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good morning everyone good morning it is September 19th it's 10:30 a.m. is that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news smash up the like subscribe to the channel I appreciate it and we'll get started in a few minutes got a lot to talk about today a lot to talk about so and we got a new first I started see I mix it up I started as live session really early in our RF dusty is number one so congratulations you get to ask a question got some big news out of fidelity big news out of PNC Bank big news for from the SEC we got a lot of big news today so today is gonna be a good one good morning everyone Thank You Darren you know it still surprises me that I still get comments if you look at my yesterday's video yesterday it was a real really good turnout almost 700 people tuned in so thank you for that we're looking in the comments it still boggles my mind some people make comments like George why are you so so bullish you know why don't you come down to reality and then know that you know the markets not over blah blah this is just I'm trying to understand those people like how does it help watching someone on YouTube go tell you that things are not gonna be okay and things are to only go get worse and you guys should sell out and I just don't get that I don't see why anyone would tune into that and I don't get why people leave those kind of comments and plus I don't believe in that so I'm not gonna go there I'm not gonna be like that so that still still bothers me it just bothers my mind but anyways I'm not gonna be like that guys I am what they call a perv all right you guys know me most of you guys know and I'm waiting I'm waiting for the market to turn bullish like you guys and we got only 11 days 11 days until the SEC decision on CBO is ETF the fact that they haven't denied it yet all right they didn't just you know they just didn't like like roll it in with the other nine that they denied right the fact that they did that means that they're seriously seriously seriously considering it and one of the SEC commissioners came out again and talked about it and a few weeks ago I talked about how Trump appointed a very pro SEC Commissioner to as well so that makes 2 out of the 5 that's Pro so all they have to do is sway the vote of one more and they're good and we're golden and we're go get that gas link dumped on the fire and we're gonna go up like hundreds of billions of dollars over a course of a few weeks we're all waiting for that but until then until then we have to we have to wait it out there so yeah there's so many influence now that turn negative I just don't know why and I don't know why people still tune into them what's the point right everyone you talk down this tree that's negative already you don't need to tune in someone to give you bad news so all right so let's let's get started guys smash up the likes this morning we we came out a little bit we weren't down yesterday and I guess yet last night this morning I don't think it started coming back up slightly so we're roughly more or less the same place we were yesterday there is a Bitcoin expiration of futures expiration today so I don't know the exact time but usually when a day or two before expiration things go down and afterwards things come back up and it's looking like it's trying to do that once again okay yesterday of course we saw a huge huge ripple pump and you see that right and it didn't hold it didn't go down it's holding and that's because they've got a big Saudi Bank you know part of ripple net now and that and that's not it because I'll get to another story north the ninth largest bank in the u.s. is also joining ripple net so they're making a lot of they're making a lot of traction also X rapid which a lot of people are waiting for is go come out next month but besides besides ripple you have other movers Cardinals moving up you know these the moves are not that big but they're they're slight Z cash going up what else's waves got chain link up in a big way so good for them I do like them then come on guys come on who's buying ten turquoise I really want to know who's buying ten to coin I gave update a few days ago I I still don't get it I still don't get it alright so before I get to the chart let's go let's talk about today's top story which is fidelity investments right so you guys heard of Blackrock Blackrock is the biggest ETF provider in the world has like six or seven millions in asset right fidelity investment is one of the biggest in the world I don't know the exact number but they have over two point four trillion we're talking about T not be to four two point four trillion dollars okay of assets and we've already heard that they are going to become a custody or to go off for custody services for Kryptos right so they're gonna be able to store a lot of Bitcoin and so forth for other clients and other clients are these brokers and exchanges and so forth right but now they've come out and said they're working on a number not just one a number of cryptocurrency and blockchain related products and offerings and their release is tentatively fixed for some time before end of the year before the end of the year okay so this is not one of those things where they're like okay we're gonna be looking into things and you have to wait a year before you know things come out No so they've been doing this already they've been planning for it and she said it's coming beforehand in a year so we're you know remember I said there's a lot of huge things coming in the last three months of the year right really two and a half months now and we got the CBOE ETF right we still have back that's coming now we're gonna see some huge products coming from fidelity by the end of the year so this is what I'm saying guys the bull rata is going to start soon okay it's going to start soon you got to be excited about this you do like as a bear you can't fight this like how can you argue against this you've got some of the largest players in the financial world okay we're talking about players that control trillions trillions of dollars and they're all gonna be getting themselves situated with crypto products crypto trading custodial warehousing