13 thoughts on “Crypto Trading Risk Management”

  1. ..i'm trying to get my head around risk management..the formula I here most often is " don't risk more then 2% of your portfolio on any given trade and don't risk losing more than 2 % of that ..So I take that to mean… if you have 10K you dont trade any more than 200 with a 2% stop loss or you can trade 400 with 1% stop or 800 with a 0.5% stop or even 100 with a 4% stop all trades would still only risk 2% of the original stake…correct? ..if you don't have time to answer no worries I just know you'll have the correct answer that's why I'm asking

  2. Let me get this right. If you're trading with your full capital and your stop loss is set at where you'd lose 10% of your money, would that be regarded as risking all your money or just 10%?

  3. Hey, love your videos keep crushing it! Do you have any experience with tradingview indicators repainting ? Has the Pivot Reversal strategy repainted on you ?

  4. Hello friend, if you have a parabolic SAR strategy you should consider making a video on it one of these days.

  5. Thank you for this. I was wondering why you didn't go into detail on how to calculate the Kelly Criterion manually and then I discovered all those formulas on Wikipedia ?

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