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good morning good morning happy Friday is the fourth of the new year January 4 2009 teen it's that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and today because things are not looking so good but there are a lot of good positive news stories so the title today is crypto tangles flashing by and that's not according to me that's according to Bloomberg which I will show you guys in a little bit but there are other good pieces of news overall the start of the new year has been pretty stale pretty stale compared to just the last week of the year – so right now people are still wondering just what the heck is going on my last my last video indicated that maybe the miners okay are a turning point for cryptos so thanks for tuning in guys as always appreciate your support you know hit the like subscribe to the channel and let's get started I know because today I mean with the holidays most people are off so today is probably a lighter day so they're probably more time for questions alright so let's get started let's talk about this article that I have up and when I titled alright crypto technicals flashing by now I don't know which indicator I don't know too much about this to be honest but something that Bloomberg uses and something that some of these other exchanges uses such as eToro they go by something called a GTI Veyron convergence divergence indicator that's a mouthful and according to them it is suggesting that Bitcoin is in this longest buying streak in six months should buy and pressure persist as it has over the past 13 days Bitcoin could continue to see a rise in price following last year seventy four percent decline all right so so according to this indicator we are pretty much at a low point for the last six months and it's looking like it's a goodbye but you guys know me I'm a fundamentalist and what what this article goes on to say next is what I really agree with so according to Matty Greenspan a senior marketing analyst a utero he says and to quote usually the best thing to do is to buy low and sell high well no duh so if we are going to so if we are going by technical analysis we can easily see on the chart that we are much closer to bottom than we are to the top well that's certainly true right because at where we are at thirty seven thirty eight hundred the bottom is at zero so that's only thirty seven thirty hundred we could fall and obviously the top is limitless so we are definitely much closer to bottom than we are to top but like most people are speculating right now what is bottom is it a thousand is it 1500 is it 2500 is it 3000 we don't know at this point but we do know based on just logic yes we are much much closer to bottom than we are to top right so buy low sell high that's the name the game you do it in increments you never invest more to what you can afford to lose and that's been the message I've been saying for a long time even though we have been going down but this is how it is and this is how you stay in it for a long haul and he continues go on and says that I'm seeing an industry that is growing at a very rapid pace right now where we are we see companies are involved Bitcoin and blockchain hiring and a rapid rate we see new project come online we see all kinds of indication that people are getting more and more involved in the market which is also true somewhat true because we have heard of companies like bit main and consensus actually laying people off but the industry as a whole is growing we've definitely seen a lot more from major enterprise companies midsize companies large companies around the world that are getting involved with blockchain forming their own teams coming out their own coins and and also of course we're all waiting for for somebody's new new kind of new instruments derivatives and all these other things and just offerings that's coming out right so overall as a whole as an industry we are definitely growing at a much larger a very rapid pace let's just put it that way so over all right the title you know crypto technical flashing by I would say yeah if you're going by the GTI Brera convergence divergence indicator which if you know if it has held true in the past then yes right but overall you know I go by fundamentals and I agree with everyone everything else Matti said is basically things are getting better and we're much closer to bottom to the top and that's just how it is that's how you guys have to see it right I know it's still it's still iffy right now no one wrote knows where bottom is and we're just we just gotta hang in there we're just kind of hanging in there but hang in there is not so bad at this point alright so moving on I said there's a lot of other pieces of good pieces of news and I think this is one of them because good morning guys for those you guys turned in just now we don't know much about the OTC market we hear about a lot over-the-counter basically all the all of Wales and institutional esters anyone that's buying a large amounts buying or selling in large amounts it's doing the OCC marketing we don't know much about it but circle has released some numbers and they saw twenty four billion in volume in 2018 and we know tonight 18 wasn't the best of years right and they still saw twenty four billion dollars in volume which is pretty significant so this is the kind of this is kind of movement I guess or the money that flows in and out of of wheels and institutional investors and this they're only getting started right so that's one of the reasons why right now you know right now we're seeing a lack of you know funds okay flowing in into Bitcoin and crypto market which is why we're kind of stagnant but once things start flowing right and once FOMO hits in once we're an upward you know a true upwards movement and we're starting to rally that's where this volume will start exploding I can't even imagine you know the OTC market wasn't that I guess wasn't that much established in previous years like 2017 I know existed but I don't think there was as many let's say companies that's offering it but you know I can't even imagine during the peak of 2017 what the kind of volume was like then right was a hundreds of billions right was a approaching a quarter or half hundred you know half half a trillion dollars in volume we don't know right but this kind of shows you and this is just from one company guys right there's a lot more companies that offer OTC trading so this is where a lot of the big players like coin base and Finance now they're getting involved to see circles already involved and many others are getting involved and this is definitely a good thing as they get them more involved more insight it's gonna be provided in terms of what we're actually seeing in there right but I think this is a preconnect Aitor that OTC market is huge it's much bigger than what most people think all right all right moving on Mike Novogratz right one of the biggest Bitcoin bulls out there self-made billionaire Ron's Galaxy digital which is a crypto investing firm and he you know he took losses you know he made some bad predictions but overall he's in it for a long haul so he doesn't care I think it was released he he lost like 120 130 million in the last quarter alone but he's continuing on right he's buying he's putting putting money where his mouth is basically he's buying another almost three percent stake in the company so I don't know how much he actually owns in terms of overall stake but he is putting more money down because he believes that you know things are going much better in the future right which is what I believe in so I think this is really good a lot of people a lot of people make