Crypto Trading and Investing in Crypto Chapters Kou Lee FX Book

all right we are in the crypto scalping and swinging chapter crimped crypto currency trading with J a FX as you guys know I had no longer I am no longer using KJ FX so he's going to play it out there for you guys they are getting sued by CFTC I made that YouTube video on their last week and even though even though this is a good portion of the of the book you know crypto is new it's a very volatile market and you know you can make a lot of money trading crypto crypto pays more than currency but the problem is right now they're just face you know they're facing live regulation in policy procedures and so I won't be diving in too much in crypto trading for this chapter because of what's been going on with crypto investing like I said an invest in crypto is a lot better and it makes you want to get into mining you can't and so those are just my thoughts eventually crypto will be accepted as an actual regulated coin but when you have to remember when things are regulated we don't own we will not have full control that the banks will and when it's regulated then you have to be prepared for manipulation so that's something else to look into I want to dive into scalping because a lot of people were asking about scalping based on the book out almost a 15-minute chart by far the 15-minute chart is the most accurate chart to scalp for crypto any crypto especially Bitcoin even ripple – ethereal no let's see what else litecoin Neal Z cash I mean I keep going but II the most important precise like I said most is the most important precise time frame and why I like trading scalping bitcoins because the quintet does have the high spreads but but since it's a very hot the highest spreads pair the highest spread pair and also that it is the is the number one major coin and it's the highest coin market cap I mean you can catch more money trading Bitcoin itself than any other coin almost like ripple is actually like the ripple is the most volatile one the ripple sometimes is consolidated you know right now you were moving it right now ripple is well we got 33 cents that's interesting so right now until I had 83 cents and and it's still coming and crypto is still Pony still dropping I mean not a whole lot is going on and I guess it and you can see you know from from last year until no crystal it hasn't really done anything and the best time to buy was last year no that's the best time I saw it was duplicated this year and still it's still selling we've just seen just a major impunity correction but to me we're gonna drop it down at heart as much as they can and that's why I said you're gonna buy a crypto wait for it another pulled out like probably like wait until like you know right before my opinion way too late December or like November and then see where things are gonna go from there but that's what I'm gonna be doing and so good thing to keep an eye on like I said with the 15-minute chart BitFenix server they are tied with BitFenix and you know when you use the 15-minute chart from here I want to outline this resistance right here at 9500 and then shot down it broke this line of support and then basically the tails are below the 20-day moving average which is your middle back on the Bollinger Bands I don't care if it's oversold yeah I'm not looking at I'm falling account stick structure he had to remember following account SEC structure is more important in the trend following the trend and the candlestick structure is more important than following the stochastic I can't stress that enough yes he will get confused on following the stochastic a lot so classic is pretty accurate with crypto but at the end a nothing beats price action so that's that's my honest opinion if I were to delete this all these indicators off let me see it go to the next chart I'm gonna dive into the next trap I don't want to get too confusing here but even here on the floor are you can see how strong is downtrend instead of looking at look looking at your longer bands and your pair box are and looking at your and looking at yours stochastic you can clearly see these candidate gives bellowing you can see the resistance here again is starting to go back down lower so you can you you just want to follow the trend going down versus just buying it you can scalp but if you wanted to we just followed I mean you can see that he would look at this forecasting and you see door bought it's gonna come back down with you did and Ito fault though I would not see just following this very box are there's a fight by Tommy came down or it did a major spike on bail and so he looked back at your previous price our time frame what time was this February he went back at February of this year you can see that it went down the trigger and like I said these charts are from 2018 so I want to make sure it's more precise more clear more effective and looking at what happened this year so you get a clearer view from what happened last year and up until this year and what to expect for the next year and then 2020 so it's very important to see where things are being projected and headed I rewrote what all this right here right cannot break above 90 300 here if you can see the indication of whoops here three wigs this is the bear cam going down and it's gonna push pretty hard going down which it did and it came and