34 thoughts on “Crypto Retirement | How to Rap Drew & Ian Balina”

  1. I've been working everyday for the past 5 years!!!! I am 23 today, I am a certified caregiver and work 10 plus hour most days!!!

  2. Truly amazing, u even get more inspired to fulfill ur dreams after watching this video.
    It's been an year following Ian and he is still helping and motivating people to follow their dreams.

    You gotta know…
    You wanna work for yourself you gotta work for yourself

  3. i just love the fact that ian is just chilling in the pool with his laptop and still makes more than his haters ??

  4. Hard to make good money being in the US (icos). I know all Ico's don't succeed, but even if you dyor, and put in the work, there is nothing you can do to get the bonuses and perks of getting in early…especially if it's an exciting project. There is accredited investor, but some of us don't have that kind of capital. Look at mainframe…went 4x it's first day.

  5. Good one Ian! Have you invested in Zilliqa since it's a strong buy. Just like Zilliqa, Kakushin is a strong buy too. Did you by any chance check Kakushin dot io? It's a Decentralized Platform Turns Your Innovative Ideas into a Product. Kakushin allows innovators to bring their, paying little heed to instruction without worrying about the funding and resources. The Decentralized platform Kakushin Ecosystem is using blockchain technology for raising funds for innovations, innovators need to present their Ideas in decentralized ecosystem where investors would fund their invention. I think you should make a review on Kakushin.

  6. What the heck did I just watch? Jesus
    This is what Ian's channel is now ? Lol . Started watching for ico reviews back when. Now it's become a showboating joke

  7. Buy my Bags Balina, this sounds terrible and looks terrible. The price of BTC is gonna dump if this gets out?

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