Crypto Trading Challenge ? New Tesla Model 3 ?BTC USD Price 6890 | LIVE Bitcoin News Today 2018

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JULY 2018

BK Crypto Trader | The Boss Method | Chart Like A Boss


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BK this microphone with my voice is another
day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so amen to but to
do it let’s go ahead and make this money what we’ll be looking at today is dollar
cost averaging how to win you a free Tesla from the market and then we will
be giving away some free BTC so jump in that Facebook group share that post if
you haven’t done so already right so first of all what is dollar cost
averaging dollar cost averaging is simply taking a unit of time duration
say like a week a month or a year and taking a set amount of money and putting
it in the market right this way you don’t have to worry about always Bitcoin
6,000 is 8,000 is 10,000 is a 20 that’s irrelevant because what you’re
doing is you’re taking a set amount of money and every paycheck every week
every month whatever it is whatever time you pick you take that amount and put it
in the market right most people would be happy with that they’ll just let Bitcoin
accumulate dollars over time and they’ll win more dollars I don’t value dollars I
value Bitcoin so what I’m gonna do is I’m a dollar cost average let’s say hmmm
trying to think let’s just say a thousand dollars a month right I’ll do a
thousand dollars a month right because of Tesla is about sixty thousand dollars
that should take me five years dollar cost averaging but it won’t because
every month I’m gonna be trading and every month I’m gonna be growing and
well before 60 months the boy gonna be pushing one of them candy Reds you know
I’m Sam model three and so that’s the plan that’s how you dollar cost average
N and one of the big benefits the dollar cost average and is it takes the pain
out of not knowing what the price of Bitcoin will be I don’t care if Bitcoin
is $6,000 I don’t care if it’s you know eighty thousand dollars I will invest
$1,000 additional into the market every month and then every week I’ll make a
trade right so you’ll see how that thousand
dollars changes from week to week you know and then month – I got two thousand
yeah you know I’m Zanna and I’m trade and net and over time we’re literally
gonna have a portfolio for us working in the market and it’s all working for one
goal to get us that new Tesla free and clear on the market right all profit
right and so that’s what we will be doing
and so I’ll set up you know a whole new spreadsheet and you know I’ll have a
free download for you guys on the website that way you can follow along
with me on this journey but essentially dollar cost averaging is
averaging out the cost whatever it is over time that way you don’t have to
worry about the uncertainty of the price at any given time right
I don’t care okay I don’t care bitcoins 15,000 output in a thousand every month
even if it’s a hundred fifty thousand output in a thousand every month you
know that way I’m still working towards my goal right and today’s day one of
this challenge and the coin that I will be purchasing one thousand dollars worth
today will be a theorem ETH to the BTC if you know anything about the boss
method you know that when that white goes above that blue you know exactly
what to do put down to pick up six and let’s get paid that’s exactly what I
anticipate will happen with aetherium this thing is up about six percent
already and I don’t think it’ll be stopping anytime soon I think the alt
market will be very strong moving into the next couple months and I think
aetherium will be leading the way on that journey and so this is the first
trait that I’ll make again I’ll put together a spreadsheet let’s go ahead
and get our strike price to see you know just for statistical calculations you
know what price we’re buying it today back in the day I was doing like a
trading challenge but I figured this will kind of be cooler right 58 47
that’s that’s about the price will be buying it at well there it goes right
there 58 48 right right there on the left hand
side and so essentially what we’ll do is we’ll buy $1000 or of aetherium at that
price and again over time as it goes up then our value will go up right and
you’ll see it’ll literally be just that easy to get paid and I’m probably gonna
get this Tesla for about 20 grand brand-new right make about I’m gonna put
20 in turn 20 in the 70 cash out 50 and get me a free Tesla put that 20 back in
the market and have it make some more money start all over again right and
it’s literally that simple I didn’t want this to be a big long drawn-out video
I think aetherium is very very very strong right now in so much that I just
put it in this week’s profit package so if you go over to bolts of Bitcoin comm
click on products and scroll down to the profit package you’ll see it’s $100 a
month I just gave you one of the top coins in the market but free if you want
all other six coins you gonna have to pay for it I don’t do this often but I
figure I get y’all a freebie every now and then
if you appreciate that give me a thumbs up one time I appreciate you and if you
try to get paid you know if you’re trying to support the community you
trying to pay it forward come on over to boss of Bitcoin comm we have the crip
topless report to profit package and then the boss alert messages this is 250
you know for the for the Sharks and the tank swimming around taking a bite out
of some whales that’s what we do seven days a week and it’s literally just that
easy to get paid every day every other day I’m coming in this group give an
update about the market and letting them know what them what the movers shakers
and the money makers are in the crypto market right and again if you just
getting set up you can go over to media click on videos and bam you’ve got a
whole custom-made playlist how to chart like a boss just watch the first couple
videos in that playlist and you will be well on your way to getting you a free
Tesla of young right I’m all about empowering people I’m all about
giving back and I’m all about riding clean on red candy Bank
yeah I’m saying so if you appreciate that again give me a thumbs up you know
we got 25,000 people trying to get this message out to everybody let them know
they can me and I’ll be driving around row for free
you know I’m saying compliments out of CJ because they can’t win no money in
the market we take it from them it’s literally just that easy
I’ve you in a chat right now do me a favor shout you country i’ll show you
people some love let let everybody get in world note what part of the world you
come in from i’ma bring you all up here in just a second let’s do this and then after that before that rather
let’s go back over here let’s pick a winner from our giveaway we got eight
shares shout out everybody share this post
today is August 6 8 minus 6 is 2 let’s go to up from the bottom we got right a
very pin we got the credit Club I am never seen you before welcome you
know I’m saying I say the doors are always open do me a favor shoot me a
message with your BTC while I send you a couple bucks Bitcoin as a token of my
appreciation you know I’m saying every day I give away a couple hundred dollars
out of my pocket to the people cuz they say today no fun if the homeboy don’t
get none you know I’m saying this homeboy bout driving a free Tesla from
the market right we got dollar cost average this thing $1,000 a month for
trades a month if we need it you know maybe a trade every week them and if I’m
hitting it stronger doesn’t might let it right this etherium you know we middle
the next week we should be pretty good on this I might just let it ride you
know but if I need to move the money I will and that’s what we go do you know
so here we don’t here we go let’s jump back over here let’s get this up young
and then we got this one nope wrong one mother there we go whoo look at that worked out
almost like we planned all right so let’s check it out Cory was going on
much love from la big Shawn boss walking on the west coast
old man crypto holding down for the 702 would it do Romania in the big building
bago Westchester NY Brazil big Rodney holding it down for the motherland
crypto newb AZ you know in Arizona appreciated Johnny West and Switzerland
what’s going on let’s get one more you know tudo bem let’s see who else we
got anything up here nope yeah and then everybody else since you’re watching
this far thank you for watching I appreciate it give me a thumbs up and
then leave me a comment let me know what chart you want to see me do a video on
right hopefully I’ll be able to include that tomorrow every day I check the
comments and then I’ll just start screen shot and somebody and everyday I’ll pick
a new chart to feature in the next video so there you go with that being said is
that time of the date signing out this stuff boats you’ll boy BK no matter
where you stay brazil debate and Califonia a all the way back out to jerk
money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you
for your time do me a favor copy and paste this URL text somebody you care
about tell them that there’s boy right yeah showing you how to win you a free
test all you need to do is follow the money and I’m gonna show you how to get there
do that for me we appreciate mine till we meet again
stay cryptic y’all ease

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