Crypto OTC and CFD Trading, Cannabis Coins To Consider!

my name is Krypto dog to the rescue welcome to my channel appreciate everybody watching liking and subscribing let's get right into it here coin market cap 269 billion so it's up to 275 billion and now it's just kind of going a little bit down a little sideways today so again things are just kind of going sideways of the past couple days we had a nice weekend but then of course after that weekend everything just seems to be going sideways we do have some good gainers though of veritasium of 23% in the past 24 hours this coin say 15 16 % mithril 12 percent so it's looking pretty good silica is up a little bit four or five percent it's looking pretty good about a half way down the list then we start seeing some red again so kind of like the past couple days here so moving right into it here I've been doing a lot of researching on things and of course I've been talking about over-the-counter trading in my last couple videos and the reason why I got into it so much was you know over the counter trading obviously is what the big investors are using you know only the whales can really use over-the-counter training and it keeps them obviously you know dropping their wrists to significantly lower and of course when they use over the counter trading they're not putting big you know elephant foot in the water and making you know the price rise and price go down so that's why you know over-the-counter trading is more enticing to the whale so you know they're the elephants I call so you know what is OTC trading OTC trading is cryptocurrency that takes place that takes place away from the digital currency exchange is favored by many large scale traders over the counter trades are often placed by hedge funds private wealth managers or high net worth individuals so of course OTC trades can be facilitate facilitated in several different ways including via brokers through chat rooms and using Bitcoin TM so you know again this this you know if they can diversify into many brokers then of course it's not big feet you know hitting the water all at once if they you know throughout the day on a day they you know swing basis so that's why it's a lot more enticing um you know you guys got to realize that you know when over-the-counter training is happening okay um and they're using in the exchange know instead say they're not using over-the-counter training so they're doing it in the exchanges right well if they have a dollar of Bitcoin let's just say Bitcoin is at a dollar okay and they bought Bitcoin at a dollar and they bought you know ten Bitcoin okay so at ten Bitcoin and then someone comes in and says hey I want to buy one of your Bitcoin but I want it for a dollar ten so you can make a profit you know so it's win-win situation well you've now just turned all of your ten Bitcoin into a dollar ten each so not only is your you know ten Bitcoin is not worth ten dollars anymore it's now worth you know eleven dollars because it's now a dollar ten per Bitcoin so that's what I'm talking about when an elephant puts their foot in the water it makes the price go up dramatically just based on that little simple you know formula there of what bitcoin is so that's why OTC trading is so again again so enticing to them because again they don't put their foot in the water and they change the price to a dollar ten you know they diversify it over many many brokers and ATM machines and so on and so forth and it really doesn't hurt the price very much using over-the-counter training with that being said that's why features has such a big elephant walk you know when they move things and you know the contracts are up and contracts are starting there's big big freakin movement in the pricing and that's what causes all this volatility so we need to get these big investors out of over-the-counter training and into the actual market of exchange so I was looking into some other things because I always do I always looking at international news UK Asia so on so forth and I was looking at Bloomberg in that you know this was an older article about this guy I made two hundred ninety five percent on crypto currency derivatives so looking into this guy J Smith you know I kind of looked at his background and you know he didn't finish school he just started trading and he was very disciplined in his trading and now he's the number one crypto currency trader on eToro and this it's not a bank I don't know where that came from where did that come from being run names like Bitcoin and a few holy moley and that's why I'm moving over to brave because there's just too many ads on on Google anymore you know I can't even hardly do a video without this stuff happening so anyway so so the CF DS is what kind of popped my in my head from this article here the CFDs okay so let's move into what a CFD is all right ot sees mirror that we have over the counter trading and now that and we've always had CFDs but we don't we can't use in the US so a contract for difference it's basically like a futures contract is what you're you know you're speculating that it's gonna go short or it's gonna go along and let's just kind of look at this chart right here real quick so it kind of just shows you on a visual basis what a what a CFD actually does so you open a short CFD position you can go along to but you know see if these are actually used a lot for shorting so you open up a short position and then you close the CFD position and the difference in price between those two points is what you've made okay so simple is that it's a features contract but they call see if these because it's leveraged and the little guy can use these okay so that's you know really a good thing to see but again with that being said see if these are off the exchange they don't sell on the exchange just like OTC so