42 thoughts on “*CRYPTO NEWS* Starbucks Bitcoin | Tether Scam | New Coinbase Rival | China Bitcoin Ban”

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  2. When do you think USI tech will make withdrawals available in US and Canada? LLYFUoFDuE6PasjQgupsJYaLwvdKjaQKUq

  3. Today open a criptocafe in Dublin and will accept criptocurrency why not Starbucks. Soon lots of business will accept it LVBrffj1uAs5PV8hY1hW1oFCxZF4TtNyYf

  4. On Bittrex you can wire USD and be credited in Tether. The amount has to be over $100k usd. Are whales buying Tether this way? Other exchanges offer usd to usdt wires as well.https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001293992-Purchase-USDT-via-Wire-Transfer

  5. I'm loving the shirts, you should do some more community projects. Keep the videos coming.

  6. I like the news update, I'm not able to keep up with all of the news so having in centralized is great. Keep it up Jack

  7. Why those centralized big companies wouldn't their own blockchain platform such as google, but leave it to nebulas?

  8. Its official BCC is worth nothing! Took away $150 incentive to get into BCCX! Tried to buy for 10 days & nothing. Conspiracy ?? BCCX didn't want my BCC! Double Wammy!!

  9. In your opinion cryptocurrency is not going to be used as a payment method… I disagree… Having your family and friends around the globe, it is perfect way to send them money.. takes few minutes and costs almost nothing… I see advantages already… (Sorry, have no LTC wallet 🙁 )

  10. Can you do a review of LIFE token? It is currently only 20 sats and is planning to release a visa debit card in April

  11. whats goin on with Dav Jack talk to me my man. thanks for the work you put in.. LSJW9UES8TehoQxcKkRWxmDcHJUMvA5S9b

  12. Hey Jack, DavorCoin is still dumping , any news? i'm still definetly holding it

  13. This is the 1st time I've heard of Robinhood. I hope their crypto exchanges pairs will reside in the same app they have for stock exchange for optimum convenience and maxed, out opportunities. I hoped you'll show us how to sell BTC in huobi pro. I cant see any BTC to USD or BTC to CNY in there.


  14. Great news update. I actually signed up on the Robinhood list a few day ago. What are your thoughts on LTC/XMR talking partnership in the future?

  15. Thanks for the update Jack I think coin base does need a rivalry ridiculous fees

  16. It's good to see an alternative to Coinbase in Robinhood, the coinbase fees of late were ridiculous. Will sign up & see what i think of it. Thanks for the informative video. LZijEdbCvdm6ekGWqLaiQSG8Aoofoto9Ek

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