anything you can think of they're getting into a right they recognize this is the future and we gotta get in so this is why there's so much things happening and such good things that will be coming to the market this is very different from 2013 2014 and all the years behind where people are still you know ta guys like to compare to charts and stop and say oh this is very similar and stuff like that you tell me was Blackrock fidelity New York psyched but you know I see New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ banks such as Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs or any of these companies interested in Bitcoin or crypto products three years ago no none of them took it seriously but they are taking it seriously now so this is a huge huge thing so what else she does she said something else too in our own words well we started with building long lists of use cases for Bitcoin ether name other crypto currencies or potentially just raw blockchain technology that's a huge thing black chain is really what's go drive to industry but most of them have been scrapped for now or at least put on a shelf the things that actually survived or not the things I think necessarily expected we are listening to the marketplace anticipate what would make sense so basically they were looking at some stuff right just like with everyone else it didn't work now they're kind of revamping this actually kind of relates to another article which is this which shape-shifts CEO basically said the Bitcoin drop is beneficial in building market foundation so I totally agree with that so basically this decline has a lot of companies rethinking their strategy right rethinking of how they really want to build out their company and Fedele is also in that space so but obviously they're gonna be doing what's best and this is a huge thing okay and I'll get to the other article later all right so besides this which is a really big positive news okay and remember a black rock I mentioned Black Rock they're also team up employing bass to come up with their Bitcoin ETF as well so that is also in the works and if that comes out you know that probably won't because they have a submitted so that's not gonna come out this year but if they submit it soon and it comes out early the next year that's another big thing now what's also big is PNC the ninth largest bank by asset in the u.s. is joining ripple net alright so they're gonna be using that's current product but even in here this is what I was saying right you get your foot in the door and that's what ripple is doing and once they do they're gonna try to get people to use X rapid so so basically this is what's happening they've asked about that you know so here is a quote with PNC the idea is to get a few quarters lit up with X current when you're ready to start talking my merging markets will introduce them to X rapid we're working with them to get started with X current so it's not completely a new feature to move to X rapid so this is this is the strategy of ripple and I've been saying this right they have hundreds of banks and think in here said it's run across 48 countries right and even though they're not using X pre XRP just yet it gets the foot in the door and they can introduce them to other products such as X rapid once it gets released so that is a big thing for ripples so this is also very positive that is coming out today that kind of goes along with what was happening yesterday now this this is also big we have heard of Nasdaq yet you know try to have secret meetings to try to evaluate how they're go get themselves in crypto changes and so forth they're trying to team up with Gemini a few things and they're they're purchasing they're trying to purchase a crypto friendly startup called point of BIR I get I got Stockholm based firm that offers real-time clearing technology for training venues Clearing House around the world so they're trying to buy them so you know that Nasdaq is also thinking about this I've talked about right ice York Stock Exchange other stock chains around the world they're getting into crypto trading Nasdaq is certainly evaluating it and they're wondering how to best do it right so this is also a sign of them moving in that direction right again this is why the landscape now is totally different from three years ago this is just out of blue I don't know why and I don't think this is a good thing all right is all of a sudden I do which is universal wallet which I back before I like them is they had a universal wallet and they have ICO engine which you can make you know you could buy steel really easily and also there come out the hybrid exchange now all of a sudden day they introduce a stable coin based on gold and they said that you know they're gonna have us gonna have a security vault they're gonna have a security camera in the vault so you can look at the gold to make sure people have it because all the other Kryptos before that's backed by gold is it's like stored somewhere else right and you can only verify it through their website or whatever this is a little bit different it's gonna have a camera although I just don't know why they need this so now they have two different currencies they have II do token now and this new one econ UK oh and token everyone is trying to come out a stable coin right I think they're just trying to make money off the fees somehow I don't think Idol should be in the stable coin game they're not nearly big enough to to really handle this I believe I mean if you know yeah let's just say it starts you know there's hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of dollars that's going into this new stable coin from idle can they really handle it I don't know I don't know I just don't think this is a good idea I think everyone's trying to jump on his bandwagon up creating a stable coin I think eventually it's gonna collapse we don't need that much stable points and in fact when exchanges start introducing fiat trading pairs there is absolutely zero use for stable coins so I don't I just don't like it alright what else of course CM me well this GME exec says don't blade Bitcoin futures for the bear market because a lot of people made this correlation I did to that the day