Crypto News | NASDAQ Crypto Exchange Launching! 6 Major Mainnet Launches To Watch

you hello Muhlenberg cryptocurrency analysis news and education my name is James Gore and this video is for the 15th of May 2018 going to be jumping into our market update they then into the technicals for the big three and the coins you asked me to cover in the last video then the news for the past 24 hours in the comments section at the end of the video just to ask answer any comments or questions you guys had so first things first total market cap is four hundred and seven billion years all those creates back over the four hundred billion dollar mark twenty four-hour volume however is relatively low compared to other days we've seen the market kind of pick up that being said it's kind of equal to the volume we've seen in the last four days so it's that 22 billion right now with bitcoins dominance increasing thirty six point six percent if we scroll through the top 100 today we can see the majority of the coins are seeing so by single or double digit gains some sings some significant gains as well and some sing some single in double digit losses mostly gains though so z cash today going to cover it a bit later up 44 point nine five percent followed by Eternity eighteen point five five percent and salt eighteen point 10 percent biggest loss is kin 15 percent for by centrality eleven percent okay so let's talk about the chart today talk about the video from yes a so if you remember in yesterday's video the the candle didn't close because we were talking about the candle shape and it was very very different candle it was essentially dumping and we said yes they best-case scenario we could see is that we get a longer wick with high volume and a small body I wasn't actually expecting that to happen though and it actually did play out that way and actually not only had a didn't actually have a small body actually broke above that and managed to challenge the hundred day moving average is actually quite interesting so it's a really bullish sign to see a move like that even though this is even though it's a red candle all that means is that the close was below the open okay what this what's the story of a candle telling you well initially earlier on during the day the price was driven down when i donítí record the video and then bulls picked up steam what i do record these videos before American markets have opened generally speaking and really around with it and really drove the price up and we recovered the day we saw volume on yesterday's candle higher than the previous two days with descending bull volume so this is kind of signaling to us that we're about to see a bit of a shift and trend reversal tackling the hundred day moving average we whatsoever 12 and 26 moving average exponential hovering around the hundred day moving average right now at the 8800 USD mark and today today's candle is all about continuing a trend of higher lows and higher highs essentially ideally higher highs but more importantly high loads if we only form a higher low today that's absolutely fine all it means is that we form an inside bar and that we're gonna see a break to the upside or downside depending on you know how this candle closes that being said same caveat I'm adding to today's video as I did yesterday's video is that this candle hasn't closed yet so the key thing to watch if you want to see which way things are headed is actually the shorter timeframes momentum shifts by the shorts timeframes in order to establish you know higher highs on the daily timeframe we need to look at the four hour time frame to see where momentum moving so that's kind of the way you can kind of see a shift all of this being said the key thing I also said in yesterday's video as well is that if Bitcoin does see a bit of upside even if it says you know one to five percent gain that it kind of gives room for the rest of all coins space to kind of take off and really start running and that's what we've kind of seen today which is really nice to see so what am I expecting moving for the BTC well nothing too crazy I'm not expecting us to set any new all-time highs or anything like that but what I would say is the minute we start closing above the hundred day moving average and bouncing off again that's a good sign you know minute we start bouncing off this level it's a good sign so if we do close today above 8800 that's a pretty bullish sign I'd be looking to set see BTC start climbing up to that to the 200-day moving average again which is creeping above 10k so really interesting stuff today guys let's see if it plays out that way moving on to aetherium just waiting for the truck to load theorem exactly the same story it's in fact it's probably gonna be the same story with other with like coin and Bitcoin cash when you get to them as well slightly different thing that with the theorem though is it managed to approach that 750 USD resistance level which I say we didn't reach the day previously and actually closed above the 12 and 26 moving objects financial it closed at a level of seven to twenty six dollars fantastic today looks like we found support on the 12 moving average exponential as well currently trading at seven hundred thirty dollars ideally what we want to see is you know either tackling this upper resistance level of 750 USD breaking above seeing some higher highs or forming an inside bar which is price compression the kind of signal that we're gonna see a bigger break out tomorrow so ear scenario is good worst case scenario not the worst case scenario but if we do lose a bit of this steam a bit of this momentum and start closing below these moving averages again so looking pretty good though all that being said moving forward moving on to like coin racing the story very very similar story and for the first time in a while like Quinn's been extremely volatile so like coin was dumping as well broke below the 50-day moving average again Bulls picked up the bull drove the price up managed to drive the price up above the 12 and 26 moving average exponential really volatile candle yesterday which is usually pretty good for a trade you