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welcome back that's right welcome back two streams in one day oh my goodness what's happening happy happy Monday happy Monday's over seems like there's a lot of stuff that happened today that we want to talk about so we're back live again Monday crypto update what's happening out there in crypto land what's happening out there would you miss did you miss anything or is there more news we didn't cover this morning a couple exciting things maybe that we can touch on let's find out let's talk about it what's happening with you guys let's just come back to you you guys are great awesome awesome very cool very cool it's the fifth there's a lot of people waiting for some exciting news so we're gonna just go ahead and we're gonna go ahead and do it we're gonna do a little update real quick talking about what's happening out there in the crypto world let's jump over to this other scene where we are boom oh you guys can't see nothing okay we're gonna do this real quick got enough no time to waste my friends no time to waste first on the Duquette we have a Bitcoin cache actually the other day had they have a possible fort coming up so there's a Bitcoin cache for watch bch infrastructure provides real contingency plans they were doing some test runs there was their stress testing the network with a transaction push the other day which is why we saw that 10% run so that is in the news Bitcoin cash fork watch we also have miners have been using ASIC boost on the Bitcoin cash network that's right miners ASIC Boosh extrication boost on the Bitcoin cash network very cool very cool stuff or is it I'm not really sure what if this is what you want or not and probably what people are really excited about thinking about oh you were wondering you were wondering can we feed our chickens with Bitcoin cash yes yes you can don't worry it's finally time the chicken coop feeder is powered by Bitcoin cash real payments in real time oh boy oh boy it's just what I was waiting for actually I'm so glad they figured that out now my chickens can finally be fed powering with Bitcoin cash oh boy something we also didn't look at this morning that I thought was mentioned plenty but maybe you hadn't heard of it is a Taiwan passing laws to crackdown on anonymous crypto transactions we did look at recently Manero Manero moved to a tier a tiered privacy chain so they again might be exempt from any of the difficulties that this might arise with but what's happening with the Taiwan passing a crackdown on anonymous crypto transactions it's hard to say but it's a one of those things we've been talking about for a minute people are reluctant to support the the anonymous cryptos so excited to see that there's some clarity there at least for for Taiwan to pass the law I don't know what that happens I don't know what's gonna happen with that but uh smash the like button smash the sub what's everybody before we go too much further we're gonna run this bad boy I am NOT a financial adviser not a financial adviser I'm not a fiduciary and I'm not offering financial advice I'm looking at information also before we get started go ahead and click that subscribe button and hit that like button to show support to our channel and put that bail vacations for whenever I post videos next yo yo yo what's up what's up hey everybody how's it going you're excited you're excited we're here what's up it's Tuesday where you are how about that price lol XRP gonna hit that five eight nine what up what up how's it going welcome back that's right there was a couple things that we saw that we wanted to talk about this was one of them what is this XRP primed for price increase oh yeah baby tell me more tell me what I want to hear XRP primed for a two hundred and eighty nine percent price increase due to institutional investor volume and ripples ex rapid says a crypto research group well sweet hot dog sweet hot dog that sounds great I'm glad they decided to let us know there's a couple people talking about this intrinsic value that they someone's found I was thinking no one found it yet but I guess people found out there's an intrinsic value call on Finance we're looking at 175 for the token is what they're projected at the the intrinsic value if you want to talk about that but again that's not really that's not really here they're people probably want to know people probably want to know about the real real good stuff we were looking at a who who was a Ryan's ago knee went and talked with the IMF today he has an ongoing he has an ongoing running project with the IMF so we're looking at what it Ryan's Ogoni do what did he talk about what did he mention do we know what does he know does he know things let's find out I'm not a financial advisor so on XRP chat on x RP chat we have ryan's Ogoni IMF it came up today forty forty four minutes ago two hours ago yesterday i don't know somewhere around now and yesterday so people want to know what's happening was it recorded it was it a private event i don't think that the IMF is gonna let us watch their event with ryan's ago me it seems