21 thoughts on “Crypto The Movie Trailer”

  1. This look good I'm big into crypto s .you just got yourself a new subscriber thanks people need to learn the truth about cryptos

  2. ??I know one good Hollywood Movie Project – "CRYPTO KINGS" .. the search for Satoshi is ON! join fund the production- buy BTC-MovieCoin on Waves DEX…
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    Check out ?Crypto Kings Movie?? (@Crypto_Kings_LA): https://twitter.com/Crypto_Kings_LA?s=09

  3. why the fuck did they call this movie Crypto? Has nothing to do with cryptozoology…..I think I'll pass on this one……..

  4. Yes I would very much like to contribute to the making of this movie. Make it part of it in Hollywood North Vancouver. I work in the movie/tv industry here. Why you think most of many of U.S. networks tv programs are filmed here now. It's cheaper, better tax breaks incentives, higher U.S. dollar to Canadian and more. A NO BRAINER!

  5. Wow, I want to see this movie!! Did you guys make sure to dig into Satoshi's BitcoinTalk forum posts as well?

  6. 0:26 – running windows XP to watch CNBC… because every good hacker runs XP 😉

    yeah, i know hackers (and plenty of others including myself) run various OSes on multiple machines/VMs, but it still made me laugh a little.

  7. Bitcoin and "crypto" is a ponzy scheme..

    Not worth mentioning until after its demise and then not worth mentioning again.

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