what is going on guys fat chick here
bringing you a brand new video team you got another killer video for you guys
full of information a ton of important news articles as well as my strategy for
cryptocurrency in the next few weeks last month this is what I’m doing to see
the most profit when we enter the bull bullish market this is the strategy I’m
using to prepare for that so stay tuned to the end of the video for you guys to
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every time we release a new video let’s jump right into this I don’t want to
ramble too much but first article playboy yes playboy is going to release
a crypto wallet and they’re going to integrate vice industry token so if you
guys don’t know if ice industry tokens are they raise 22 million dollars in
aetherium in the first 24 hours of their IC o—- and that’s going on right here
you guys can check it out this device industry token ICO and yes so again more
adoption Playboy’s going to use it for sales of their online media and stuff
like that so I think another big company you know
Playboy’s a huge company you guys might like it or not depending on your ethical
stand points of it but you know it’s another step towards adoption by a
massive company which is always a good thing so I try and share those as much
as I can over here for you guys now the second thing so at the DC hearing
coinbase called out the federal regulators for harming innovation and
this is something you can like or dislike coinbase this is something I
100% agree with and I’ve heard a lot of people say so I’ve heard a lot of people
who have you know been around travelled the world in the last one two years they
they’re all saying that the u.s. is far behind when it comes to cryptocurrency
technology and blockchain technology and that is because of all these regulations
and so many people being scared now it’s a mix obviously of banks and governments
feeling like they’re losing control of you know the money and everything and
they don’t like that I get it tough luck it’s our technology’s not really going
anywhere I can I don’t know what to tell but it
is sad to see that the US are such a big economy in such a big you know this is
such a big influence in the world it’s a shame to see that they’re struggling so
much to get on board with blockchain and the technology and what it could bring
for as benefits in so many different ways we’ve seen so many cases where
block chains been used greatly where crypto currencies been you know so
helpful and just brought the country or whatever industry they were in just one
step higher from where it was before and the u.s. struggling to do that is I I
couldn’t I couldn’t put it any better but it is harming innovation in a
country that claims to be so you know pro innovation and has been in the past
it’s a shame that technology like this is being looked at as harm as bad and
they’re trying to you know completely ban so that’s something I’m not a big
fan of and I do agree with coinbase on this they should be called out I
think people should start calling out the government as well for this this is
you know we want to improve quality of life we want to improve situations keep
growing with technology which we’ve been doing you know technology’s been growing
a ton recently and this is not helping the case this is kind of putting a wall
on it competing like putting a Seeley’s be like Oh technology’s been great yeah
we’re capping it to the point where you know we don’t want to lose control of
anything which kind of sucks last article I’m not gonna go through it too
much but this is cut basically breaks down the effect that the mount Cox
trustees um all the sales of Bitcoin have had and you guys know that they
they’ve sold four hundred million dollars of Bitcoin but they also have
1.5 billion dollars left of Bitcoin to sell which they’re trying to but yeah
this goes through all the five sales the transaction in the sale what happened to
the market – pretty cool breed so if you guys want to check it out go onto coin
telegraph and this should be one of the top articles and see basically what
happened every time they sold their Bitcoin it’s a very interesting and it’s
cool to see the graph elation see if there is a correlation or if there is a
correlation with that bringing the market down except had I’ve seen a lot
of people try and dispute when I say that you know mount Gogh selling a ton
of selling 1.5 billion dollars worth in September would cause the Bitcoin price
to decrease see people argue that but yeah here we can
kind of check out what has previously happened so I think it’d be good article
for any of you guys who are interested in in the situation further now this is
the moment where we’re gonna talk about my strategy I know a lot of you guys are
excited about this strategy because you guys are wondering what what are you
doing during the cryptocurrency market what do I do when the market is red all
the time for starters though I just want to point out we did a poll in the
Facebook group which I’ll leave a link to down below if you guys want to join
asking tomorrow my record my video Bitcoin will be blank red or green 19
people said green 59 people said red and 59 of you guys are correct it is rigged
it’s another sea of red today unfortunately with a 334 billion dollar
market cap and Bitcoin dominance increasing because it is down some of
the least compared to a lot of other all coins let’s just increase the view also
we can take a look last hour so um everything’s looking pretty solid for
the last hour if that helps obviously we can’t tell much about this we’ll look
into it further when we do the technical now spray down at the end but what’s my
strategy guys I am looking at picky because you guys know i ce o–‘s are can
can be very profitable right but if you miss out on the ico you usually have to
get in after it gets on the exchange price is already a little higher and
your return could be you know significantly less than if you had
gotten at the ico price now at these opportunities these market Corrections
provide a perfect opportunity for us to go and pick up small undervalued all
coins from their ICO at prices similar if not lower to their ICO price in a
perfect example of this is we powers so we powered right now is trading at 9
cents it has a 36 million dollar market cap it’s trading at 9 cents and if we go
to the the ICO bench page for it you guys can see that it’s trading at 9
cents that’s correct shading at 9 says and its original ICO price was 13 US
cents so it’s down 4 cents and this is an element and I say well that was rated
4.3 out of 82 total ratings it was a lot of people said great things