really want a tradable facility and close bullish so we're in a pattern of higher highs and higher highs at the moment with a with LTC we did close below 12 and 26 we have a bit of a spinning top candle forming now of course these candles haven't closed yet that's the caveat so what I'll be watching with litecoin is if we do get a push of upside to make sure to watch to see if it closes above the 12 and 26 moving average exponential which are hovering around the same level at $150 round psychological lumber reason being is because we can bounce up these levels and continue to trend upwards in the rest of the week that's leidy lee what we want to see just a continuation all this being said looks a bit trappy right now with LTC you know we have it I mean this is a bit of a bit of a flag here to be quite frank with you guys you know we have the the flagpole right here we have the upper resistance channel low resistant channel does look like a better a bull flag not like a bear flag at the moment so that's something to kind of keep them keeping the back your head moving on to be cash so be cash ping-pong in between the 12 moving average and tasty smoothie objects potential starting to form lower highs but today indecision doji looks like if it closes like this we're in it again see some price compression it's finding support in the toy 6 moving objects potential at 13,000 90 key thing again is to see watch how this candle closes and tomorrow's candle see if we can see it breaks the upside or downside likely to see if this cat if the scallop does close this way so nice action from be cash just because it's actually not very volatile today at its low trading volume okay so that's very interesting in yesterday's video we looked at me chained I just want to quickly check to see if V chain broke out because I've seen it today it will set up to break out let's just see if you actually saw some upside V chain on bit for next is not the one because it has no price history we want finance so in okay so it did it had it had a nice break out yesterday was set up to run continue to tackle the higher the highest of the day I left I left this fifty nine thousand seven hundred sixty nine Satoshi level on the chart for quite some time actually dating all the way back to here based on previous price history and only today so we're gonna look at how many candles this is so eighty three days later it's coming to players resistance now okay and that's just how significant previous price history is because today it's actually playing coming into players resistance so very interesting stuff there let's just quickly take a look at the coins you guys voted for me to take a look at today let's see T on D cred starting to create getting at my position a few weeks ago deke read oops DCR BTC so he could ran yes they is been on an absolute killer lost seven days it looks like it's moving into a period of consolidation at the moment it's overbought it needs to cool off likely to find consolidation for another day or so so let's just quickly take a look at the four hour time frame so if you want to if you want to see again shifts in momentum do look at the shorts time frames that being said interesting cup and handle the four hour time frame right here nice bull break pretty consolidation watch to see other four hour time frame if it's going to find support on the twelve moving average that's which is the who dear what number is that a ridiculously large number a hundred nine thousand two hundred eighty seven Satoshi marks approximately I think that's what it is I need the commas to help me see what these numbers are okay so just watch to see if it's gonna find supports and twelve moving average exponential if it doesn't and it breaks below its likely time for a good entry that being said it's cooling off in the shorter time frames it's not reaching you new all-time highs so the RSI is more reliable on the daily but looks like it's going through a period of consolidation at the moment okay so would be interesting for an entry not now but when we start to see a bit of a shift in the shorts timeframes okay so moving on some news some interesting news guys so now is that powered cryptocurrency exchange platform to launch in June big big news so DX Exchange and Nasdaq powered cryptocurrency it's a platform set to launch in June debt becomes latest in a slew of cryptocurrency services as the digital currency market continues to mature the platform hopes to offer a robust ecosystem for over-the-counter derivatives and crypto tokens so if over-the-counter derivatives a bit of a pain the black cheek over-the-counter derivatives don't lie derivatives being in this market but it's inescapable but um DX is essentially partnering with Nasdaq to use its matching engine it's not gonna have any trading fees just quickly go over some benefits traders will pay instead a subscription fee of 10 euros the zero trading policies expected to track customers from around the world platform also wishes to be at the forefront of transparency and accountability and emerging crypto market commenting on the zero trading feed policy accrue to enthusiasts shouldn't have to pay more than a minimal membership charge to trade with their peers it shouldn't have to trade an unregulated an unsecured environment a combination of Nasdaq tech and DX exchange interface is one that created one-of-a-kind fair trading experience and puts traders first so guys these are the shifts in the market the fundamental news I keep rattling on the belt that we need to see that's going to drive price and kind of lay the infrastructure down for people say take the space more seriously it's a big big deal big big deal and let's just quickly see if there's anything else this article it's a big deal guys it's really big deal this isn't and as that launching their own crypto currency exchange obviously but using its tech you can kind of demonstrate that if Nasdaq you know did were to use or launch an exchange no it's like a proof of concept in some regards we do have the New York Stock Exchange launching their own crib Bitcoin settled exchange as well so so it's gonna it's it's