broke 8400 so go back and look at the last year of this this year February's chart you'll see while talking about this is also Bitcoin on the monthly and the hot dog you can see the wick wick we can see the resistance here at 14,000 on the monthly chart and then this one came going you can see the SAR that started here and if you were to look this at last I mean like at the beginning this year it's pretty crazy and if you were following the star I mean it's still going down you can see all the dots I think there's so many dots there should be eight yeah eight dots right now and it's still involved letting you know what's doing home continue the continuation of going down and all criticals are still down training as we speak so that's why that's all I'm giving waiting just for one more pull down one more solid breakout going down and then I'll be looking to just going on coinbase and buying some more that's a I won't be wasting my time trying to trade it because I do I do want to get back into trading with this book right now Jay FX is taking a big hit on on CFTC and there is no other cripple Forex broker that's offering a 1 to 500 leverage to trade crypto and so that's why I'm not really wasting my time looking at other brokers right now I'm just giddy as my eyes on this and in endl is kind of outside the book now this other Charter is ripple on the daily and I drew a trendline and you can see instead of looking every single indicator on this with a boned herb and I had the volume and I had and I had a pair of oxide now with this it never came to break above the trend line would always hear that use trend lines and so sometimes I would just draw a trend line to see how strong this trend trend is and see if it will if enemies count are above the trend line which they're not so the below the trend line but most importantly you can see based on daily that resistance is here for rip what $2.80 and the highest price was set at 3 hours and 37 ok and then we see an ER line of resistance here at $2 or 2 dollars and 10 cents and then another one here just like a little bit below $1 $2 60 cents and you can see that these camels are just below the 20-day your middle band which is your Bollinger Bands so pretty important to see how strong this structure is going down and this is on the daily chart and you have to understand by by following the stochastic like here people would buy it because yes this tyrant is trying to come back up but if we were to look at ripple from you know from February and up until now it never came back to its previous highs never did and so that's a huge mistake especially for those that were following the stochastic like I got I got caught up on following a stochastic Fortran crypto anyway completely took off the stochastic and just followed the count stick patterns and the trend structure of the account sticks there's much more precise and and if you just put the your moving average on at the cam stick structure is below the movie marriage it's a strong downtrend and and then if it's above its evolved aboot yeah if it's above the moving average then you're buying it and you're staying for the uptrend so it's just another I mean I'm just repeating the same thing and let's see here ripple on the for our this chart was back in February and you can see that it never came back to previous highs and you can see that this level of support was broken on this one anyways and you can see that was over the bar and I outlined this and it's going to shift down which it did and shot even lower going down but went down to like 65 cents or 64 cents so you can go back and look at the February 2018 chart and look at this and he can give us see a clearer view on how strong the cell was number triple never came back to adult ripple is not even a dog reporter I know I just looked at it before I know so that 33 cents so you have to you know you have to really know yet to really really look at it where things are going I know and it's on a strong downtrend not gonna waste my time now this was my built my big quit stalking method and I had a bunch indicators now do I recommend using all these indicators know what anchors what I'd be using right now I wouldn't and I'm not even wasting my time trading crypto with any Forex broker and so not until I said maybe I'm still elke the effects not until I told lqd SS actually gets their server updates and they're going to update the infrastructure this weekend what you needed they probably doing it tomorrow on temp so it tells autist tomorrow Friday to do it so we'll see where they go over there like I said this is what I was doing and my primary care for it main window with the Bollinger Band and my second indicator was the pair of box are but sometimes a pair of box are thing a very very tricky expression a fifteen-minute especially when it's really really hot aisle and it breaks the dots back and forth so you're kind of stuck in between where even fall so that's something to pay attention to and then the stochastic was my primary care in the bottle all on our side so it's it's pretty important to not just rely on you know rely on on one indicator especially for crypto because money carrier can tell you it's a cell we can do only tracked Elliot's it's bought and it's very important to understand where the candlesticks are going and this would be the most important thing is moving