14 thoughts on “Crypto Roulette | Random Real Time Crypto Review”

  1. Iike this a lot lol it is also a fun and smart way to go about learning about some new projects that one havn't been looking at!

    As an entrepreneur this is pure comedy gold, from 22:00 you was really about to loose it too funny, I kinda feel bad for the team as I really see the vision, but they need major backing if they want this to go anywhere lol

  2. Good stuff. If more people would take the time for even this cursory amount of research into crytpo projects, massive percentages of losses could be mitigated, and avoided in some cases. #DYOR

  3. Nice Livestream, the first one is always the hardest. Keep it up. Ignore the trolls. ? Let me know if you ever want to do a group Livestream.

  4. I like the idea here – a little clunky maybe, but it’s a nice quick little demo on rudimentary approach. It’s helpful, but I personally think you should stay focused on conveying what you specifically really find attractive… after YOU spend a ton of time researching so we can save that time and then do our own more focused due diligence on those. ? Utterly selfish I know… guilty as charged.
    There’s something about not just having someone else lead the due diligence pt but IF I decide to invest on your rec after my responsibilities are handled it’s psychologically more comforting knowing that “In it for the $” likes it too … especially in these times of blood in the streets. At least I don’t feel like I was the only one that mighta missed something. ? Good method for investing? Eehhh … still…

    Separately, (total digression here) despite the fact that there is an unbelievable amount of institutional fu#%ery going on that has always been a bad sign of the banking cartel positioning to rig and harness the entire market for their own benefit to the detriment of the little guys, there is just way too much going on in the background to not believe that even the little guys are going to do exceptionally well in the not too distant future. (When? Who knows?)
    You don’t have to be a crypto expert to see the patterns that always front run massive explosions in any sector. The mass activity coupled with the endless fud and terrible news is the perfect setup imo.
    Even if these “criminals “ get complete control of the infrastructure, which they clearly are working on, it still portends a massive run up, and I think it’s gonna be legendary. Also, imo even if the big players get hold of the infrastructure it’s not going to last forever because once we get mass adoption going forward the decentralization element is going to ultimately make the “infrastructure “ obsolete, (this is my own theory and there’s tons of components to contemplate) and we will get to the point of national currencies becoming unnecessary altogether. That’s a ways off to be sure, but it’s coming. Then the institutions won’t be corralling / railroading everyone through their platforms because there won’t be a need to enter and exit via banks and national currencies. It’ll all be p2p since presumably all settlements can remain as crypto, and remain as such for co expenditures, future acquisitions, purchases of all nature, etc.
    The bad guys have been trying to wipe out blockchain from the beginning. It’s an existential threat to their paradigm. That’s good for hodlers of projects with staying power.
    The really exciting times are possibly quite a ways off yet, but I think some very interesting stuff is coming this year and into 1st 2nd Q 2019 when a large percentage of the current projects have up and running tech which will then start replacing existing scenarios and solving all these problems everyone is supposedly going to solve.
    The big question for me is, with the paradigm shift coming, will the problems many of these cos are presumably trying to solve even still be problems?
    Sorry for the lengthy ramble way off topic. Just sayin…
    Love your work – watch everything. ?

  5. Hi guys have you heard about the feniks finance project? he won a contest promising projects who conducted Ian Balina.

  6. The principal of this video is good but I’d suggest doing it based on your followers votes of what they want to see you review live. Can do a poll ahead of the video review

  7. Great idea for a live stream Hester (haha lolz!) shame it was such a dull coin but hey ho, on a plus made me at least feel good I don't have any! Look forward to future coin roulette Asger.

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