a clear signal that was things are shifting that way so it's just a matter of time before the bigger players get involved okay so great great news it's probably why we're seeing quite quite a nice piece of upside the market today v chain view chamber chamber view change so just quick exchange listing another reason why be change probably popped is that it's been listed on bit more so today I'm covering a few exchange listings which is kind of important stay up to date with so bit bit Mart's a crypto currency trading platform and that's listing or be chain on the trading platform with BTC and aetherium so if you're holding been it's a good day for you sir moving forward six main it'll just look look forward to in May and June if you've been paying attention to the channel you know I've been talking about ontology and another coin iOS but there's a few more okay which is which is interesting so oyster Pearl's oyster pearls approaches keep going on its hyper hybrid blockchain being built or noticed angle tech technology and aetherium smart contract framework it's used to disrupt the online advert adverse event model and directly connecting content creators with content consumers so that's happening May 29th not too far away I don't know if Easter's actually on trading view but ie interesting thing to watch guys is to see how these main net launches are PRL how these main net launch is affecting price because I I ideally am a net launch is actually a pretty big deal and ideally the it should be positively affecting these coins only a 50 50 million dollar market cap as well it's quite an interesting project boy stur pearl let's see let's wait have the data load first and think it's not doing too much interesting stuff let's just see the last month if prices have been riding some spikes hearing there but nothing too crazy Kia's excess off of this Chiron TRX May 31st coming up nulls that's a pretty big deal enterprise-level blockchain nulls is like an etherium like an EOS like a neo their focus is also on education versus just deployed blockchain having out there and expecting people to adopt it they have some very significant partnerships as well cos June 2nd ontology is June us is on June 2nd that's different from the date I saw on on coin market Cal ontology and be chained on June 30th so I get ready to move your tokens across to these these networks if you are holding any I'm holding three of the six so summing to bear in mind next up XRP repo technology was covered on Fox I recommend you watch this video I'm not gonna play the video tutor I'm a copyright strike sword anyway in this that's going on my channel at the moment there's a bit of suppression on my channel but it's all good it's worth watching this video just to see how Fox presented me chained to a savage person Fox business as well which is a good thing worth what in off minute so interesting stuff a very big big piece of news with regards to icon and I can predict so if you aren't aware of what line is it's essentially like a whatsapp but for the Asian markets has very it has largest market penetration it's probably the largest instant messaging mobile app on in the world to be quite frank with you guys I think I think it's larger than whatsapp and icon is partnering with line plus social platform above 200 million monthly average users co-founded on unchanged build lines blockchain network so essentially what's happening is line is going to be utilizing blockchain technology to for whatever reason I haven't actually that actually looked into why actually just try and see if it's saying why so I'm table creates a blockchain ecosystem fueled by token economy where the users are rewarded for their contributions to the network this lap subs is discovered through icon and unblock a subsidiary of line dedicated to blockchain research and accelerate DF projects will be integrated with Unchained this joint venture takes blockchain and decentralization other step close to being possible everyday lives basically they're looking to reward their users because because lines different for whatsapp has lots of weird extra features like quizzes and things like that so there's different ways pieces participate with with line as opposed to just a simple simple instant messaging what's that so big news for icon because it's yet another blockchain project that's going to you know be the be deployed and in partnership with them and it's it's likely to have some interoperability further down the line no pun intended so good stuff so last exchange this thing I want to talk about was Gemini Gemini is the I think it's a winklevosses Winklevoss twins exchange they've added three new new pairings and the reason why I like to pay attention to pairings of major crypto currencies because you want to kind of have an have an idea or a sense of when which cryptocurrencies are next going to be added to some of these major exchanges that only have 1 to 4 or 1 to 3 or which cryptocurrencies are going to likely be added to exchanges when we get when we have a you know the New York Stock Exchange or if now as that did look to provide their own cryptocurrency trading exchange or or you know whatever have it looking at smaller exchanges and seeing what they're listing is giving you the biggest signal so they added like coin which is kind of a no-brainer but he also added Z cash and Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash makes sense as well but Z cash interestingly enough being listed on Gemini is helped it pop 50 percent today so you know like coins doing well be cash is doing doing not so well today but um if we just quickly quickly return to the charts like coins not doing well storage or Bitcoin cash let's quickly take a look at Z cash just to see if it's still running finance upon me and it's it's had a monster of a breakout it had a ridiculous candle yesterday holy crap Z cash 64% in three days pretty nice gains but saw pullback almost half of yesterday's candle such price volatility but today broke out again so if set a little high today but likely to see a similar thing tomorrow but pretty pretty big news for Z cash being listed on