Hi, this is Cointelegraph here. Back with your favorite game, this time in
Times Square ‘Crypto Or…’ we’re gonna go and ask some people ‘Crypto or SoundCloud
rapper’. Do you guys know what Bitcoin is? I’ve heard of it. I don’t have it though. I know it’s a form of currency. I don’t particular use it. It is online trading system. Money that’s on the Internet, but is not controlled
by banks and it’s controlled by the people who like have it. So its worth is based on how many people buy
it and how many people don’t. I have some, but I don’t know the exact definition. So what I’m going to do is there’s about,
you know, like more than a thousand different cryptocurrencies out there. I’m going to say a word and you’re gonna tell
me if it’s a cryptocurrency or the name of a SoundCloud rapper. All right, the first one is Comethazine. I’d say that’s a currency, that’s a SoundCloud
rapper. Ardor. I would say SoundCloud. It’s the cryptocurrency. Nahmir. Rapper?. It’s rapper! Nahmir. It’s a SoundCloud rapper. Yeah, it’s a SoundCloud rapper. Pouya. That’s a rapper. Yeah, that’s a rapper.I mean, that one is too easy. Wanchain. Sounds like a Chinese or Japanese currency. It’s a cryptocurrency. You got it. Comethazine. I wanna say SoundCloud again. Yeah, SoundCloud. Wanchain. Cryptocurrency. Yeah, it’s a cryptocurrency. WiFi’s funeral. I don’t know. It’s a crypto. It’s a rapper. Ardor. I’m going to say that’s a cryptocurrency. Yeah, that’s a cryptocurrency. This is called TaTaTu. That sounds like a rapper. It’s a currency. Well, I am the Naked Cowboy, I don’t take
Bitcoin. I am the Naked Cowboy and I’m swinging my loins. Wanchain. Crypto, that’s a good job. You guys are doing super well. Tay-K. Rapper? Yeah, it’s a rapper. Mixin. Mixin. Mix in. Crypto. Yeah, you got it. GX chain. That’s a Cryptocurrency. It’s a cryptocurrency. We have no prizes. It’s just like a personal accomplishment. Thank you very much. That’s my phone number. Alright.


  1. Dear Molly, could you do the next show whith the same suit as the naked cowboy? 🙂
    (but lets forget the rainbow nail paint or I may pass)

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