a lot of predictions a lot of people say a lot of stuff but they have no no skin in the game but Mike Novogratz definitely has skin in the game all right so let's move on I guess this is good news right Ohio did say that they will allow people to pay their taxes with Bitcoin and guess what overstock and Patrick Brian who is also another huge Bitcoin Bowl is gonna take advantage of that so they are gonna be actually paying some of their taxes and I think at least their old high estate taxes and Bitcoin and I think that's that's a I think that's pretty significant right I don't think Ohio probably expect a large amounts of people or companies to be paying their taxes a Bitcoin I think it's more of a PR thing than anything but still they ought they're offering it and one of the biggest retailers out there is it go take advantage so that is good and it generates a lot of press like this which is also good for the Bitcoin community overall right alright so let's move on BitTorrent BitTorrent and Tron you know trying is still one of the most controversial coins out there half people hate it how people love it but part of Project Atlas and this is kind of surprised they are gonna come out a new BitTorrent token called BT T that is going to be running on top of Tron's network it is gonna be a pure currency run on top of Tron Network and it is gonna be used on BitTorrent part of Project Atlas is their new their new BitTorrent software which basically incentivizes people to use this new token now it's interesting because I speculate and I think everyone else did that they would just be using TRX right but now it's interesting now they're coming out the whole new token just for that purpose so I don't know why I don't know why maybe because Tron they don't have a dual you know currency set up like let's say you know with neo and neo and gas and something like that so maybe they want to change it up with now they have TRX and now they go have BTT okay so basically this kind of goes on and says that there go change a few things okay you can use vtt too you get a set of eyes for sharing files but also you could use it to download files directly from someone else or to get faster download speeds and so forth there's gonna be a whole new system around that so I think this is pretty significant but of course bit torn already has or claims to have over a hundred million users so this instantly you know we'll be going in front of a hundred million users I think this is pretty significant right so for the afford a naysayers of trying to people that hate Justin and what he did in the past like plagiarizing the white paper or so forth I think this this can't be ignored at this point BitTorrent is a legit company a note warning is kind of iffy right but BitTorrent is used by a lot of game makers and stuff to share updates or downloads and stuff like that there they're actually a legit company with a hundred million users and they're gonna be launching their BTT token and they are owned by Tron so I think this is this is something that you can't ignore it I think Tron is banking on this hardcore right and I think this is gonna be a pretty significant move for them and we'll see we'll see what happens after it gets released but they did release this today I think this is pretty significant alright moving on these aren't so good but Bitcoin IV they decided to come up with a new logo because their old one just simply sucked but their new logo is basically a cheap imitation a bitcoins original logo so everyone is trying to confuse this is one of the reasons why he Bitcoin Forks because they they basically take the old logo and just kind of rese pin it a little bit right and basically for a general public someone that's not involved with Kryptos as much as we are they had no idea they see Bitcoin sv they're just cool think it's Bitcoin I mean honestly they're not gonna know what sv is it looks exactly the same and this is just causes confusion and then and of course this was done on purpose and the same thing with Bitcoin cash right look at pickle on cash at least sometimes people put it into green so it looks a little bit different but overall look at it logos it's pretty much the same thing as a Bitcoin cache Bitcoin as me they're all trying to just basically steal bitcoins under cause confusion and one of the reasons why I don't like them right all right so moving on John McAfee John McAfee says he hasn't filed a tax returns at eight years so this is kind of interesting because when you release something like this you know the IRS code we start looking into but he did cover himself somewhat he says first tax taxation is illegal I paid tens of millions of dollars already and receive jack-shit INRA services so the first two doesn't really he doesn't have a hold any ground with those but three four and five does three I'm done making money okay that's just general statement I live that's that that that can't be true because he gets paid a lot to make any post for icos or crypto companies I live off the cash from McAfee Inc and my net income is negative so the fifth one is the only thing that actually per maybe maybe prevents the IRS looking into a but I doubt it so so he probably has to you probably has to answer to this because he's at eight years so the IRS is probably all be looking for records for the past eight years from John McAfee alright so lastly so one of my followers on Twitter posted this he's like hey don't look at all-time highs look at yearly lows this will tell you to growth in holders and this is kind of true I think most people focus on all-time highs every year right but obviously the narrative changes 2018 because the all-time highs was at the very beginning and not at the end but however if you flip it and look at the all-time lows for each year it does show that Bitcoin is significantly still much much higher than where we started in 2000 17 or 16 and 15 and 14 and so forth only 1415 we see a small decline but outside of that everything else every other year has been growing drastically drastically so I think this is a different perspective and it's it's it's true true I know a lot of you guys probably you know don't care about this because you got it a much higher than 3200 but it does show you why you know why people continue to hold why people continue to believe in Bitcoin and why why someone like me is in it for a long haul and I shared you guys with my story right you know I got scared out I got scared out right around here when Bitcoin turn out 13 now 14 you know shot up to $1200 then it kept dropping and dropping dropping to about 185 actually went a little bit low acting 177 but it went up from there and back then it was really nothing to look forward to other than yeah you know people will start buying when it's cheap but there was really no fundamentals go by I got scared out and there's one of my biggest mistakes of all time so knuckle make them same mistakes again alright that's it that's it so that's pretty much what I want to share with you guys what is it Bitcoin 77 3767 it was about 3,800 I got 3,900 at one point now it's coming down but it overall pretty much sideways which isn't actually a bad thing ok that means that we're actually forming a base here and I did show you guys my last video those of you guys didn't watch the video about the miners and how it's a huge sign why things might be turning around because the mining difficulty has increased for Bitcoin which means that miners are getting back in because things are more profitable again but anyways one of the things that people liked was the fact that I showed a logarithmic chart which actually puts things in perspective the scales is by percentages