Crypto Trader Review – Avoid the 'CryptoTrader' App SCAM! (New Update)

hi everybody it's Paul from prestigious binary options and welcome to a very important skin update this is a review where we're going to be warning traders about a new scam called crypto trader so pay close attention folks do not fall for the skin and be careful do not waste your money with the crypto trader software so why are we saying that criminal trader is a scam well first off this is a very popular skin that has just been released and a lot of beginner traders have already reported that this skin is no good and that it loses their money so after investigating the software we found some very important information you need to understand so first and foremost guys the person that you see on their video goes by the name of David Richmond and he claims to be the president and CEO his own company called Richmond venture and we have confirmed that Richmond venture is not a real company crypto traitor is fronted by a company that doesn't even exist so this is huge folks because this signifies that these scammers are being dishonest and they're lying to us about what crypto traitor is and who actually created this software now when you watch the introduction videos which are about a half hour long you're going to find a series of fake photos and fake reviews from people pretending to make money with crypto trader but it gets even worse folks because during our investigation we realized that crypto trader is a possible remake and creation by an older skin called multiplexer multiplexer is an old scheme system that we exposed here on our channel with this video where it was confirmed that multiplexer was a dangerous software and this is actually their main website demultiplexer skin and what's interesting is that there are many similarities between both of these introductory videos in regards to the fake images and fake reviews within crypto trader one of them is this photo over here which is actually used in the same video for the multiplexer system so as you can see they're both the exact same photo just using a different name for the software and it gets even worse because we also found that this is actually not even a real person whether it's format like lecture or crypto cart or crypto trader it's a stock phone which you can purchase at so once again we're dealing with a very fraudulent trading app not only is crypto trader using fake reviews but crypto trader is also fronted by a fraudulent and non-existent company so that is my main warning folks and below in the video description I've left a link holding all the evidence needed proving why crypto trader is a scam but most importantly folks if you're looking for any safe and reliable easy trading apps to use I'd love to helpful suggestions down below in the video description so you can check them out for yourselves if you have any questions email me directly at prestige binary at don't forget to like our videos folks and subscribe to our channel because we are constantly posting new updates and we'll see you next time

17 thoughts on “Crypto Trader Review – Avoid the 'CryptoTrader' App SCAM! (New Update)”

  1. Anyone who earn his wealth honestly will never loose it and it will prospers but earning your wealth dishonestly you will end up suffering physically mentally and financially including those who benefitted.
    What come easy will go easy

  2. thank you so much. I have seen their post on my instagram and I wanted to try. I created an account with them but I never invested money yet. thank GOD I came across this video. pls give more reviews on them if possible.

  3. Hi Paul, this crytotader site is different to the one I found at can you have a look and see. Thanks

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