that rich and you follow count stick patterns we load the em a downtrend above the MA you would buy that's the most easiest way I can say so no I feel like I'm repeating myself and wouldn't be repeating myself the only on page 46 years old most important thing is follow the trend is very important when looking at the one hour and four in the daily chart I would not fall ideally trying to be slinging Bitcoin if you if you look at Bitcoin and daily chart most of the time prices for crypto lay especially like this whole summer they've just been consolidating like Vic was just been ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 and then back to 7,000 and back to 6,000 but now it's it's no it's it's about to come down to 5,900 right now coming down $6 right now so we could see a new low price which which well may not and that is a second opportunity to invest in curriculum so you don't want be the ones that bought crypto 20,000 that's that's probably dumbest mistake anyone with anyone they got into your investment crib bill so don't get it do not get in because of the height and I'll talk about crypto let's hop into I know she's still opponent scalping charts in one minute like I said these are previous charts from with Bitcoin exact bitcoins 14k and it started down trading after hip 19k you can see the strong dial trend here you can see that never broke previous highs and you can see the crossover here with the 10 and the 20 which is my tense SMA which is a simple 10 10 days simple moving average along with the 20-day moving average on the middle band on the Bollinger Bands and you can see how strong is shooting this price down 3 are you can see the first crossover and the second crossover the second crossover is more a lot stronger than the first crossover you can see how strong this angle is versus this one so that's why when you have watch indicators and you're looking at you know frack those pair box are moving average and then you got a boned your Barre that's four indicators if it's too confusing so confusing that you don't even know what to do that's why you gotta follow the trend just follow the trend and so the crossover is already there and you can just clearly see that you know these candlesticks are not even coming back to break above the 10th day that's already a given of giving confirmation right there and if you sold Bitcoin at the very top and up until now for from January and up until this August making money that's it you're making a lot of money I know you're making a lot of money and so that's easiest way I said please we're looking at like I said by looking at the bottom and he cares it gets too confusing look how confusing this is it's oversold they're all oversold so it's hard to say oh I'm gonna buy because it's oversold on every single bottom indicator its oversold on our side you can see RSI hang 30 you can see stochastic under 30 you can see the momentum almost at zero and MACD is it is it starting to curve it started it scurried back down to go down a zero so it's kind of tricky right it gets tricky and and people will get caught up on saying you know I'm gonna fall MACD I'm gonna fall our side my follows stochastic I'm gonna fall momentum you can follow it for a short period of time if you're scalping if you choose to here if you choose to follow all your bottom indicators because they're all oversold and you don't follow the trend an account stick structure and that crossover on the on the on the 10 day and a 20 day they'll miss out and you could have swung this position for the next six months because this was in December crazy huh this yes before it hit 19 K before like me and they hit like 19k I know it's before Christmas and I just completely he started vomiting down after Christmas crazy and so Bitcoin here on their genetic chart I'm just showing you guys you know the same price structure but on a smaller time frame you can see that going down and it broke the stars' okayed the first out up here that's what I circled I I mean looking at the exhibit by looking at all this is just too confusing but if I were to cop back and put all the eight indicators right now I would be so confused I didn't know what to follow anymore and so that's why I said naked Forex is the way to go once you get good at eliminating step like once you start illuminating 181 indicator at a time then just focus on your main window and having to move in average and just stick to the movie network and that's it like yeah you can see this is on the 1-hour going down right the dots of fall are still in the kingdom that's gonna go keep going down and you can see the double top here double top resistance and this is a previous high I never came back up here so we know that's gonna be getting lower now the two moving areas having made you know it looks like the 10-day wants across going up right but it's not going to your fractal here is already indicate a pretty high price of where it's where the pivot point of going back down so that's easiest way I can say it for you guys for our going down and their updated chart same yeah back in December here and you know that's eight indicators it gets so confusing we got eight indicators on I know it gets confusing and and I don't want to get too much into crypto here because I was pattern trading nope I'm gonna chop into since I'm talking more crypto we're gonna talk