not just by equal by like a certain digit so obviously going from let's say 6,000 to 9,000 on the percentage that it would be the same as like saying going for 2600 3400 so if you look at it from a logarithmic chart you know things aren't going I guess important in plan right if you look at it it's pretty much but upscale thing a little bit over here but overall this is kind of what John McAfee was using to he's Bitcoin will be at a million dollars in like 2025 or 2022 I forget what a year he was also using the logarithmic chart to show it because basically we've been going on the same path so this is an interesting way to look at BT C's chart all right so let's turn back to you guys how about a three she oh you're JH up and up up away let me bring up my market cap F has been surprisingly doing a shriman well it and is now number two it pass Ripple that's because it's been pumping a lot more when when Bitcoin and others are going up it goes up drastically this is actually surprised I think short-term Ethernet might be very strong I'm surprised at this because you know I thought its peers would actually outperform ether them and I'm not sure what the new I don't know which group or new interest or whatever I know you throw him is not going away I said that I said he'll go up with the market but I expected it to be weaker than its peers but recently it has him so it's interesting it's to say so I know a lot of you guys are as holder so good for you guys Bruder I agree with you on Tron you know a lot of people still focus on white papers and so forth well the best white paper in the world doesn't mean anything you need companies you need these crypto projects to actually finish what they're promising and actually try to start getting adoption so I kind of agree with that Krypton or crypto Krypton mining what's up with e TN and APL well I'm not a fan of both but since we got some time I'll take a look at it you looked Rolly up I mean they're still they're still trying to push out there they're they're app trying to get adoption through mining and they're trying to do other things too now but I always taught us a little bit gimmicky but to be fair to be fair despite it all despite everything you know they're still holding a 63 million market cap which is pretty impressive there are still top 162 so I got to give them credit for that that they have held well Apollo I'm going to stay away from it just seems like it's a little bit I don't know it's a little bit iffy to me so that's one of those coins I'm will stay away from for now snowballs have nulls yes because I mean you can see it right there haven't held well in the market cap but if you look into what they're doing right they're expanding their marketing they're performing with their with their chain Factory and overall everything else they're continuing executing this is a type of company where they're doing everything possible to continue forward despite a bear market and that's good there's a lot of these a lot of companies can't say the same you know a lot of these companies that I recommended looked at in the past they have pretty much stopped development and they have stopped communications all together and you know that they pretty much they're done for now until things get better and that's that's not what you want you want you want these companies continue to thrive despite market because then you know when things actually get really good then they're really set for the future so nulls it's still something I really believe in going forward what happened is six trillion well it didn't come so that's the end of that yeah and in terms of the in terms of blockchain list from the Chinese government nulls keeps going up last time I actually heard signals moved to number six Friday started out in like xx and moves through the teens and I think it moved up to number six recently which is very impressive I don't have actually have that chart bears Eagles quarters Sunday I don't know I'm very happy about the Bears I'm very happy about the Bears I'm excited you know being a Bears fan is painful for the last six months six years they finished last and mission and now they're number one they actually have a true shot but we'll see I don't want to get too too high up on the Bears because they'll probably jinx it when SV hits coinbase SPL drop like crazy and BTC will pump I think that's actually a pretty good one I don't know if coinbase is gonna release SV unless people threaten them with a lawsuit but I think they don't want to release sv at this point but we will see we will see it once they're forced to I do think that a lot more people will will sell SV at that point you throw a you throw him getting stronger because Tesla and Apple building an Apple building or blotching that type of it and no no that is purely false you chain is definitely a big project one of the biggest undervalue project at this point you know a lot of people asked me and it's hard because when everything is down it's like what is the number one most oversold or undervalued projects right now and from the first page I got to say it's V chain just look at their partnerships okay and you can't ignore those partnership it's still early I know that they're not dominating the world but they are involved with a lot of big companies and it's close it's good it's gonna be very prosperous for them in the future so don't leave don't don't ignore and don't give up on me chain definitely MPs ex hundy you know I know that they shipped out last time I checked they shipped out like 5000 terminals I don't know if that has increased and pretty good that they held 71 million market cap but I know there're I I co was higher than that I think it's a hundred 170 million but their adoption was sold there you know there it took a while for them to actually ship out their terminals I don't know how much more it's gone last time like I said last time I checked those five thousand so yeah it's still have five thousand starting for all guys five thousand of waiting countries five thousands good start but it is not that significant if you look at how many credit card terminals out there there's like I can't with guys hundreds of millions out there but it's a good start however I've always said that I think if someone like square is not if when like someone like square introduces crypto payments or yeah in terms of their and their dongles or terminals or whatever right and they open that up to all their vendors that is gonna be hard to compete with once that happens so PwC owns part of each aid and was a DNV GL which is a huge company owns a big part of me chain so those are good be chains patents are owned by DJ from fusion I don't know about that but one of the reasons why I love Fusion is because of DJ he founded a company that that basically came with the concept for V chain and also cute them they split off and they have done their own things by fusion and that's why I still love fusion they recently came out there kind of like their test not PSN I believe where you can actually start testing it finally so they're way behind under main that but it is very promising it is very different from these other companies basically if you think about it it's a way to its creative for our financial the financial world basically any companies that want to swap tokens okay or want to do anything like they have a feature called time lock where you could lock things in it's it's a network that basically allows you to swap tokens between any two currencies and that's simplified there's a lot more to it so that is but one of the reasons why I love fusion is because of DJ is I think he's a really smart guy yeah but square even though