Crypto News Week in Review Jan 1st – 6th, 2019 – BitTorrent Tron Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain

and I'm proud to have that German lip there's no question about it great stuff to do it must do a lot with you you must do a summation to do a putz still haunts me no hostile nation the hospital either their hot bitch interrupts the auspicious right boom they jack night we'll still be there hahaha nice right hey guys the fuck is this is this creepy or what hello hey guys how's it going if it maybe I should do today's we can review like this how you doing welcome back yeah you know I just saw these uh on top of my fridge staring at me and I was like man this is kind of creepy I want to do something with it and I did you see it's that's what life is all about yeah I mean if you if you just see something and you want to do it just do it just do it I mean you'll feel worse if you did it do it like right now I'm glad I did that because otherwise I would have felt even worse and I would have been not able to sleep tonight knowing that I didn't do that anyways welcome back guys today is Sunday January 5th 2019 and we made it the first fucking year the first week of the year is already behind us that's it literally that's what she said I hope you guys had an amazing week I've had an amazing week I'm first of all I can't even believe it's 2019 I can't believe the first week is already over and I can't believe Blaine how awesome it's been like for reals like honestly I mean did you hear Joe Rogan is gonna be interviewing Kanye West perhaps wait take a few steps back – I got the answers man you already got the answers up they were tweeting about it they were tweeting each other like I can't I can't wait for that I don't know about you but you know that's it okay episodes over because that's it that's all actually if you guys already know it's been a pretty pretty balls-to-the-wall week already I know most of you guys up there still sleeping or you haven't even come back to work still on vacation so on and so forth in fact you're probably watching this and you're probably crying yourself in bed because you're like fuck you got to go back to work tomorrow again you already know where I was fucking standing on that shit you know III make Monday my bitch all right as a matter of fact you know like I'm working Sunday fuck I'm working Saturday I'm working every fucking day but again that's because I have found what I love and I encourage you guys to do the same over and over and over and over and over again so you can have that blind enthusiasm which I have all the fucking time which is you know again it could be overly exhausting to some people that are not used to this it can be overly overwhelming for others and so on and so forth but hey you know this is why I like Greg Gary Vee so much that gravitates toward that gravitate towards people like that and and so on and so forth you know Joe Rogan Kanye you know the most hardcore of the hardcore you know Cameron hangs you name it you know people that are like you know go hard to go home because this is just one life motherfuckers you know if you don't live your life you're gonna be fucking regretting it to the rest you do you die like for reals no matter what age you are if you're not out there living your life you only other thing you're doing is regretting not living your life so stop it all right no more excuses enough of that but let's get to the Week in Review all right so without further ado let me show you guys the Week in Review so without further ado we review write and review mean review today is Monday December 31st 2018 I just don't get the mentality of being head down sad on a Monday morning I'm gonna make Monday morning my bitch I'm gonna make you Saturday Monday morning that's what I want to do every morning and that's what I want from you please take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is all right so without further ado the 2019 crypto outlook it's gonna be bearish this fuck how's your company gonna make money do you have a business model how many shares of stock will it take to end this conversation two million it is done so much technology on the hardware and the software side so much stuff it's gonna revolutionize the whole world just like the just like the internet did just like the light bulb did just like the automobile did and so on and so forth [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] today is January 1st 2019 look at the 2008 chart and Mets was gonna be happening in 2019 and we're probably not gonna be seeing a recovery if we see a recovery but we will will always see a recovery until next year so a year from today we're still gonna be going through this and if I won't be until summer of next year summer of 2020 oh god please no no somebody hey sir sir sir you see those keys here sir oh oh oh you as we already know today is proof of keys day and I really do hope that all you guys out there have your keys have your private keys I hope you know what I mean just you know trying to be funny here haha so I hope you guys have your keys out there your private keys and you know we're just watching the fireworks now again there might not be any fireworks at all we might just be watching a whole lot of nothing which might be the case in which case you know whatever but the point is that this is a very important day going forward I feel that every single year from here on end should be proof of keys you know this is the first anniversary of proof of keys and I think that we should do proof of keys every single year why because if every exchange out there knows that on the 3rd there's gonna be a bank run or there was gonna be a bank run by then then they would all be liquid you know that's the thing day is Friday December 4th 2019 Blake needs a way to connect to other users who have the pieces he needs for his file BitTorrent uses a computer called a tracker that helps Blake's computer find other computers called peers the tracker keeps track of computers that are downloading or already have the whole file and introduces Blake's computer to them with the connections in place