you're not really doing you know Annie taro has CFDs and so on so forth but again if you're in the u.s. we're banned from this because we have over the counter training and we have futures so they just say you know notice f d even though for the little guy see if he may be good but of course you know you're risking more then you're going to make based on the leveraging of that so that's why this CSE sees come in said no to CFDs because you know us we found a pound all gambling and if the risk is too high Big Daddy SEC comes in and goes no no no you can't risk that much so it is what it is when it comes to risk management in you know carnation but you know didn't want to touch on CFDs you know why I see if the illegal in the US and I was kind of just saying that we have OTC and we have Bitcoin futures and that's why the SEC has come in and said no because basically it's just against the law at this point so you know we'll move forward from there so and this is we know kind of news now dock co uk is where I get a lot of the news at least from the UK and I'm not a lot of it but not all of it but a lot of it moving forward proactive investors this is actually concerning I was reading this actually concerning India but then I started looking into this about LA and the can report and you know I remember you know I played a stock market for over three years and my first year of stock market trading I made 34% on my money so I mean way way better than you know a fund manager could do and then the second one I worked was working a lot more so I made about twenty eighteen percent the year after that I made about twelve percent so and then you know I started kind of going down because I was just getting busier and busier going to school blah blah but I always made at least eight to ten percent on a yearly basis but averaging out within the past three to five years and what I made I made about eighteen percent um overall in the stock market so no reason why I'm mentioning this is because marijuana stocks it's actually a big big number on that the first year because you know marijuana is you know big you know it comes to stocks and I picked a couple good stocks and they they you know one X on me very quickly so moving into that you know I started looking into this and I and I come up with la will begin the process California legalize cannabis back in January but the city of la Los Angeles has been hesitant to proceed with licensing so now they're getting into licensing throughout the summer here and they're gonna be opening up marijuana cultivators manufacturers on August 1st so and that's you know per the daily report so it may be a little delayed but still it's coming in in the you know beginning of fall into summer and I remember can a royalty as a good stock and they've now acquisitions Flora Cal farm so you know third they're strong and they're based at Ottawa so it's Canada in Canada is not going to legalize marijuana nationwide so and that's gonna hopefully be happening this summer as well so cannon royalty looks like a really good stock with that being said I'm in crypto I'm kind of out of stock right now but I may pick up some of that with that banks in I've been looking into car into up cannabis coins and a couple of them have really stuck out cannabis coin itself CN n looks really really good Paragon looks okay hemp coin THC looks actually like a really good one this year and can a coin came a coin is kind of the the OG here so it's been around since 2014 and they're still using it as peer-to-peer so it's actually very well known THC coin you know they're strictly for the farming industry medical recreational the dispensary so that looks like a good one as well you know to track things and of course the cannabis coin is is just basically a better coin than can coin so then yeah then mechanic what is it the other one called yeah I told the can can a coin so it's it's just a you know an upgrade from the Kanekalon it's kind of what they're saying and it's a rate of one coin to one gram a week I mean that's crazy you know and then the price of it is is not that much you know I think it's only like a 10 cents right now it's crazy to see but you know that's that's what they want to do it and if you can coin and one started at 0.002 and now it's up to like you know two cents so and you not 200x on your money right there that's crazy so I'm gonna be looking into one of these is either a long-term point or a short-term hole depending on what coin is working with Canada are with Canada the most and I believe it is can a coin that works most with Canada so just you know food for thought we know when you're going into these coins and then moving into cannabis coin a little bit more it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency okay the market cap is that you know based on other cannabis coins it's actually not a bad market cap total supply actually not that bad and the volume isn't that bad you know comparing to the other ones and like I said Canada back on track to legalizing marijuana this year this summer so they want to you know legalize it you know nationwide that's good that's just gonna be crazy it's it's a huge market so last but not least crypto fear ingredient X at 31 as I was kind of suspecting he was gonna do just based on you know the coin market cap and Bitcoin dominance so 31 today 27 yesterday 18 last week looking better looking better and let's hope what we keep on this upward trend here but I'll keep on the market as far as the futures markets and the over-the-counter markets and keep you guys informed on that so my name is crypto dog to the rescue please like subscribe hit the bell comment below and all helps my channel and the dogs that I rescue and you guys have a great day keep up the grind

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