Crypto Roundup

travel behemoths crypto roundup World News the US Fed considers including BTC market crash as salient risk for stress tests why would they do that no crypto winter to be found in Argentina the author notes Latinos around the world are trying to Argentina as a hub where Bitcoin savvy startups can bring user led insights to the global ecosystem McCrone says blockchain could play Europe at Vanguard of innovation noting the benefits of using blockchain to help solve industry challenges in the agricultural sector the German government seeks out industry feedback ahead of developing the country's blockchain strategy by summer type Parliament approves amendments allowing issuance of tokenized securities according to this article the government will amend the Securities and Exchange Act as soon as the changes come into effect later in 2019 tokenized securities such as stocks and bonds can be officially issued on blockchain the Supreme Court of India has put a four week deadline on the release of crypto regulation by the government currently the RBI's crypto circular prohibits banks from providing services to any person of business that deal with crypto currencies Russian President Vladimir Putin orders government to adopt crypto regulation by july 2019 crypto narratives and the barrier to entry is so low it just takes one conglomerate or one major mega Corp to roll out a coin and it is just it smashes everything because they already have the verticals there for it to be implemented and then with the Facebook coin it's going to eliminate a lot of projects it's gonna be no need because they're gonna be able to introduce their 2.7 billion users to this technology into this coin immediately that's like almost a third of the population in the world so come on people after Facebook announcement a potential cryptocurrency the Facebook stock does nothing Warren Buffett points out that blockchain is ingenious but Bitcoin it doesn't produce anything staring it all day no little bitcoins come out or anything like that time to go back to school kids their support notes free electricity for college students makes college campuses major crypto miners in this article coinbase defends its decision tired Katrina a company known for its controversial exploits in the international community shortly thereafter the coinbase CEO notes X hacking team neutrino members will transition out of company roles aetherium upgrades as hard Forks Constantinople and Saint Petersburg activate on blockchain go over to what bitcoin did to check out the latest podcast with Andre us Antonopoulos to get his views on the current market and the future of blockchain you

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