Crypto Trading Bot (Bitpoly) Week 2 Report – 18.6% – 30% Per Trade?! Even With the Market Down!

hey how's it going everyone Aaron here and finally I'm able to get this video up I've been asked by like hundreds of people in just a last few days you know am I doing a weekly report again this week and of course I said I would I've just been really wrapped up with a lot of other things going on you have to understand that the you know the crypto agent bot is just really for me a passive income stream it wasn't supposed to be like my main at you know it wasn't supposed to take up so much attention and all this stuff but I'm really happy to get this to you and show you some of the trades that we've made in since the last update video and like I said I'm going to try to keep doing this every week like I said some days it might be on Friday some days it might be on Saturday and maybe possibly even upload on Sunday some days if I get behind like I am right now the reason I'm behind is I'm trying to get my marketing business back as the main priority here and you know start generating money from that side and keep investing into this crypto space and growing it that's kind of my strategy generate all that money with my internet business and then you know transfer it over to this market and grow it okay okay so enough of all that I know there are a lot of you out there that we're really waiting on me to do this up the video so let's get into it so what I've decided to do is I think so these are all my clothes traits right the green ones here I'm not an Excel person I'm just kind of just punching everything in here manually one by one by one by one if you can point me into like an excel tutorial or something that'd be great but I suck at this thing and this is super tedious and like I said I don't I'm not a person to keep track of numbers I don't really care about numbers like like at least a little my new ones like this I you know as long as my my portfolio is growing you know 2 X 3 X like it has been that's all I care about but let's get into this okay so what I've decided to do is break down the closed trades and green the open trades that are still going on in orange and the ones that I did not take part in are in gray down here as you can see this so I've missed a few or just decide not to join up you there's still quite a few open and then these are all the closed ones now what I've also decided to include finally is a column over here the missed percentage column okay so the this was actually recommended by one of our users one of my the people that I brought in on my original video he's a member and he said I should also let people know about the press centage is that I don't actually get but other people do okay so my percentage is my results with the caveat are not you know you can't take my results here like what you're seeing here and think that this is like what you're gonna get with the bot everybody's results are different based on when you enter the trade when you leave the trade how late you got in on it how early you got in on it you know everybody strategies different I am not representative of everybody using the button you were definitely gonna see that this week okay I'm was very conservative and I really missed out on a huge amount of profits just because of what I was doing and not paying enough attention to a lot of different things I'm gonna go over that okay so these are also not even in order of fun when the trades came in as you can see some of them are on they're all out of order but I don't really think anybody cares about what days they came in and what these they closed they just want to see the percentages right so MCO was the first one that I remember getting actually think xcp was the first one so exci peak I closed out at twenty four point nine eight percent this was over the period of about four days as you can see here and I missed out on fifteen percent they actually told us so the original target was thirty percent on this trade and then they told us just to take half profit at that point and then stay in – all the way up to forty percent so I cashed out a little early I've always get out of trades early guys you have to understand like when they tell me to take thirty percent and you're supposed to you know input thirty percent into the robot I will put like twenty percent sometimes even fifteen percent just to make sure that I get my guaranteed profits and I'm out but I'm starting to see with cab that they're so accurate on their calls that it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense for me to dip out as early as I have been because every time that they have a target percent they hit the exact percent that they are targeting so I really at this point I'm in there long enough to know that I can actually trust their calls with like almost a hundred percent accuracy you know lesson learn the hard way as you're gonna see here so the MCO call I made eight percent on I missed out on twelve percent the gno that's gnosis I believe so right here again another ten percent IRR this was a 20 percent return that they just called Zen here's another one right so Zen I got pretty close on to what they were calling for okay so Zen I made twenty five point nine five percent and I only missed out on four percent of that so pretty close to to the wire there a theory on classic twenty four percent again pretty close that was a thirty percent call monetary unit this was a ten almost 11 percent I only missed out on about five percent of that arc over here sixteen and a half percent quantum resistance ledger this is the one I don't know how I screwed this up I'm gonna have to go back and look at this because you know I actually brought this up just to show you because I'm not even pulling your chain here about this like I missed out on so much on this call right here they gave us the sell signal of profit now at forty seven percent that was almost a fifty percent return on that and for whatever reason I must have screwed it up when I entered it into my crypto BOTS and I cashed out so early that I only got fifteen point six six percent on that I miss out on a whopping thirty two percent on that quantum resistance ledger I might have I know I usually undercut myself when it comes to putting in the percentages like if they would have I know the original target was not forty seven percent on quantum resistance I think it was something like thirty and I probably put it like at twenty but I still you know only got around sixteen percent on that so I miss out on a huge boatload of profits there same thing just happened to me with cysts coin but I did pretty good on sis coin they told us when when we put this in that this was going to be a ten day holding period and it was actually pretty close