pretty private i don't think there was a stream or anything about anything like that going on people are basically waiting for some kind of announcement to happen today because of the rumors about the fifth it's guy fox day cheers guys i know you're out there i mean looking at really what's happening with XRP what's happening with ripple what's happening with IMF was a goney himself no one knows imagine that imagine that people no one knows what's happening because no one's told us anything and we don't really know what they discussed we do know that he is part of an advisory board so there's an ongoing project that he will be part of this is probably not the last time he'll go up there and talk to the people of the IMF about whatever they're doing over there at ripple and how they're amazing and how their digital assets gonna take over the world probably not probably not the first time that's gonna happen or the last but people want to know what's gonna happen with him today and I thought you know what you know what looks look at it nothing nothing happened with him today how about you guys what happened with you today what happened with you investor blast-off so if we look at his tweets he says nine hours ago he said he's kicked off the new FinTech policy with two case studies on pathways to cross-border regulation of crypto asset regulation this is right here the FinTech policy and he put this up mmm hours ago what's up hundred people smash that like button smash that sub what do you guys up to what are you up to so thinking about this it's a little oil it's not not the newest but it is what he referenced today after his discussion with the IMF I'm thinking somewhat relevant to what we're talking about or what people are speculating about so again looking at the path to crypto asset regulation and innovation and in fact the ripple labs put up something similar on their blog today as well thinking about the the path to innovation the path to adoption it looks like we're gonna need clear regulation first thank you so much man Chris my man what's up he says ten hopefully by end of year that was the Yoshitaka cat alcohol Yoshitaka right I think this his name k'tau from SBI talked about its calling $10 in two year that was maybe before we had fallen behind on some of the ex rapid partners that expected to go live but maybe not maybe it's still in the works $10 sounds good to me I know I know a lot people are calling out $4 first I respect that I understand we're on the same page same team go team bye bye-bye the song just the song you know think about that they say right here the path the clarity may not always be linear evidence that regulatory certainty does not support safe innovations already strong in the crypto asset sector we know that there's a lot of hesitation for them to make a obviously clear concise call until they have obviously built out the framework that benefits them the best why do we wait why are we even here that's it that's all we can do I don't think there's anything else teams or teams or teams or I think November 11th will be our day hmm okay well that's weird it's a Sunday you think that's Sunday uh I'll take it I'll say the 12th I'll say the 12th is this live we're live right now hi hello ello that's right it's not pre-recorded it's live what's up smash like smash sub how are you remember remember today okay I'm gonna remember remember today it's Guy Fawkes Day we're seeing some good movement I don't know if you guys can see this right now but this is what we're looking at you can't see it you literally can't see what I'm seeing this is what we're looking at in the 30 minute chart and by nance that looks pretty sweet to me it looks pretty sweet to me like I said in the past we're stair-step in this bad boy we're stair-step in it we rap we're up in the club stair-stepping uh-uh what's up dirty sprocket thank you so much man thank you so much dirty sprocket and Chris XRP you guys you guys together you earned this thank you so much thank you so much for the support and for XRP investor blast-off mmm the jammers get you going just get you girl just gets the gets the people going what does it even mean it's provocative man thank you so much dirty sprocket and thank you so much Chris I appreciate you guys yeah for sure cheers I'm happy to be here trying to keep myself informed it's primarily what I'm doing it just so happens that I really enjoy this whole thing too it's a lot of fun I like I like doing it I love this this is great I appreciate you guys being here happy to keep myself informed happy to keep you informed it's a good times great oldies are we going over 50 cents it looks like we are it looks like we're going over it right now would you buy more XRP at $1 yes is it depressing when I'm still in the red yes I love that clip me too did the ETF get approved today no the electronic traded funds was only put up for the public to push their opinion towards but to put their opinion out I think for the SCC to decide I don't think the decision was today I might have been some kind of MIS miscommunication of some type no great news