Gemini as quickly go to the comments and see what you guys have to say so thanks James or isn't something using sector than always Brad it's popping right now there mo yeah so just let you know guys it takes about 4-5 hours to actually get these videos up sometimes just because of rendering and just because the rendering Youtube upload times it does vary is it's a bit funky sometimes hi james Fuca to teach of adding audio podcasts that may help the channel grow yeah I I need get on that it's fun it's long it's on my task list good job roll up the channel bro ranch a neo ontology is a liqueur I'm considering selling some wine chain and put it into neo to stake get some air drops not financial advice for advice not financial would be financial advice but I can give I can give just an opinion it's not I wouldn't I wouldn't say this is financial advice but more just like a mindset thing how long are you looking to hold these coins if you're looking for like a few days then it you know you just just it's just based on the charts if you're looking to hold the midterm and it's kind of based on you know any potential events they have coming up if you're looking for the long-term I'd hold any of these projects he's brought these exceeds a sound project I wouldn't be picking so it's kind of depends on your time frame is it's kind of a question I can't answer I mean I love Wine Train I've been holding near for ages ontology is an absolute monster Slick has been been really rallying let's just quickly take a look on ontology and silica just to see what's been happening on the charts because maybe you can look for a period of consolidation so ontology looks like it's going to be forming a nice bull break tomorrow provide this candle stays as it is have two inside bars in a row which is essentially an equilibrium pattern for our time frame which I can show you now and II keep patterns are really fun to play so we have our high we have a low here we have a higher low Oh didn't want to tack on we have a high low and just waiting for a lower high in the for our time frame seems we're facing some serious resistance moving forward though the fifty and a hundred day and twelve and twenty six moving average experience and exponential and ontology are all at nine thousand two thousand two hundred thirty five USD at the moment which is quite interesting actually that's actually being it gonna be quite challenging to set a higher higher low on the four hour time frame for ontology so it's likely to break bearish yours on the daily timeframe unless we get a nice push from the Bulls today but that's quite interesting to see so let's take a look at the liquid silicone kind of a waiting game for ontology just to see which way it's going to break but it or bearish as liquor just again consolidation period quite a non-volatile consolidation that period as well very healthy consolidation or four hour time frame Shane it broke below the 50-day but again just a consolidation period so it makes sense to make entries on coins where they're not running where they have some more likely to see some potential feature upside you know looks like it's about to con me sorry guys bit sleepy knee looks like it's about to form another inside boss this is three two inside bars in a row and if it closes but the 50-day it's more waited to to break above to break bullish just because it's likely to fight sports in 50-day also another equilibrium pattern form fault right here so we have a low high high low and lower high which essentially just it looks like it's but it's almost broke of a pattern to be fair but it is a little high so you can see how much this is this is you know much much greater weight to the bullish break rather than bearish why because just a dip this is the separation in the in the EQ pattern right now okay let me just quickly take a look so low high low low high sorry so waiting for a higher low so if the higher low is is a you know in this space rather than down here so if it's you know above the 65 USD mark and not below this you know 65 USD it's still greater way to a more of a bull break on it on the daily so neo looks like a stronger entry than ontology so yeah that's that's the best answer I could say thank you so much for dressing Mike on J's appreciated things seems to be picking up for a few coins now especially Bitcoin yeah it's um yeah carried sorry it's looking nice you know we like I said yes this video if we can get just like if we can get bitcoins just see it some upside then kind of grip gives people space and room to kind of um kind of uh the other coin it's not people but the other coins it's kind of give some give him some room to really run Qt AMG and II cred starting is great on my position the club this just now thank James could great work watch your videos every day and appreciated the news and ta thank you for the comments guys hey guys just thank you for the comments because adding comments to the video even if it's just to say thank you if it's a short comment actually helps the video get more exposure on on on the youtubes Eric Schneiderman just had to resign because credible allegations of him beating the album having just came out Jesus this may take some pressure of crypto exchanges in New York he had a reputation for thinking that he was living embodiment of law itself a key corruption power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely are those the only indicators you use 48 actually no they're not they're the indicators I use and for the daily videos I use Bollinger Bands I don't use each omocha clouds too much it's very rare I use them now actually I used to use them much more often I use TD sequential for coins that are running into blue sky breakout territory new all-time high territory I use on balance volume sometimes as well to see which you know some nice momentum us is oscillating indicator just to see which way you're meant to being quite useful in that regard but yeah that's pretty this is pretty much it that's just I mean it's the simpler the better and say the key thing is actually price levels and understanding candlesticks if you can understand price