Crypto Tax Explained | If You Invest, Trade Or Mine | CPA Tax Advisor – How To File Crypto Taxes

are you a cryptocurrency investor or trader managing crypto taxes can be confusing at crypto tax advisers we can help many people are confused about when crypto transactions are taxable and whether they're anonymous the truth is you have to report these transactions to the IRS if you don't report your crypto taxes then the IRS will catch up to you those who get caught will face not only the taxes but also the penalties interests and possibly even criminal prosecution you don't want to take this risk crypto tax advisors LLC was founded by sharing yep a CPA with 20 years of tax experience in public accounting and industry we are also a crypto enthusiast and an active crypto currency investor we know firsthand the challenges you face because just like you were also a member in the crypto community our company specializes in serving cryptocurrency investors with complicated crypto transactions and full time traders we are passionate about helping you maximize your tax savings and minimize your IRS audit risks our services include entity structuring bookkeeping for crypto transactions tax consulting regarding crypto activities tax planning retirement planning tax return preparation and more we are a one-stop shop for all your tax related needs let crypto tax advisers help you take care of your crypto taxes so that you can focus on earning more money with cryptocurrency and spending more time with your friends and family visit our website to schedule a free initial consultation today

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