36 thoughts on “Crypto Tab Browser : Earn 8x Times Faster Bitcoin Mining Without Investment Earn 1 Bitcoin 2018”

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  2. This is not a scam but will waste your time with exemplary low to none profit considering the internet and electricity expenses as well.

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  7. this site is legit but it takes 3 months to get 1 BTC as i got proof on this site.. really slow unless you mine on another site!!!

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  9. Don't download this thing to your computer,.. it pays you nothing, they say that you "violated their terms" if you actually make anything which i doubt that you will !! then suddenly, you computer is inundated with spam emails, sex sites, ads galore, …your cpu slows down and gets fried and you electrical bill goes up like $$40 bucks per month,.. they use your computer cpu sucking the energy from you to fuel their ads,..

  10. the odds of anyone making substantial money at this are slim and none ,..you might earn 25 cents in a year,..but i doubt even that much ,..

  11. i still don't understand .. i put my wallet address (nicehash) but still i didn't receive anything .. i don't know if this is fake or not .. even they don't have support to email them

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