about it it has a ton of potential as ICO and I know a lot of people who who
got into this ICO with high hopes of it going up now currently it is down but
it’s not over when the market recovers and we enter middle at the bullish
market again this should be a coin that can see some big gains when the market
starts moving because it hasn’t done its pre IC o—- with its post IC o—-
boost yet and that’s something we can see with a lot of a lot of different
coins – so pun DX was another big IC I know a lot of people got into it’s so
new market cap isn’t even here yet but like it’s down to 68 cents and when it
launched on coin coin market cap at least it was 3.5 dogs so it is again
close to if not lower than the IC o—- price meaning you guys can get in an
even bigger discount by buying it right now this one you can get on you can get
on bit on big bucks I don’t actually know that exchange that exchange but if
you guys want to use it there you go we power we can get on hoooo be so much
bigger exchange much more familiar with it you can get on Kobe then Wahby as
well you guys know I’m big on this one I’m waiting it’s also down so much – 78
cents I might be picking up some more here fairly soon to prepare again for
when the market turns around I want to have bags and bags of these undervalued
off phones because yes bitcoin will double in price because that 8,000 right
now it’ll go to 16 maybe even tests all-time high and break that of 20 of
20,000 so we’re going to stick 24 so let’s say three X’s the price is that
right now $25,000 these coins could honestly 10x by the time you know these
bigger coins 3x now the bigger coins are say free bitcoins a safer bet if you
want to see some return in the future Bitcoin will probably increase this is I
guess a riskier play as I SEOs usually are but still if you guys get the right
ones you can pick up wha beyond on by nan so if I’ll be blink to bias down
below for you guys to check it out and as my favorite exchange and it’s down a
ton again today these are great opportunities to pick up these type of
coins and lastly and Cash nucleus evasion
has been doing very very well so you guys remember I told you about it it was
at you know in the low two cents currently at the mid three cents so we
had a huge run up over here corrected back down a little bit because after a
huge run-up guys I can’t believe like okay this is never gonna this is never
gonna stop it’s unfortunate this is never going to stop because
cryptocurrency has a lot of new investors into it who haven’t really
been in the investing space or the you know they haven’t seen stocks they don’t
know how charts work but if something goes up like this there is a big big big
big big chance that it is going to correct back down and the only thing you
don’t want is it to correct back down to this point this is that’s what you do
that’s what you’re looking for you don’t want it correct back to this point cuz
that would be closer to a pump and dump is you just shoot up in price and crash
all the way back down and just train it basically zero that’s a pump and dump
what end cash did it shot up in value everyone’s just like yes I love in cash
I love any cash then it started come down and this is when you see those
people come out and be like oh and cash so exciti hold you as a pump and dump
and then it turns back up and it’s continuous moving its move upwards so I
don’t know what to tell you guys but always be cautious there’s always going
to be people out there who you know consider this to be oh I’m right even
though you’re up significantly from two cents if you’re still making great
profit but no they are correct because at some point and cash did have a red
day but anyways besides that rambling let’s take a look at the technical
analysis and see where we are you guys can see I updated it a little bit I had
a lot more lines making a lot more complicated for all of us to look at but
either way bitcoins still trading in this tunnel right here and this is the
resistance and this was the support for the tunnel we’re actually still trading
what I don’t want to see though I don’t want to see us go all the way back down
to here because that wouldn’t be fun for anyone that’s what mm $3,000 Bitcoin I
don’t see that happening there’s too much support holding us up from that
those support lines would be well here’s the resistance at 12,000 you guys know
this is another tunnel we’ve been trading in for a while not counting the
breakout and the correction we’re still continuously trading in there but if
you’re looking just at the support and resistance lines these are all support
lines that I see for a Bitcoin so if we break down below the 8,800 which we did
we’re going to these 7800 which we did bounce off here and now we are you know
trading over here at eight thousand three hundred dollars and if we break
below this we can see a decrease to the six thousand and fifty six thousand mark
so because that would be another set another big sum another key support for
Bitcoin now if you guys were to check out the moving averages you can see the
you know we are waiting for Bitcoin to go back above those so the few things we
have to watch out for is breaking above the moving averages and breaking out of
this channel and this tunnel we have built right here I don’t see Bitcoin
falling too much further than this this would be a very big support if it does
fall below this we could probably see it you know go down to test this channel
bottom right here but that’s very very unlikely at the position bitcoins out
right now so very very unlikely now we breaking out of this channel we’ve seen
right here haven’t done it quite yet we are we have
the count stick right here but it’s all about how the day today ends and how the
day tomorrow begins so if we end the day here somewhere below here and that would
be breaking out of the channel but if we end the date you know in here we recover
we’re still back in something similar to what we saw here we broke down here
start the day here but we ended the day up here in the green and it continued
inside so that’s something to look out for nothing big
yet it’s kind of still a waiting game to see what happens hopefully we see some
fairly good moves out of Bitcoin I think it’s about time hopefully all the fun
dies down a lot of people you know put there and screw the heads on straight
and they’re just like you know this technology is here to stay and it’s not
time to be running away from absolutely anything so guys hopefully you guys
enjoyed this video if you guys did leave a thumbs up let me know what you guys
think down below of everything that’s going on don’t forget that I did
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