to that let's see we both actually know it was only six days that I was in so they they called this on Saturday the sixth and we closed this will actually it's still going if you want to keep holding it you'd be off quite a bit right now and I again I had a cell signal in on my BA and it closed out last night on me and a six for almost 65 over here as you can see right here and right now this coin went all the way up to I think seven you know seven oh so I could have easily gotten like a thirty five percent return on this even if I would have just way in a few hours and they're projecting it to go up to 50 percent in which we were told that over the course of ten days and they're pretty damn close on that right now again got 30% on that so not really complaining but as you can see like just the total missed percentages if I would have just stayed in a lot of these signals like they told us to or played them a little bit closer to what they told us to a lot of them there are some of them where I just entered late I know gnosis is one of those and I know monetary unit were one of those it wasn't that I exited early it was that I got in too late so those are a few where I just entered too late not got out early but a lot of these are combination of both you know getting in a little late and leaving a little early but at the end of the day as you can see here even in a week like this week where the market you know it was a really slow week and I mean if you're a trader and you're doing trading elsewhere you know this I'm in six different signal groups and you know pretty much everybody put the brakes on this week when the market kind of had that massive pullback a hundred billion dollars left the market in one day if people thought it was the end of the world so you know at that point we were told to just hold sit tight there was got not gonna be signals until the market found support again and is short enough as soon as it did about you know 36 48 hours later the signal started coming back okay so within the last 24 hours we just got another flood of signals coming in so that's gonna show up right down here you know like coin signal okay coin code okay I guess seiyya coin was today so these were all today so I might jump in on those we'll see I missed the golem okay so golem was a signal back on the 7th of last week I totally missed that signal I just I just didn't even see it I must have been sleeping or something so I didn't get in on golem I missed out on spread and I missed out on waves I remember consciously not jumping in on waves I think I was just open on too many trades I wasn't trying to spread myself so like because I like I said I'm in a bunch of different signal groups but you know the waves one I didn't get in on spread I didn't get in on today there was a psycho in trade and like I said so there's a bunch of them that I'm not even actively participating in and these are the ones that I am actively participating in and these were the original calls from from cab okay so that's NXT amp ADX per coin and these are all still on going at the moment they're just not closed yet okay so this is kind of the weekly summary or it's a little bit over a week right so what are we at like 12 days this is a 12 day or 11 day period that you're looking at so it's between the 1st and the 12th here so a little bit about a week and a half here so hey guys I'm you know while editing this video I just realized that you know I'm so tired I've been doing so many videos I think I just recorded four videos in the last 24 hours and I'm talking to so many people like hundreds of people in my inbox at a time that I'm just so over I'm completely overwhelmed and I'm just like glossing over things very quickly this is not from the first – this wolf as you can obviously see right in the actual spreadsheet this was from the fourth of January to the 12th so it was actually a nine-day period not a 12-day period like I'm saying in the rest of this video that you'll continue watching after this so the only thing that really changes on that is just how much profit percentage per day that I was averaging because the trades are still the same right so I still have urged 18.6% per trade it's just when you average out over nine days instead of twelve that it comes out to I averaged 2% or 2.06 percent per day on these trades and the only other thing that changes is cabs calls had I have followed them through exactly to the T like they call them I would have average three point four percent per day okay so that's all that's going to change I just want to clarify that real quick and throw this in there just so anybody that catches this you know it's not a 12-day period it's a nine-day period because as you can see the first day was the fourth of January and the last day that we closed here is the twelfth okay I did my averages here so you know came out to 18 point six percent average per trade on my trees right if we were looking at the cabs trades and you were playing them exactly how cab told you you would have actually have averaged 30.6% per trade if you were playing exactly you're never gonna play them exactly how cab calls them unless you're like unless you're in a time zone where where you know you're you're there as soon as they call them and sometimes it's all over the place typically it's really early Eastern Standard in the mornings like around six to seven a.m. that seems to be when the bulk of them come in but this only averaged out to me you know over the course of the 11 days that you're looking at at to a 1-point um you know 1.7 percent you know compounding percentage gain per day right so much lower than my initial traits but again a lot of this falls on me as the individual you know just not getting into the trades early enough or leaving the trades too early again so if I would have played them exactly how cat called him I would have averaged 30.6% per trade and I would have averaged 2 points so almost an entire percent more per day you know on my initial capital so that is the weekly report right now okay so this is like I said this is going to be kind of the format that I'm going to be following now you know greens are my closed oranges or my opens and and Gray's or my in actives right whether I'm just not participating in them or I haven't gotten yet okay like these three right here I just haven't gotten one yet and this is gonna be the missed percentages I'm gonna actually try to get these two exact percentages I did the I just rounded up or down based on what the cab original call was here but I'm gonna have this much more you know accurate like pinpoint accurate next week where I know exactly how much percent like to the T like as you see right here like the the decimal points so I know exactly and then what I also might