that's we sell it to the new year that's an opportunity an opportunity unrivaled by any that we've seen in recent times something we've always wanted passive income crypto you know big Kinect was good for a time it made some people rich but it was a scam no product no BOTS nothing and I'm always look for opportunities and I've been very quiet for a long time other than that next those of you that remember me from the days last year the golden era when we launched platforms like regal coin and you know thorne coin is still around today although it has no community it's just a carcass of what we left behind and then it was poly network do you remember how I used to be able to put people underneath people in my network and help everyone well this opportunity is coming again and there's going to be an opportunity for those who hustle an opportunity that's proven itself that's spreading around the world deliver remember while some of you some of you have been my fans for a long time my followers my wolves howl we've been divided but they've never conquered we're all still here well people you remember once I said that that I had like an inside group kind of like traitors and stuff Mentors well it's time so imagine a passive income opportunity that was legal in every country and paid you one percent on average per day real traders verified people that you can find and research they'd even invite you to their offices there's no exchange there's no stupid token no dumb token that we got a buying an IC o—- and hope that it goes up on an exchange or no stupid platform to lock it up and say you can't sell it no no stupid smart contract it never turned out to be so smart a community of people stronger than it connect could have ever been this is illegal this requires kyc I did it those who get in first are gonna come in directly underneath there's a spillover effect imagine a stack of champagne glasses at a wedding and as you fill the top glasses it spills over and everyone reached the rewards but those who hustle will have the opportunity to build something epic a legacy imagine traveling together as a pack growing stronger there's already a massive YouTube community that's what any project needs look look at the gandhiji project with just crypto see he's pushing every day well there's a hundred youtubers around the world maybe thousands that have been talking about this it's been the hidden fire I've tempted a secret for a long time because after what I went through and landing platform scammed us I had to put the brakes on I was tied to catching the blame but I made people rich people we got into divorce $0.72 poly Network the building of the networks are beneath you is where the wealth comes in and a product a product you all want you look you want to trade you don't want the hassle you want it to be easy for you don't you now we know bots are fake what if you could get in with a syndicate and do nothing you get two benefits one passive income that's legitimate 60 page legal document from their law firm kyc there's so much here multiple components getting into something like this at the bottom of a bear market could be life-changing Devore changed my life regal coin changed my life the most money and I dare say it that I've ever made in crypto and you know that I am an epic traitor and I've taught all of you how to do it has been in these platform things and this is no scabby platform you know many times we went into these daps and we're feeding on each other this time I let the forest fill with sheep before we unleash the wolves and my friends the forest is filling up worldwide and it's time we get our peace our peace now the people who get it first directly underneath me are going to have a massive benefit can you imagine an affiliate program look everybody's got affiliate programs Amazon has one the ledger meadow has one tor guard my VPN has one it's business it's word of mouth it's not network marketing that's correct we're not gonna rub creams and lotions on our bodies and sing Kumbaya Yeah right can you imagine the Oracle doing that this is going to be huge this is going to be what you ever wanted look we tell you a little component on let you in a little tiny secret before I unleash unleash yeah it's delicious before I unleash my premier video on my main channel tomorrow this is gonna be something you want to see but I'm gonna take your first neat peek everybody wants trade ideas imagine this team giving you a daily trade idea you act on it if you want to it's up to you imagine them teaching you everything that I've been teaching you and more the inside the inside of training imagine if they paid you if they paid you while you learned imagine being able to watch over a trader shoulder over his shoulder as he makes his moves moves his fleet into position the aerial view of watching every move as you learned now that's a product don't you think seven to nine ideas in your email inbox a week live webinars for you to talk to these mentors and if you don't want any of that just go into passive income one percent a day nice-nice aid in Bitcoin real revenue from real trainers no more nonsense you want calls you want to learn you want to know technical analysis inside and out you'll want to know the inside what's happening with ripple with litecoin you want to know about trunk why don't you find out from the inside stop being an outsider everybody wants to go to the moon everybody wants to reach the Stars everyone wants to be a star alright let's go to the moon I got something members of my faltering on this we're already taking advantage there's a starship about to take off are you gonna catch this one you miss the other ones didn't you you hate trading it's not what you want to do you don't want to do pit mechs but you want something look it's not that you haven't gotten to where you want in your life because you were lazy it's because you didn't have the right vehicle the right vehicle will strap on because we're about to go into the stratosphere get ready


  1. I think the better strategy would be to get people in binary side first- that's completely passive… and they won't have to worry about recruiting anyone! and still get paid daily$ either way good luck

  2. Exciting times!!!  Love the thought of new opportunities as we move into 2019!!! Bring it on!!!  Happy New Year!!!

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