about I know I'm skipping chapters here bear with me I'm gonna talk about my chapter uh interesting and it's important even when you make a lot of money and you want to like get us okay nope no that not get in there oh and that's the Bitcoin I see expert teacher and this is this is a you know another important topic to talk about because you know i ce o–'s were really really huge as soon as you know big corner area and litecoin started skyrocketing last year in the summer so I see was a really really eating you know initial point offerings remember you have to remember that Krypto was a nice eel the problem with ICO is that most of them are just fraud fraudulent and most emerges high risk high risk investing and you don't know who's actually making me mining these I seal or if they or if they even story they're not even mining at all and so I see always will still come back not right now but once everything is done and like I said the regulation process the decentralized systems on central banks get into this once a month like I said once everything is like completely done with the regulation process I mean they're gonna shoot Kryptos back up higher this is the year to self-weight and I'm telling you it'll wait till November and December keep a close eye during those two months remember the last charts I show you was was at the very last days of the year like December 27th and December 29th December 30th so December 27 you know those charts I show you when Bitcoin was at 14k and I was that was after Christmas so after Christmas is the best time take a look at anyway if you want to invest in crypto don't wait till tax season even a different spike it up for tax season and so you don't just want to be the one like oh I'm gonna wait till tax he's not my wait till tax season you know ain't know who would have money by tax season think about that you know I want to get you in that mindset think about that why would you want to invest when people have a lot of money you know in the same season as you know you want to make a lot of money off the people turn tech season okay we spend there you know I'm just I just want to get you on a perspective on business side and those that are taking people's money okay I'm not trying to say you know like being Robin Hood or something like this is very important on the under investment side and on the banking side you know and it's a business yeah the gap you gotta be very you know you gotta be very accurate and precise and give it on investing and so given into Bitcoin you know and get into mining making your own I cos I mean it's gonna come back and the prices are going to skyrocket again and that's it that's what I see for next year not right now but enough for next year and so it's very important and so you know if you read this chapter I mean I mean I put some more stuff no we're here can Bitcoin are Kryptos I put this I this is a new new paragraph typed it all in here and you know my opinion yes I know I I proceed in a future for all crypto eventually they'll be accepted as a payment system don't be don't be in all the processing of payment systems and they'll be accepted and what's the central things get into it you guys you gotta expect manipulation you have to and that's something that you can't control that they're good and have full control you have to expect to get tax on it as well IRS wants their money it's very looking into all the exchanges here in u.s. already getting tax or crypto so I mean you can't do nothing about it I mean you just gotta pay your taxes because they don't want their money and you know you know even I remember this you don't see the big dogs in the businesses and investing world with trotty or try manipulate price and value or country and and the world as as always you know and so when you like said when you listen to like top people like top professional people and those that but you know it more buff and all that they'll really foresee crypto as a future and don't they don't really like it but some you know some of them some of the top Fresno's do you see crypto as the future as digital and we are in a digital world right now I mean Earthling revolves around the internet all right a lot of there's been a lot of online shopping now Jeff Bezos is this you know world's richest mole for Forbes here listen him but I know there's our rich people but yeah look at that online shopping is increasing online transactions is increasing online thinking I mean you just got a look at where where the trend is going right and if everything is being digitized then crypto will come soon sooner than than what we think and so last year was just a big push to let everybody know that they this ain't no height right I mean the hike was in the beginning in 2010 2011 that was the best time to get it if you were mining investing okay but it's okay there's our coins to invest there's other coins to mine and there's other ways to do it to work around crypto there is there is there's other ways to make money with criminals and so for hours you've got I trade for us to make money and that's what I mean you can't mine for it you just can't mine for so unless you want to teach people for it and you know what by looking at this you know you gotta hop on I'm gonna I'm gonna hop on as soon as they're big they get done pushing the price down and not just coming for me but I