limited to a handful of countries has I don't know the numbers I'm just throwing this out but probably hundreds of thousands of terminals out there so they can definitely expand they could definitely expand but you're right I mean there are country squares not in so that's where Pondy can grow their base from there but we'll see yeah I haven't mentioned this guys so make sure you smash up the likes I know most of you guys are regulars but you know I like to say it anyways Doge is still at number 24 like I said though just doges never go go away it's like you know just like cockroaches will survive a nuclear winter you know dogecoin will survive anything that's that will go away yeah I don't know what you're talking about your your your your analogy doesn't make much sense Tesla Apple Facebook shares Arab watch it no it's not that's not how it is I don't know you throwing up and you guys know enough about thorium right so you thorium it's definitely the godfather or smart contract platforms it's not gonna go away anytime soon but you know it's scale scaling that's the name of the game that's what they need to solve every article about you theorem is about scaling so if they could figure out scaling in 2019 then it'll be tremendous for them tremendous but if they can't figure it out in a drags in 2020 then it could be trouble for them because we do hear a lot of things happening on Yost on Tron even on stellar and some of these other ones so they have to figure out scaling rotc numbers already included mark M no because there's not that much there's not that much info that's released so CMC definitely doesn't release OTC numbers and very little companies do so what I covered from circle about 28 billion in volume so this is actually a rarity you don't you don't actually hear a lot of companies talk about this Brandon you missed it yes yes definitely we're still nose deep I kind of gotta blow my shirt I have a warded shirt in a while but yes uh thoughts on funfair I don't know I'm neutral on them basically it's kind of like a online casino but really there it's not even for them they're creating a template for others to use to offer you know to come out of the casino or gambling games and so forth I don't know if the markets there that's not my thing so I don't know if there's really a market that many people want to utilize funfairs template and create these kind of gambling sites and stuff which is kind of iffy B's a lot of countries unless you regulated you can't really do that so I don't know yeah so one of the questions is why OTC market effects regular prices right because you know if a lot of people buy it so you see it doesn't really affect the market that we're seeing however if it dries up then it will right so that's where you know once you get a lot of institutional investors getting in because maybe maybe because they've been waiting for custody services which which wasn't around and it will be in 2019 so once these custody services are open and they start buying you know there could be pouring ten tens hundreds of billions and that's where the old you see market dries up guess where it flows into it flows into regular market so that's that's how it's gonna have an effect yeah Boyd actually she's been pretty stagnant I mean they've been they've been pretty I guess they've been under medium blog they have been posting things but I haven't seen any real anything that really stands out or makes me think oh okay they're you know they're really making strides like I haven't seen anything much from them so Wahby has rebranded to teal and yes they can because it's a big market it's a big market so there's never there's never a market where it's only dominated by one person there's always competitors so definitely supply chain space is very big and even remember even stellar is in the spy change space too because there because of their relationship with IBM so oh yeah some of you guys tuning in yeah you did so I've talked about BitTorrent and their BTC token I think this is pretty significant for Tron and one of the ways that really legitimizes their project so some of you guys are tuning in late I talked about some of these things make sure you rewatch the first half of this video once I end this session I mean that's that's kind of like the thing you know the title of this video is crypto technicals flashing by right and this is according to GTI ver a convergence divergence indicator but Matic Greenspan a senior market analyst read Toro I agree with everything else he's saying besides just the fundamentals you got to look at couple of things one is you buy low and sell high and we're much lower to the bottom that we're much closer to bottom that we are to top right and I've been saying that for a while you sprout your buys you Kim late you buy the dips in class average that's how you find true bottom is no one knows where the bottom is so that I agree with 100% and also he goes on and says the industry is growing very rapid pace and I agree with that and there's many industries I just mention custody services right crypto exchanges even tools like that that gives you more insight you got a lot more wallets I heard about first lightning wallet being released and now be big because those of you guys that want to use lightning network want to utilize payments Bitcoin is a payment you have to have a lightning lightning network wallet to be able to do so so that is pretty big right and then we still got bat coming we got packs also payment gateway which allows you know companies like Starbucks to take it so there's so many the fundamentals okay it's just getting better and better and better so those are things you just you really can't ignore and lastly you know one of my followers tweeted this if you look at don't won't get all-time highs look at all-time lows for every single year you'll see the growth the growth and Bitcoin and a growth in holders so I think this is also pretty significant right all right guys I think that's it you know a little bit past 30 minutes you know per overall I think the market is pretty stagnant 3770 right we saw you know 4200 right after Christmas we're right before Christmas they're kind of hovering from there but that's not necessarily a bad thing right now right so if we could have some stability and keep in mind a lot of people are still off right starting from next week I think a lot of people come back from their vacation and we'll see if the volume starts picking up and also something that's interesting right now is the fact that when Dow Jones pumps you know crypto kinda takes a fall and when it Dow Jones and other markets fall then Kryptos kind of goes up so it seems like the investors are kind of moving their money between the two seeing which one gives them the biggest gain so that is also something interesting that's been going on recently but overall we're now into our 19 I think – and I'm 19 it could be a very big year for for a big coin and crypto so you guys have pretty much lived through the worst we are we have saw one of the worst Corrections or Bitcoin over 80% and now I do believe – now 19 will be a recovery year so alright guys that's it you don't have a good have a good weekend and we will I'll see you guys on Monday 10:30 a.m. such a standard time remember my format Monday and Friday will be live sessions Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday either a live session I'm so many significant or some kind of you know video that's that's about some topic and I think some of you guys are enjoying IVs they're much shorter into the point alright alright guys make sure you hit the like subscribe to channel and I'll see you guys on Monday take care well bye