all the youtuber clowns playing games playing to make hype how dare you how dare you say such things hey kfn what's the best option to make a deposit from USD to crypto uh people like uphold I'll I hear it depends on the state you're in depends on where what you have access to if you use the ACH function and uphold I think that's the best I think that's the best here we go here we go four nine eight four nine seven four nine eight four nine eight four nine left it'll be hard to pass fifty cents tonight says a Dutch moon boy it's true it's true you never know I'm happy either way I'm just happy to be here happy to keep you guys informed 140 people out there smash the like button smash the subscribe hit the bell we're gonna do a massive giveaway randomly so you got to hit the bell and subscribe and let us know what's going on the deadline for the comments was today thank you so much Cisco for clarifying that the deadline for people's comments on the etf was today not the decision so that's pretty exciting IMF Ryan's Ogoni news nothing really out looking at the other things popping off we have the call 4x rapid and ripple ready to blow says whatever coin holcom coin hold all calm we also have the IMF page about innovation and regulation being the what is it the path path to adoption something like that here it is all jurisdictions engage the supervision of FinTech at the same starting point hmm not all jurisdictions interesting hmm so we need some kind of clarity we need maybe a standard protocol something to look at along the lines very exciting stuff very exciting stuff you just want to live on an island cool very cool me too another big thing that happened today this kind of fell through for the Lightning Network people the w3 consortium just came out and said yo we are not working on lightning payments in w3 despite what people have said Bitcoin and lightning networks are not being used with the w3 consortium if you want to help shape our agenda please join the w3 consortium that's a pretty big announcement and pretty clear it's pretty clear what they're saying XRP ILP working with w3 bitcoin ellen not working with w3 chicken chicken little something-something bla bla bla let's move on Shh what else happened today a lot of arguments about the price of Bitcoin and XRP moving forward I know I make a lot of crazy entertaining videos but I just wanted to ask people do you guys understand the difference between circulating supply between 21 million and a 40 billion most people said yes so I think we won't have to make that video thank goodness can we get a hey yeah so yeah thank you so much if whoever has been sending me 5 8 9 tips I really appreciate it and last little shout-out before we get out of here XRP zhuzh going on tonight with our fam games hard core bones and kick boys so go tune into them check them out I don't think there's anything going on between us and then maybe there is I have no idea but we just want to come on and talk about what's happening out here Ryan's Ogoni if there was news Bitcoin cash news talking about tae-hwan passing this crackdown on anonymous crypto transactions we can see everything that we've been saying for the last six months all coming together it's all coming together it's all here it's all here what did you say hot key oh man I thought I froze but no I didn't it's time for XRP moon boom boom boom um whenever the height for specific date that day will be nothing thank you so much for showing up t womb says Asia Asia is about to wake up and get going Asha is gonna take it off a sate well I just want to check in with you guys I know it's Monday and we had a lot of expectations for remember remember the 5th of November and I just wanted to come out and say hey here's all the news that came out what we're looking at XRP e on the daily holds primed its primed its primed guys we pumped it up the Pumped Up Kicks are pumped we just need to start running who's not running why are you so lazy looking at news on Bitcoin calm chicken coop feeder powered by Bitcoin cash that's kind of cool what else did we see miners here we go miners have begun using basic boost on Bitcoin cash network and we also saw the Bitcoin cash fork coming up possibly causing a run there nano big deal and we already covered this lawyer investing 300 million in the desert to build crypto metropolis that has its own whole video on the channel so you can go watch that if you want and don't forget smash the like button smash subscribe I appreciate you guys hit that Bell we're gonna do random giveaways big notifications let me know if you guys want to see some like Red Dead streams later we might have an edit coming out we might have some vlogs from the park so many exciting things I appreciate you all and I hope we didn't forget anything I think that was it yeah w3 Lightning Network not happening IMF still ongoing that's it you're beautiful an amazing just how you are smashed all the links get alleged nos get into by Nance check out the XRP rap and have a great day until I see you next time [Applause] No No

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