he receives what he needs and also distributes pieces to others who are also downloading or stuff on the BitTorrent Network available why because of all of a sudden you have your stuff there you you you will be earning tokens for seeding you'll be earning tokens by just having stuff on a hard drive or your computer and allowing access to others to download it or you can all of a sudden if you want to file and you want the file a lot faster you can pay some of these special BTT tokens these BitTorrent tokens that they're creating in order to download it faster alright guys hope you guys enjoyed that week in review hope you guys have enjoyed this whole week so far if you guys are having an amazing 2019 I'm having an amazing 2019 and I got fucking customers up the fucking yin-yang I've got new projects coming up the videos I'm getting a lot of Awesome response from them everything's going great at least for me and again if this is only the first week holy crap I can't wait for the rest of the year it's definitely starting off 1 million times better than 2018 I mean it can't even compare 2017 for me was talking literally a kick to the balls in fact they 2017 kicked me in the balls so much like literally I was like and that's that's what happened to me but oh and I should probably put that in my mouth that's what she said but regardless I fuckin survived 2017 I survived 2018 and bam we're here in 2019 the year of the fucking piggy pig-pig and as far as we know it's gonna be an amazing fucking year despite everything that's happening in the markets all this fucking all these fireworks that are happening everywhere you know government shutdown economies of the world are falling you know whether you're in China the u.s. you know whatever and so on and so forth if you're and in the right proper place you're gonna be fuckin doing awesome like hey I'm here in Mexico and I'm gonna be doing fucking awesome out here you know like if you're in other parts of the world other other developing countries as the dollar falls as the US economy Falls as these other economies around the world fall believe it or not there is gonna be an actual reversal for other countries so as if there's a country that has been doing ok this how it works every country which I which is doing bad because of us and hold on let me reverse it and the US and other developing nations do awesome there's a bunch of countries that do no good you know the third-world country yes you know but as the US and the developing nation starts to fucking tank really hard and guess what all these third-world countries and all these other underdeveloped countries they're gonna fucking start rising up and they are and they will and this is the nature of the beast and it's happening and that's what 2019 is gonna be all about and it is a really matter where you are that's big birth out there by the ways bringing in the groceries as usual but again guys no matter where you are especially if you're in the first world developed countries you know like the US Europe Australia you name it again it's gonna be hard times coming this year but if you're prepared correctly it's gonna be amazing times ok like amazing amazeballs times so it's all about changing your mindset putting your head down getting to fucking work and knocking it out of the fucking ballpark because I'm telling you man 2019 is gonna be it is amazing it I mean everything about 2019 is great it's amazing huh sure shit can happen bad things can still you know arise and so on and so forth but I feel like we've been we know we've literally been put through the wringer the last couple of years and right now we're at the point as a whole as a population is everything in which nothing is pretty much phasing us anymore and we're all in the mode of you know we're here to chew gum and kick ass and we ran out of fucking gum I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass I'm all and that's it you know so it's it's a beautiful freakin time literally for reals and if you don't believe me just check out my previous episodes because whether I'm talking about Tron or I'm talking about I'm talking about like other kryptos I'm talking about aus I'm talking about you know just let light coin you know being on but by the way what an amazing start to 2019 even though that happened at the end of last year you know light coin being in the UFC it's crazy yeah like it was crazy yesterday's crazy he's going crazy yes like a crazy person and so on and so forth so I think the 20:29 team is gonna be the year of mass adoption on every level it's gonna be people that are massive adopting it you know meaning mass adopting the cryptocurrency in the currencies you know Bitcoin litecoin my marrow – things like that they're gonna be adopting them because as the economies fall within certain countries people are gonna be gravitating towards cryptos another you know another way we're gonna see a lot of mass adoption is again just don't announcement from Tron the video that I made on Friday talking about Tron and BitTorrent and stinking things like that that's like it's like a hundred million fucking people on they're gonna be on a blockchain like that and so on and so forth there's gonna be a lot of announcements you know that have already been made there will be being there will be being made there's a lot of projects coming online a lot of these projects like again like the BitTorrent thing you know a lot of people are gonna be on the blockchain using blockchain technology earning coins and stuff like that and they might not even know what the fuck is going on and that's the beauty of it that's what we want we just want the mass adoptions that just happen like that and people don't even recognize again like how I like to point out is that most people don't even back in the day we tried to explain this you know and how this stuff worked you know how one of these things worked it turned off but anyways yeah you couldn't get it you know it's still today if you try to figure out if you try to tell people you know or if we tried to box have you tried to explain to people how these things work is still you