11 thoughts on “Crypto (The Official Cryptocurrency Song)”

  1. If u like Cryptos and Music take a look at Viberate. you get paid in their coins for adding artists and events into their library^^ heres my ref link: https://www.viberate.com/referrals/edb4b9d8_ebd95c14_a0160373 ~peace

  2. Hey dude check out these two crypto currencies raps – might be able to collaborate 😉 https://twitter.com/Cryptopoly/status/866972396703633408 https://twitter.com/Cryptopoly/status/863516186297995264

  3. This track is awesome! You've made a number of great cryptocurrency songs! Keep it up 🙂

    "maybe ill have tea with Charlie Lee" (The Litecoin creator) Hahaha its great!

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