mean I'm pretty sure everybody else is waiting on that too and I mean you've got a look at where things are going for the future for crypto and if you're not going to invest in crypto I mean there's nothing that I don't see I had not seen anything else that's gonna pay the investment on Bitcoin stocks don't pay that kind of money as cryptical I mean let me listed the matter you were to invest in Bitcoin back in 2009 and up until now you know you're still in the money even though you know Bitcoin sitting at 6,000 right now a coin or a key ball on your coins you know in time six dollar video that's six million so no I mean it there's like 60,000 yeah so sixth up I mean it can't I mean you can't go wrong I mean I mean so it is very important you know to see like I said where were the crypto space and where the crypto currencies are going for this year and I'd be prepared for the next year you have to be and so like I said I'm not gonna create it because of what what happened to jfx and I'm not gonna try and look for another broker a Forex broker that's gonna and so I might do with al-qaida defects and like I said I might do I might trade crypto with al-qaida that when they when they in when they update their infrastructure this weekend because today's August night and tomorrow is gonna be August 10th and they plan on doing it for for tomorrow once the market is closed so we'll see how things go from there and you know you know it is it's something it's invert I would say it's a very important chapter to read for those that actually didn't believe in Bitcoin and do believe in crypto and and do believe and what crypto is gonna be doing in the future because you can't miss the second opportunity of mining and investing crypto he just came and I know a lot of people I will I don't know I mean the point I mean a lot fewer are facing water you know objection like well I don't know because the price of the corn right now you just dropped yeah I did ripple just dropped ripple gets broken new price going down it's at 33 cents so it is what it is right it is what it is I mean you you you you can't determine what I think where prices are going but if you follow you know you follow the trend you look at it daily y'all look at anything I keep up to date with people crypto as much possible because I want to have some kind of investment in this and so I mean I'm not talking about stocks here I'm not a stock trader so I'm not looking at stocks but I'm looking at think about the blockchains are coming out think about the new mining farms are coming out think about the new crystal exchanges are coming up and think about you know how much are bees how much is one Bitcoin going to be worth in the next 10 20 years you got to get that you know if Bitcoin can hit 20k all right it took what it took Bitcoin almost ten ten years to hit 20k per so for the next ten years if they gained in there 20k that's 40 that's $40 in a coin and so you can't miss this right and can't miss the train ride on this I'll just be I mean like I said yeah I mean I mean this is I mean this is my statement here you know I am no expert at this big fan believing what cryptocurrency can do for everyone if they see a deposit way of making a living or a fortune depend on how they look at this opportunity it's very important some people will see an opportunity some people don't see it and so those that do see it like I said will won't like I said I mean yeah like say record the ones who sees sees the open opportunity will seize the opportunity and make fortunes late you know and so if we could all go back in time and by learning points at ten cents I mean obviously we would but we can't be a right now so we just gotta wait for the second wave and this is the second way and so you gotta be prepared yeah I have that vision and you gotta have everything off you know some kind of plan when you come into when you come through this crypto world and so very important you know and I mean I just can't stress enough that you know if he wanted us he's gonna you go you gotta you gotta invest in something you know now you have to remember this forex forex trading is not a passive income forex trading is as more as active creature is active income because you actively trading every single day to make that kind of money and so bitcoin you're just buying and let's sit there that's the beauty and that's what that's kind of you know if you buy a property or buy real estate property and gains value or if you or if you're renting out property and and you know you're by partying and you rent it out and you're making you know monthly returns and so something for Stars final exam a big stock guys so anyways I hope this this chapter makes sense if not I mean feel free to email me or you know or I think I put my contact information at the very end so email me yo and let me know what your thoughts are for crypto as long as I do like you see a bigger a bigger chain of you know crypto evolving like evolving and and making it bigger and bigger and bigger every single year even though this year is not the best year for crypto but like I said ups and downs right and so yeah I can be prepared for that all the time so so that's two chapters down we're gonna hop I'm going to hop back in make it and get back to the pattern Panem trading and trend tree

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