after Bitcoin futures was introduced was bitcoins peak and then it started going down from there the day after confucius introduced so think about that is that a coincidence or did Wall Street what you know we're there waiting for the opportunity you know for that to be introduced and start them in Oakland market I don't know but of course this guy says don't blame us we're just a small part of the market well he's just trying to do some damage control at this point alright alright so like I mentioned with this article shapeshift CEO I totally believe what that I believe what this is what he's saying and what the message is you know when everything was going up everyone was just following everything regardless if the project was good or bad everything gets pumped up right and the projects weren't really tested because they were making hundreds of million dollars for nothing so now when you have like a like a down market you know bearish market now when things are super low that's when these projects and the leaders are really tested right what do you do when you don't have millions hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank you only have a few million right and you have to have support the team of 24 let's say two or three years right this is this is a really good test and this is how you know the good projects survive and you know become more successful in the future and a bad pride is pretty much died out as you guys know we have almost 2000 right 1977 there's probably more than that so there's probably 2000 projects and probably 99% of them are what what's considered coins or projects that don't deserve to have a crypto or blockchain and the 1% will survive right and there go get stronger there it'll be the ones that becomes the next Amazon Microsoft Google so forth and that's what we're all waiting for right but you know so that's the good thing with a bear market right that's the good thing that comes out of it and kind of just like shakes out all the weak players right the weak hands there are projects and only the strong hands will survive all right so speaking in the SDC and Bitcoin ETF I mentioned there's one left and it will be decided in the 11 days and that's from CBO yeoman Ike they're partnering up with that and their ETF is backed back by Bitcoin not back by Bitcoin futures back by Bitcoin so this is very very important if it gets approved a lot of institutional or investors retirement funds and just just big money overall okay we'll be able to invest and buy shares of the CTF without really buying Bitcoin and they don't you know that's because the convenience of it you could use any broker to buy you don't to store you don't have to safeguard it and that's where a custodian will hold it and the ETF will basically offer shares on it so this will be a good thing I believe will bring in billions upon billions upon billions of might bring trillions into the market and we're all waiting for that now we have heard from Hester Pearson read because the first time the first Bitcoin a Jedi was denied this year from the winklevosses she ready came out and said that we should not have denied it the the sec was more worried about bitcoin rather than the etf itself so she's like well we need to change that right so her cool sec Shanaya a bitcoin markets only by building up products like etf now i made a video about this other guy that trump appointed so the SEC Commissioner Commission has five members so she's one of the five right so you need a majority vote we don't know it was like two versus three or one versus four but Trump appointed another SEC Commissioner I was very Pro Bitcoin and I forgot his name but that makes two out of the five so all they have to do is swing vote one over and that's it right and I think that the fact that that the Bitcoin ETF wasn't denied already along with the other nine is very very positive very very positive okay so we got that coming up very very soon and then you know since you guys love those Lambos and Lambos that have hotle more whole license plate so will then read it put this one of the nice versa alright so that's pretty much the news looking at a chart what's going out with BTC not not not a whole lot okay where we're going sideways we're waiting for the next leg up which I believe will be coming very soon especially when Bitcoin futures expiration expires today and I don't know what time that is and usually after that we start having a good pump upwards all right overall BG five minutes fifty five percent we've been here for a while one hundred ninety nine billion not the best not the best we certainly want to go above 200 and we'll see what the rest of the day brings alright so that's it that's it leaving some time for you guys for questions obviously hit the likes hit the likes guys quantify – Seca etf banks government regulations all these aren't designed to work with Bitcoin bitcoin is competitive global economy specifically fiat currency you know here here's a good analogy right because I know that Bitcoin and blockchain general was created to overthrow these things but but let's face reality okay it's Apple overthrow things over like night it's probably never go overthrow things so the best the best case is to have everything work together and this is why the government's and so forth they're not trying to shut it down either is they think that there's no point to it right it's better to work together then try to say it has to be one or two others so that's why Bitcoin Maximus like jimmy song and and others are so libertarians that like like oh you can't trust anything that's centralized well the world has been operating for thousands of years with a centralized system and we're doing okay right of course things can be better but it's not like every centralized system out there is broken so that's where I have that opinion you gotta find things that that that can work together right that could work together so you don't have to have one or the other do you see XRP going to five dollars after release of X rapid now no I don't it's not gonna go from thirty five cents to five dollars no now we'll get there over time yeah definitely can when the whole market is starting to move up go to all-time