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  1. Thanks for these sessions. I can't make a lot of them when they are live, but I appreciate them very much. I love being able to hear about the daily news, and then the AMA is always very chill and is worth listening too. I usually listen/watch your videos around 3am every night as I unwind from my day. Thanks for your constant content.

  2. Folks. You can't use old technology, charting for a digital product like Crypto. There are no Assets or Liabilities, no P&Ls, no dividends, no PE, etc. You need new technology with multi-dimensional algorithms to help predict peoples’ sediment because that's what drives rallies. Charts can't predict when someone shorts Bitcoin on the CME and expands the number of issued coins in the process. Futures can triple, quadruple etc the number of coins on issue by issuing paper products in its place. Crypto is not an investment it's a Ponzi scheme as Dr Doom would say with the ability to get rich quick. I play it for fun, to test my algorithm, to feel the excitement of arbitrage, to ride the wave. You MUST only be in the market when you're actively viewing it otherwise sit on the sidelines – Don't lose your shirt or bra be smart. Find yourself an exchange with few players so the prices can be manipulated with low exchange fees, 0.1% is the best I've found for $ trades and 0.22% for BTC pairs trading. The WHALES only make 2% on each trade because their fees are low. Trade like a whale, position yourself inside their buys and sell positions to make easy money.

  3. What about the sleeping giant TenX (PAY) and ZIL? Both look very promising and TenX already had a successful cross-chain transaction. At these prices they are a screaming buy.

