattern though I’ve seen with a lot of ICO so what happened
was Tron had a big run-up right they have no product long they don’t
have any product up they don’t have anything they’ve had a huge run-up
correct it back down and this is the entry point people usually look to get
in before the curve the future when things start actually happening the
developing team starts you know launching stuff and everything starts
falling into play now this doesn’t happen every time of course it has to be
the right coin and the good coin but a lot of ICL’s follow this this type of
thing when people a set a pattern and it’s called the Jaykar but if follow it
likes the high coj curve I saw Ian ballina actually posted about this today
so it’s kind of why I want to bring it up but definitely something to keep an
eye out just because this happened once doesn’t mean we can classify it as a
pump and dump it’s definitely possible that when everything gets released we
start seeing some nice movements and more movements on Tron and seeing some
you know higher prices I’m not saying that’s going to happen I’m not a
financial advisor this is not financial advice I’m just saying it wouldn’t be
out of the question to say that that is something that could happen we could go
back up and test all-time highs once everything gets launched if people start
using it people start seeing it in the coming years right and this is years
down not tomorrow but anyways the moment you guys have been waiting for let’s
talk about the Bitcoin Dec death cross what is the Bitcoin death cross so I
actually got a picture for you guys right here to make it super simple the
bitcoin death cross is when just the death cross is when the 50-day
moving average where you guys can see as the red line it crosses the 200-day
moving average the 200 movie day average is the green the red is this one right
here you guys can see they’re getting very close to crossing now and when they
cross um when they cross with a 50 50-day moving average from above crosses
down it’s a bearish pattern and that’s
basically all the death cross is that’s why you’ve been hearing it sounds a lot
worse than it actually is if anything if history shows if people do their
research before you know saying a bunch of fun the death cross is usually the
symbol of nearing the end of a bear market that’s usually what happens and
following that obviously once it crosses price may continue to go down
Jim simply because people are scared but after that usually not too long after
price is correct and this happened I believe the last time Bitcoin had a
death cross was in 2015 I want to say September if I remember correctly and
what happened moving on to August is it doubled its price so definitely
something to look into it’s something to stay cautious about something to plan
now obviously we can’t tell where the where bitcoins going at any time so the
best thing you can do is prepare your portfolio correctly with what you want
for the long term I’m a long-term investor so I don’t like too many
short-term trades so plan for the long-term build your portfolio with the
coins you think are valuable and you think are gonna be here in 2 3 4 5 6
years that is step one and number two is adapt and kind of play with what you’re
given right so what happens so whatever happens in the Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency market then you adapt to that and you play that way because
predicting things isn’t always going to work out now you guys can see we
actually dipped under the resistance and the support of the resistance triangle
right here that were intersecting here we actually dipped under that so because
of all the news I came out to Twitter and everything we’ve actually dipped and
it’s not great now it depends on where we end today if we end today here then
we very well could be seeing Bitcoin drop down to $6,000 I’m not saying it’s
out of the question also with the whole deathtrap thing that’s all people are
hearing the name sounds pretty terrible deathtrap that sounds pretty terrible
it’s not gonna give people a lot of confidence in
market when they hear word like deathtrap but now you guys are informed
of what death traps are what a death trap is and kind of what usually tends
to follow suit and that’s also why I like to tell you guys I’m personally
buying on the way down in pieces like you guys know I say this all the time
I don’t take all of my money and chuck it somewhere I like to buy in pieces
especially during the bearish market I like to just confirm you know maybe
it’ll go up and I’ll buy a little more expensive next time but I would rather
play that risk then putting everything in at one time and then everything
falling and then me having to deal with that I’d rather buy it in pieces on the
way down and then when it goes up and passes everything that I’m just in pure
profit but that’s kind of how I like to play it so this way I bought some big I
spot some cryptocurrency here if it drops I will buy some more
cryptocurrency here could taste a job I will buy some more cryptocurrency here
right because I’m not putting all of my money in at this level so I’m kind of
buying it in pieces that’s very important because that way you know
you’re gonna be safer in your investments you’re gonna invest on the
way down dollar cost average then maybe if I buy some here some here and some
here in the same amount then my average is here so anything past here I’m in
profit instead of having to be past here I’m very simple explaining but that’s
kind of how I’m doing so guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you guys
did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up hopefully you guys have a little more
confidence in everything right now you understand what’s going on you know what
the death cross is you know what tends to follow suit with a death cross so I
would recommend not panicking whatsoever relax
positivity in the cryptocurrency markets it’s still so early if you were to
stress out over everything we’d all lose years off of our lives so it’s all about
being positive be happy have a wonderful day guys thank you so much for watching
I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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