know not only do big most people don't know but most people don't care and that's the whole thing with crypto you know a lot of old G's in the crypto space are like oh yeah you know trying to fucking over the explain shit with fucking nerd language and I'm like thinking to myself you know 95% of the UN of the world population not only is not gonna understand you but they don't give a fuck they don't give a fuck they just want this to work they just want to be able to send coins or money or whatever the fuck or information from point A to point B and it doesn't get intercepted it does it just it's it's a it's not intercepted by a third party and on all this shit you know they just wanted to work they don't want to know how it works they just want it to work and I think that 2019 is the beginning of getting all these projects out there you know meanings the ones that are working and people are not needing to really know how they work okay and so on and so forth in it and by the way if you don't believe this theory just look at ripple xrp okay look at all the fucking morons behind that shit and yet it doesn't even have a blockchain it doesn't even work there's no anything there's no nothing and yet look at all the fanboys all the fucking retards you know behind that that shit so like I said guys it's all about just creating the right height the right product launching it you know making sure it works and so on and so forth you know just the garyvee isms you know Garrett there's a lot of Gary Vee is Gary B's within the crypto space and these are the dangler members of the world these are the guys like Tron you know these are the motherfuckers that are just putting shit out there just making it happen you know that's it and I think the 2019 is going to be a lot of that you know for reals and we're gonna really see a major flipping and again as more people lose their job lose income lose are all these fucking things and they're all of a sudden sitting at home watching YouTube videos and learning this new technology and learning all this stuff we're going down the rabbit hole of what's really happening with the banks with the economy with the politicians with water and all this and we have more people coming online okay in the sense of like waking up learning this technology learning all this stuff it's just gonna keep snowballing and snowballing and snowballing that by the time everything comes full circle at the end of 2019 you know when the whole economy tanks the new elections you know all these fucking things start coming to a head you know most people are already gonna be gung-ho ready to fucking adopt crypto and adopt you know all this new technology because again you know it's it's gonna be a solution to this major problem that we've all been having all around all right the world you know whether it's you know no matter how you want to explain these problems where there's economic problems or or you know several problems or cultural problems or censorship problems or what all these problems that we're having remember the blockchain and this technology is here to solve them all right the end all right guys long episode as always I keep fucking me now failing on this but hey I don't think it really matters I think you guys enjoy them no matter what so thank you so much thank you so much for joining me today thank you for so much for joining me this week thank you so much period for all the love all the other everything alright other support every single fucking thing I mean for real you guys have been awesome not just last year but especially you know starting this year and and beyond I know it's gonna get even awesomer so I want to give a quick shout out to all my patrons out there thank you so much I want to give a quick shout out to everyone out there that has helped sponsor this show in any way possible whether it's a you know just sending $1.00 here or there or whatever it is seriously thank you thank you thank you for those of you out there that have been you cannot afford to send anything but have you know helped me and buy it by you know just some leaving a comment leaving your life sharing so on and so forth again you have been so helpful so everything for all of you guys out there that are joined the discord and chat with this Court and then continue this conversation in the discord thank you so much for all you guys out there that watch me live on Twitch and bit too thank you thank you thank you for all you guys out there for all my clients out there thank you I know my clients are watch this thank God but and so on and so forth but seriously thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you mom thank you Ponte thank you my mom with my sister thank you too you know my family out there thank you a thank you to be a thank you thank you fucking everybody thank you Marcus Thank You Hugo Thank You fucking everybody out there thank you lord I think um Flo Thank You Jelena thank you every single motherfucker out there if I miss you my bad I'm sorry I apologize leave a comment on there and I'll fuckin do it tomorrow you're gonna do like the Mickey Mouse Club but anyways guys seriously though thank you all right and all I got to say is enjoy the rest of your weekend enjoy your Sunday and I'll see you guys tomorrow bright and early Monday morning we have a lot of things to talk about as usual I'll see you in the discord I'll see you in my video I'll see you at night Monday's is always fuckin full throttle all right as you already know you guys don't know a full throttle means just ask him out to LA you know inside joke I'm the only one that knows it open up your heart to me in your arms let's go full throttle guys thank you so much you guys are the best I fucking love you to death that's it all I gotta say is please like please subscribe please share and watch this little video at the end as always and guess what I'll see you motherfuckers tomorrow bright and early and I hope you guys don't have a case of the fucking Mondays right because if you do Mondays gonna give you a kick in the fucking teeth and you're gonna end up in the dentist and nobody likes a dentist