highs and we're at two three five trillion dollars rupal could definitely get up there we saw go up to 377 only last year right that was way way too over pumped however it definitely happened I had the best viewers I like to think so too thank you uh blue Zell blue Zell I do like although they have fallen drastically fallen drastically but do you think that they can pick up and their decentralize database so that's good for them I need more news on fusion now no more news on fusion other than they're still trying to work on their main net ex Manero Gopal tomorrow getting caught added on cloven hood yes no one cares about : hood okay so no it's not gonna get bumped because of that it could be pumped for other reasons but not because it's ad being added on Coleman hood I think Wendy's like I think as long as pick my stays about 5k that is probably as low as it goes i watch the daily chart to see the swing going back up I don't think we're gonna go to 5k I think we're gonna hover right around six k60 160-200 and that is low we have seen the market dump no the the Bears really really really try to dump and all points might dump but bitcoin is holding there is some there is some support there and we don't know what it is but there's a ton a ton a ton of buys there and that's probably for the miners and ice and everyone else that wants to keep it above 6000 I don't care what's on ice it's like what they said in an anchorman 60% of the time you're right all the time or something like that right just because you throw like some numbers out there doesn't mean that it's true I could say 99% chance that home base is wrong alright so you can quote that and see what happens Mount Goff's creditors meeting on September 26 thoughts that's fine that's fine I've heard I they're not gonna be releasing the bitcoins anyways until February of next year and it could be even later than that but it doesn't mean that any any person that's getting the Bitcoin it's gonna be selling to you got to realize those people that's involve the Bitcoin you know when Mount God's is around Bitcoin was a thousand and lower now there are a lot of them are crypto millionaires right so why would they just instantly sell out so it doesn't harm them because they they're they're their bitcoins went up tenfold already right so doesn't mean that just because they're getting their Bitcoin out means that it goes be selling yeah as for rip why five hundred eighty six eighty nine dollars whoever said that that's be us doubt never never happened that'll be the market cap of like a hundred trillion dollars or something like that that's not gonna happen so you know it's funny some people some people like just kind of make bold predictions based on price without looking at a circulating and total supply and if you actually do some math it's just some of those are impossible it's just not gonna happen man that's a coin I can't say enough about them to coin well these nuts if if you really believe that then then I guess it has to be right right because when I met them in person I'm like okay if your TA is so good did you predict that did your TA show that big horns will go up to 20,000 and he's like no my ta show big clinical hit a max is 7400 and then from there it went up to 20,000 so that's from his word his mouth and if he is a former RIS analyst which I can't prove anyways he's he's been saying that on his website you go out his LinkedIn all these experience walls supposedly Wall Street experience he's quoted to have can't really be verified so I'll that's why I'll say about that Lincoln link I missed you the last couple days he must have not wanted to see me bash it heartily when I feel about Bitcoin cash I really wish I really wish Roger beer would just come back to Bitcoin him he is really good his debate with Jimmy even though Jimmy made all the right points Jimmy was just the arrogant bastard and made me want to root for Roger and that's what ended up happening you can do a quick video on how to cup like prices as the market Rises you know you know you don't need a you don't need a video for that the market cap is basically the price time the circuit of supply that's it right so whatever you want to calculate you think you theory emits go go up to $400 so the market cap you take $400 times they're going to supply and you'll see you're you're at like 40 you know 42 billion or something like that that's it right so you want to see what ripple will be at what $586 you do $586 times this and you look at the market cap you'll see it's in like the trillions of you know tens to hundreds of trillions that that's it that's how you calculate market cap and you look at the world's money supply and then you think huh can ripple really get into hundreds of trillions probably not how does one raise capital to start new blockchain and/or coin well you can be you could do what 2,000 other companies pretty much do which is to have ICO well you're not gonna do too well in this bit in this down market right now otherwise you call traditional right you you look for angel investors or you look at BCS and see there's so many VC companies that is dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to crypto projects so you got to talk to them you got to talk to them why would you need to calculate your Toshi value you don't you don't need to all the exchanges already tell you and you could just simply divide by the Bitcoin price and also get a sure Toshi value so i it's not relevant i do everything in USD what do you think i'm i'll be china i still think they're they're really awesome and i think they're undervalued i think they're gonna be a top ten coins owned any idea why robin Zhang is removed from the Navajos website well I'm assuming that he got kicked off the team or he left on his own I have no idea no idea that might be a big thing well you luck troll them come back to halt I'm like no I don't think so I've always said I never liked he liked Rona my thought the mobile mining thing was gimmicky make a cool mobile game that people get addicted to and reward them with tokens rather than try to do similar mining on on the phone that that that entices no one to to use the app right so I don't think so I don't think it's coming back