14 thoughts on “Crypto Trading Pro”

  1. Crypto Trading Pro is a damn loser. During the Regalcoin ICO whenever myself or others tried to explain the situation regarding not being able to withdraw our BTC out at the time (but not bashing the coin in any way, mind you), he would delete them within a few minutes. God knows why, but that's his way of suppressing useful info I guess.

    Loving RICHTV though…

  2. Hi mates how are you
    ​⭐ look at Signatum(SIGT) ??

    New #cryptocoin with a new algorithm! No ICO, no premine,

    ​IS This a secret coin bro

  3. Rich…you gonna be famous some day with your ideas and positive attitude, sign me up!
    I hodled silver for 5 years lost 50% and sold it for crypto…CHC and made my money back in 4 days…the cryptos are unreal.

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