no you know so you kick Monday in the teeth before it kicks you in the teeth peace out guys enjoy your fucking Sunday and I fucking love you to death all right peace out can you tell us how this actually came about yeah this took place actually it was about three years ago this is 2015 okay I was going into gym not to workout but to tan and at Planet Fitness one of the things you have to do is you sign in okay so I go in I sign in 15 minutes goes by you know I walk out and it's pitch black out I'm walking to my car and I hear my name Julia Julia so I turn around and like what the hell so I start kind of walking slowly back over to this voice I heard and as I reached this man he's older probably 20 years older than me I'm kind of like alright and he's like Oh Julia and I was just like yeah do I know you and it might hit him thinking maybe it's you know a friend someone who works there I have no idea so he goes oh I thought you were really beautiful and I had to talk to you I looked at the sign-in sheet and I had to wait till you came out just to say hello so I'm standing there like oh my god no one's in the parking lot I'm like terrified and I'm just like okay let's you know let's get this going no you know he's like huh you know can I can I take you out for dinner or drinks um at the time I was still kind of talking to an ex-boyfriend and I was like listen you know I'm still talking my ex I'm hoping something works out probably not as you're saying that to him though you're basically just trying to like ease this guy down you're like I I'm talking to my you're trying to be sort of diplomatic to let them know that you know I'm not trying to be rude but I'm not interested right it sounds like that that normal human beings pick up on I got it okay you know let me let me get your number so my phone's in my hands I'm kind of like all right you know I don't know what to do so I just kind of handed him thinking let me get his number so then he doesn't have my oh okay me so instead of just putting his number and he calls with my phone Jose no newbie thank you yeah man so a day or two goes by and I'm driving to work and I get a check and I'm looking at something you know who the hell is this there's no text it's just a video message no well I opened that video good morning Julia it's me Joe just wanted to say hi wish you a great day tell you that meeting you yesterday and getting a look at you was part one of the greatest moments of my life you were so beautiful you don't know how beautiful you are to me I mean just you're gorgeous you're precious and now but it's been sitting in my mind when you said to me you want to go back with your ex-boyfriend please erase him from your memory don't ever go back in the past I know because I've been there and I understand when you know you're trying to find somebody and you go on dates and nothing compares to your ex but there is that better person out there and Julia I promise you it is me I will love you like you've never been loved before I will cherish you I'll make you feel like a woman a real woman and believe me after you experience me you won't even know who your ex-boyfriend is so open up your heart to me in your arms let's go full throttle I could see me falling in love with you they just I don't know I just looked in your eyes and I just melt anyhow I'm heading off to work this is my cute little home everything you see behind me I built everything every square inch from crown molding to chair rail two floors to lighting to plumbing doors windows so this is the type of guy again I'm a very handy guy and I'd love to build you whatever you want you're a sweetheart so I hope this video doesn't scare you but that's how I feel I just want you to know that okay I look forward going out to dinner with you so let's make it happen mwah ciao baby I am it's 6:30 in the morning I like what the hell what so I didn't tell I didn't tell anyone so I had at the time three girl roommate I told no one for about a week and a half two weeks because I was just like oh my god I can't believe this happen oh my god so I get another video a few days later the cars on the car won the car yeah this is like my flower my soon to be my everything yes yes I iris fine and I said oh you know haha like you know still not interested so I end up telling my friends one night when we're drinking and I'm saying you show you guys something really freaked me out and they're like oh my god this is hilarious [Laughter] I'm like he's like my dad and I'm just like you know I feel bad I don't wanna embarrassing life right so time goes by my friends share with other people so I start you know everyone just made a joke out if I got videos for my friends you know people text me Maureen Julia a year a year goes by and I get a text from I learn my friends and I don't have Twitter what she does and she goes totally fuckin posted your video on Twitter and I was just like no way I was like no way so that's how that whole girl who went to the bar in Chicago met this creepy guy named Joe how that rumor got started okay so my roommate had she was like I'm getting I'm gonna tell everyone I'm just like okay I don't care do whatever you're gonna do whatever so video dies down again until you guys I have no idea who sent it to you and the other day one of your fans messaged me not sure how they got my Instagram message either they're just like you know we found you and you know I think you should get to the bottom of it and you should call them and I was just like you know what why not it's been three years my story out there thank you so I gotta tell you have you seen have you seen the fans have you seen the fans making their versions of good morning Julia videos we just got through playing six more that were submitted all by women so it's women's women's versions of it and it's really hilarious

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  1. For the creativity for the attitude for the no BS attitude thumbs up. Even if we don't see perfect eye to eye on everything, whatever. That was amusing and for that, thank you dearly.

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