to all-time highs Mineiro looks pretty good Venera looks pretty good mostly because I like the very low circular supply and total supply I think it's the scarce Ness of it is really gonna help it in the long run well don't pick up of course dolls will pick up you know a lot of people complain oh it's a it's pretty low All Time Low's yeah it is doll Point market is decimated however look at where it is compared to his peers it's actually hauled up really well it's been the top 100 for a while may or may be 102 or something like that but it has held up there while everything else have dropped below it that kind of shows that there is a support for nulls would you buy a bicycle or dead dacoit I think I'll buy a bicycle I think rather by bicycle what do you think about credits reaching actually they reached 1.3 million GPS but again is simulated and it really doesn't matter if there's no – run on top of it so what's really gonna be important is is depth loop ring worth hold on – I do I do big loop ring and it's still worth holding on to I don't think they're made their main cut their main thing is their niche is they're working with q Tom and Neil and I don't think Neil's going away anytime soon they have their ecosystem so loop ring is gonna be part of that as Fork Utah I don't know what what they're doing stellar yes stellar I like stellar a lot from the top 10 outside of Bitcoin stellar is my second most liked coin so I do like stellar a lot SEOs doing more airdrops they do air drops like almost weekly you go go search for this website I think it's called yields air drops they'll tell you like every single air drop that's coming on you'll see there's a ton a ton what utility tokens will disappear with the rival is security guys no it doesn't mean just disappear you could have utility had security tokens there's no saying that you can't have both thoughts on BDC prices over the next three months I do think that we have a lot of a lot of good things happening today like I mentioned fidelity fidelity which has two point four trillion dollars of assets they're aiming to release crypto products by the year end okay we're not talking about next year to go release products before year end they that is big news you still have back that's coming by ice you still have the CBOE ETF that's coming right and you got other things like such as square that might introduce crypto payments on their their network and there's a whole bunch of stuff a whole bunch of stuff that's coming right so if all this hits one after another after another after another you go see the biggest recovery and FOMO that we ever seen and may ever see in our lifetime we can just just do a hockey stick up and hit like a trillion dollars instantly however you know to to I have to say that even that happens it's not it's not healthy right we don't want to see these hockey stick growth we want to see slow steady growth so but if it does happen you know pick one to shoot up to twenty-five thirty thousand by year-end which I think it can't happen that is certainly one of the three coins I think we'll get at it and coinbase it's most likely bat basic attention point zero access stellar I think those three will be added first now card on oh and Z cash they still have very good chances we Annie who knows maybe the coin base has all five of them right so they're all really good products but I do think that is one of the ones that will be at it alright guys I think that's it over a half hour so this was a good session again guys we got very very very good things happening in the crypto market so stay strong don't get don't become a weak hand don't get scared out of the market we're gonna have really really good things coming very soon we're gonna enter that bull bull country none you go be happy that you stuck with it right all right so smash of the life subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys tomorrow take care guys goodbye

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  2. When u gonna do that again ? How much money u make ? ?

    Why r u misleading people. We already know these prices r manipulated

  3. if they dont give VanEck ETF the nod and Bakkt gets its launch in Nov, it would screw VanEck & the CBOE. because at that point an ETF would be no big deal with having Bakkt. SO if VanEck gets delay, I would bet Bakkt runs into 'delays' from CFTC…then once custody is really in place all sudden shit gets approved.(ETF 1st then Bakkt etc) early 2019. Just my guess.

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  5. atta boy, stay positive!! people are always going to hate, but because you had that positive bullish attitude is the reason you have a Ferrari. Hopefully I will be in that club soon

  6. sad to see that you really believe that that the etf approval would bring us into a bullmarket instantly, do you need the hopium that much? if only an etf can get btc back to track than there is something seriously wrong with this market but yeah please go on to dream 😀 and i don't know why you are that much against the bearish people, at least they don't only say what the desperate people want to hear, they say the true stuff even if they only get hate from all sides, tone vays for example. everybody hates him but still he is smarter than 99% of the people here, you included, i'm sorry.

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  13. Ref Mt Gox Of course there going to sell them !!!! or at least a good percentge of them !! After being burnt so hard and holding out in the wilderness for so long then being handed that back you think they dont have plans for that money lol
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  14. Everybody is bearish now because everybody and their moms are shorting BTC on Bitmex. They are hoping that it goes down to line their pockets. IMO, Bitmex will only harm the crypto space.

  15. It all depends on your strategy. If you are swing trader, being perma something isn't helpful. And RIP to all people who wants to day trade without giving a single fuck about learning TA. Just because good news have the power of creating 1 day lasting pump, it doesn't mean, that crypto only depends on news.

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