Crypto School – Ep 7 – How to renew your 2-Factor-Authentication on Karatbit

Hello everybody. This is Alex from Karatbit and today I’m going to show you how to reset your password for security
reasons of Karatbars login system. So, to be able to access your account now, you
need to generate a new password using the link of “forgot password” and I’m
going to show you step-by-step how to protect anti-scam by resetting your
password and setting up 2-Factor Authentication. So, first of all I’m going
to click on “login” and then I will see this message. All I need to do, is click
on “forgot password” and complete the email I’ve used to register on Karatbit, or the login email I’m using for Karatbars. In my case it’s [email protected] and I’m going to ask for an email. So, as you can see if the email exists in our database, we are going to send you a reset email. The reset email should come within a few
minutes and for my case it came instantly. I’m going to click on it. Now, what is
very important for you to understand is that some email boxes won’t generate the link correctly for the reset password button. So, what I’m trying
to explain you here is that if you want to make sure you are going to reach on
the correct page for the reset password the best way is to take this link with
“copy” and paste it here directly in the browser. Now, before finishing the
password reset I just want to remind you that we have a unique security token you
have to to check about, because with this security manager, some scammers might
take advantage of it and try to send you emails to reset your password. Don’t get
scammed on that. Use the unique security token and make sure you are on the right
reset password page. So, once I click on the email, I’m going to take the link and recomplete the forms. [email protected] and I’m
going to complete a password now. Okay. I’m going to reset. As you can see I especially did that. You must add one upper case one lower case one digit one
symbol and it has to be a minimum of several letters mandatory. So, once my password has been successfully resetted. All I need to do now is going to login. So, I’m going here to login. As a security measure we added the 2-Factor- Authentication to be absolutely mandatory. So, right now because I don’t have 2-Factor- Authentication completely set up, I
cannot do anything on my account. So, the next step after resetting the password
it’s to activate your 2-Factor- Authentication. All you need to do is
click on the link and you will reach here where you are
teached how to use and how to activate 2-Factor-Authentication. So, also as a
security measure for 72 hours after the 2-Factor-Authentication has been set
up by you, your account is going to be on a suspension area. Don’t panic.
Don’t write tickets on that. It’s not a problem. It’s only that you will not be able to withdraw funds. This is only for
your security, okay. Now, when you set up your 2-Factor-Authentication it’s very,
very, very important to note this somewhere away. Because in the case you are losing your phone or maybe – I don’t know – something happens with it. In that
moment unfortunately you are going to lose your 2-Factor-Authentication and
then don’t panic again just write us a ticket add the right documents to proove
it is your account and our team will disable it for you in order for you to
be able to reactivate it. Now, let’s see how we use this 2-Factor-Authentication. How do we activate it and use it? First of all, if you have a
smartphone you just need to download the app and you will see the links here for
the app if you are using Android or if you are using an apple with an iOS system. I also opened the links here to show you exactly which are
the – I don’t know – real Google Authenticator. So, this is where
you should reach and I’m going to use the screenshot to explain you how to
use Google Authenticator. Now, if we are going back here all we need to do now (after we just downloaded the app on our phone) we need to click on the “plus” and the plus will open the camera which you will use to scan the QR-Code. It’s
exactly what I’m going to do right now. After it’s scanned, Karatbit Exchange pin code. is going to be on your
Google Authenticator. Now all you need to do is to take that pin and activate your
account. Easy as that. Now, I’ve seen some people, saying that
they saved this code (the last code which is generated by Authenticator) and now they try to log in again and it’s not working.
The trick here is, that you need to know that this code is going to be changed
every 20 seconds. So, it’s not a unique code generated once a time and that’s it.
You have it for your lifetime. This code is going to regenerate and regenerate in
order for you to have the most safety feature of log in from Karatbars and Karatbit. Now, let’s see what happens if I’m going again to “Markets” My account is active now. I can trade assets. I can make deposits. But only the withdrawals were disabled. (For 72 hours)
Thank you everybody. Have a nice day.

7 thoughts on “Crypto School – Ep 7 – How to renew your 2-Factor-Authentication on Karatbit”

  1. It's not cool that I cant use my drivers liscense for my platinum kyc, just shady honestly. You tell me that my coin is backed by gold but then you make me jump through a million little hoops to get it.

  2. hi, dear team, please, i don't understand about use of 2fa recovery code. in what case a could use the recovery code? only if i lose my credentials, or if karatbit platform is hacked? thanks.

  3. Hi, when setting up f2a on Karatbit acct, the authenticator app requested account name and key before it would generate a code. Didn't dare do that until I know that is the right thing to do. The f2A on Karatbars worked fine and I assume that this popped up because the email was the same obviously at both Karatbars and Karatbit.
    Please reply if this is right to enter key on authenticator app.

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