  4. I haven't a clue where this market is going short term so I gave up trying to predict it years ago. So I just buy 1000 usd worth of btc every payday and let the market do its thing. Over the next few years I expect to enjoy some nice gains.

  5. none of this matters. what i do know for sure is that you all missed the best trade of the year… ETH $82 to 154. you guys blew it. where was the advice to make this play? nobody knows shit. that I know for sure. just an FYI we do know what bottom is; its $670 and I don't need to explain why.

  6. Tone and all these forks are going to destroy people wanting to get into crypto. What stops people from just forking like mad men like they already have

  7. Taxation is illegal it's voluntary do your homework don't be fooled. IRS is a private Institution. Government can't create money out of thin air if they wanted to instead they give that right to the Federal Reserve which is a private Institution. The government gives the FED treasury bonds and then we have to buy back the treasury bonds with dollar which we borrow from the Fed to buy back the treasury bonds and the cycle continues . Thats why the debt keeps getting bigger and bigger. Biggest Ponzi scam in world history. There is no need for taxes End the Fed. Inflation is tax.

  8. Regarding the BTC annual low Tweet you mentioned: The BTC yearly low for 2019 will be no higher than about $3,720, because that's already in the books. So, on your friend's ATL of each year list, 2019 will show a very small gain, at best.

  9. Happy Friday. I'm in the anger phase of the chart. Im waiting for total disbelief and the last major DIP… once it hits that low. Im back in for the LONGTERM HODL.

    HODL was a terrible choice in 2018. I think it will end up as a great choice for 2019 though. I plan to DCA all year but Im waiting for the nasty dip, like 30% or more drop in all cryptos. Then Im in. I have a Cardano limit order to buy it at .021 cents LOL. I think it will hit that price.

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