levels you can actually do quite a lot with very little that's kind of card trying to max out your TA skills with a few indicators I think is much better than using a bunch and being kind of average so I think it's better to have really good ta work on your ta with price levels understanding chart patterns candlestick patterns doing some more macro charting so for example just plotting levels of support and resistance on coins so right now if I wanted to I'd say this is probably a bit of an ascending trap not an ascending triangle yeah and a bit of an ascending triangle you know we've got a upper resistance line right here okay that didn't tack on at all properly it's need to turn the magnet tool off but you know just for example you could also say it's a bit of a penance as well you know we've got a pole here not a pennant really it's more the flag II flagging business right here you know I've got this low resistance level and just charting this is this is really ugly actually but uh you know just charting there's a resistance as well and support can help you see patterns – I don't really need to do that too much just because I see the patterns well I see the passenger Maurice I don't really plot them but they're there so see ya so that's pretty much it keep posting good views again thank you mister freethinker and I like that you're a free thinker good sir aeneas ties to brock pierce I don't know there's a block one if you want to support pedophiles and put your money into EOS I think that's a bit of a misnomer I mean if you're talking about the ethical implications of investing in cryptocurrencies based on people's decisions that run those cryptocurrencies I mean it's the beta bull how far you want to go down this rabbit hole technically speaking I mean if you really want to get ethical shouldn't be shouldn't really be using computers at all because the metal that's you know found in the mists is mined by children in in some really harsh conditions shouldn't really be using mobile phones this think is a salt and B or something some like that it's the metal so you know where do you draw the line maybe your line is at at you know someone's allegations of pedophilia of one person's participation in the crypto project that has many developers and people running the project that's a kind of a different thing but I'm pretty sure companies you've worked at has I'm pretty sure the company you work out whatever you do has someone or a group of people not together but a group of individuals that had Dubreuil nefarious things in their private life that you probably aren't aware of so what are you gonna do you stop working there probably not so you know I think I think you know if the goal is to make money from this space this is probably one of the more ethical spaces to do it from our standpoint as an individual so you know just just gotta be savvy so thank you so much for watching this video today guys really do appreciate it don't forget to subscribe and hit a notification bell like this video comment below on which coins want me to cover in the next video or just comment below on any comments whatsoever comments for you hope help the video get exposure more views I've noticed that and if you uh support a channel there's various links on how's new sober foot below I if you go to steam it calm at Berlin bear these videos are posted automatically to there so if you want to support the channel and monetarily without actually contributing any money just upload this upload the videos on steam it or you can support by patron exclusive content over there so thank you so much for watching I hope it amazing day and I'll see you later today with a another video hope you have an amazing day guys thank you for watching that video make sure you hit the like button subscribe and hit the notification bell to watch last news video there's videos are less watch the last educational video those videos on the right if you'd like to support the channel if you sign a provider referral links donate crypto bitcoin III of white corner – or support by a patron see you in the next one all the best

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  1. Apparently all of this incredibly bullish news coming out of the crypto space is too much for people to handle so they're all selling. It's really frustrating to read news everyday about massive partnerships, huge exchange listings, mainstream adoption taking place, and every major bank wanting in, yet down the price goes….Thoughts?

  2. Thanks for another good episode, mate! Really interested to hear that Icon are partnering with Line. I live in Taiwan, and I can tell you that Line is MASSIVE in Asia. Everybody with a smartphone uses it, from young to old, and it is not just a messaging app like Viber or Whatsapp but, as you mentioned, kind of a social platform with it's own newsfeed, games, etc. The Line cartoon characters are hugely popular and they even have Line stores here, selling all kinds of merchandise featuring the beloved characters. In-app purchases of themes and sticker packs are a huge part of their business and I think this is where the Icon tie-in will become relevant. Right now you have to purchase "Line coins" which are basically deducted from your credit card through the App store. Anyway, will be interesting to see what happens. I wonder if ICX will manage to reach some nice new highs?

  3. James, I know you were checking out FUN a few weeks ago. Take a look at the charts when you have a moment. I think it’s starting to look like a nice setup ?

  4. Interested to hear ur opinion on zcash on Gemini.. might be a good signal to get in a long position. If gemini is in I imagine coinbase will follow. Given zcash has a market cap of 1.2 billion, it has quite some room to grow to catch up to the other Gemini listed coins.

  5. Interested to hear ur opinion on zcash on Gemini.. might be a good signal to get in a long position. If gemini is in I imagine coinbase will follow. Given zcash has a market cap of 1.2 billion, it has quite some room to grow to catch up to the other Gemini listed coins.

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