do is add in another column for when cab originally calls the buy price so what CAD told us to buy in what I actually bought in it what cab told us to sell at and what I sold at but again I don't even know how to add in those columns to this I just really I'm using you know the format of somebody else's spreadsheet from our group I'm not an Excel book person so if you know how to do that you know you can help me out over here but it would be great to have you know a column here where it says you know the original call price from the cab signal and the original sell price so that I can be much more accurate for you and show you what cabs calls really are and what I'm doing with them okay because like I said I you really can't just take my results here say that that is reflective of what everybody's results in cab are right now because it's just not the case some people probably doubled the amount of returns that I did this week and we haven't even taken in consideration of the fact that there are signals that I do even participate in such as Gollum such as waves such as spread you know these three we're not gonna count because these were today right but these ones over here you know there's a three that I miss and I'm not even sure if those are all the ones I missed those are just the ones that I found scrolling through just recently so yes this is what my results have been for my second week and a half in cab okay and then finally what I'm going to end this video with I'm totally didn't forget here I'd said last week on my you know weekly video that you know I was going to pick a you know somebody from the comments section if of course if you left your address for a hundred dollar giveaway in Bitcoin or litecoin so that's what I'm gonna do right now so what I'm gonna come over here I'm just gonna plug this in let's see if we get this and boom let's see start ok so the winners appears to have not actually put in their litecoin or Bitcoin address so what I'm gonna have to do is just kind of redo this whole thing all over again you know I told you guys if you left your Bitcoin or like current address you would we know hundred free dollars so we're gonna have to spin this again there we go Andre Anderson you are the winner okay Bitcoin okay so I haven't actually decided where I'll be sending this from I want to do this in the least amount of fees as possible so that means I'll send this from blockchain okay real quick I'm gonna real quick I'm gonna pause this and I'll be right back after I've logged into blockchain okay here we are and I am just gonna send this over to Andre always good to make sure that you are you know sending the right amount so we're gonna be sending oh not a hundred Bitcoin that would have been funny okay so $100 USD let's do this I am going to try to minimize the fees here so using my own little strategy for saving on fees and here you go Andre there you go so we are gonna send that boom there you go Andre congratulations alright so that is that um be on the lookout for my next weekly report also if you have any comments questions or suggestions for my next video as far as cryptocurrency goes remember that this is a an affiliate marketing in marketing channel first and foremost but obviously now the crypto stuff is going to be at least 50% of my focus so if you have any kind of suggestions for my next video definitely comment down below and post those and let me know what you want to see as far as crypto on this channel ok thank you so much and be on the lookout for my next weekly report

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    Here's how it works. The people behind this take your subscription fees and use them to buy a coin at a low price first. Then after they purchase as much as they can with your fees, they send out a message to buy the coin they just bought pumping up the price. They then tell you at what % you should sell but they are selling at a slightly lower % than what they just told you to ensure they dump first so they get their profits before you. They don't have inside knowledge about a certain coin, let alone 100's of different ones like this vid suggest. Any knowledge that they may have about a particular coin is general and speculative at best and can be researched yourself. Rinse and repeat.
    Imagine there's 100 people paying the $250/month fee for this info. The people behind this, who conveniently remain anonymous if they choose, have $25k of your money to buy with. If you're one of the lucky few, of that 100, that gets in early when this buying starts after they send out the message then sell at the right time, your % increase on your investment will be higher than the late comers. That's why they say 90% chance of increasing your profits because the last 10% are the ones who didn't get their buy and sell orders in fast enough to make a significant enough gain to cover the subscription fees. Why do you think they offer referral bonuses on most of these subscriptions? Because the more people that pay this outrageously high subscription fee up front gives them more capital to do what I just explained and they're willing to give the person getting referrals a very small portion of what they just made. The people behind this don't lose anything on any trades because you pay them in advance and rinse and repeat.
    So why not get 250 people together, for example, in your own personal social network and everyone pay $1. You can create a joint account, or whatever is easiest, that everyone in that group can access to deposit their $1. You can create a private channel on discord or whatever media works best for your group. Then someone gets the subscription and starts getting the info offered through the subscription and sends it to everyone within that group as soon as its announced. If the so called "bot" tells you to sell at lets say 15% then you relay to everyone to sell at 13% to ensure everyone in the group gets a return on investment. Everyone will get returns because remember you only paid $1 for the info for an entire month. If somehow something goes wrong, again you've only paid $1 instead of $250. Also, each person in the group isn't pressured to use more of their own money on trading to try and recoup the $250 subscription fee. Even if you only did this with 25, 50, 100 or 1000 people you're still sharing in the cost of the subscription and still benefitting while maintaining control of your own crypto.
    In the end you can make money either way if your lucky enough but the latter that I explained has a better potential for you to make more on your investment because you can then use what you would've used on the subscription for trading with very little invested into getting the info.


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