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you hello and welcome to Berlin Bayer cryptocurrency analysis news and education my name is James Gore and just before he starts would like to wish you a very happy new year first video of the year so wishing you happy new year hope you had very good celebration for celebrations with your friends and family good time and hope we have a very prosperous 2018 going forward for everyone watching the channel and everyone in the cryptocurrency space so this video is for the 1st of January 2018 going to be doing a market updates and diving straight into the telecom nurse's and then jumping into all the news from the past 24 hours nothing too special not been going not much been going on in the last 24 hours obviously because it's been the holiday period but first things first let's just take a quick look if you can see the cryptocurrency market cap has had a bit of a bounce back this past 24 hours has reached 615 billion US dollars with volume trading around roughly the same or almost reaching 30 billion and bitcoins dominance it's just managing to keep a grip on roughly 38 percent level we're seeing a lot of money not just flow into Bitcoin but also into all of the altcoins in fact if we take a look at the biggest losers there are only 1 2 3 4 5 6 cryptocurrencies that aren't performing well so you could have chucked in a any amount of money yesterday into the market and a likelihood of you being up today is extremely high it is uh there's only 4 cryptocurrencies out of bhajans that 1374 right now so you don't roll will take a very quick look at the biggest winners and without any surprise we can see stasis day but ray blocks to reach $23 it was peaking at 1520 dollars the last couple of days as steadily movements has been doing absolutely outstanding but the 40% bump that's probably following the ripple hype at the moment but going to do some technical analysis dive deeper into the charts I just like to say a quick shout out to all my patrons I did a write up blog which is open to the public except when you can read the patron blog posts I love the more public I was just saying how if we to break through certain resistance levels we would have a clear run up to 15,000 828 all of us let's looking at the water but I couldn't see any cell walls but if you want to take a quick look at price history we can see here we have quite a few levels of resistance here so we have resistance at 1 2 3 4 5 approximately 6 different points at the 40,500 he said 14 700 so it's roughly there I see 14 625 so as we can see if you've been following the videos the past couple of days can see bitcoins bouncing off the 50-day average which is very healthy we have had a bit of a pullback since the 17th of December and we're a bit of a head and shoulders pattern at the moment as you can see here which is a bearish pattern but the good news is we are bouncing off this the 50-day moving average and we are trading above the previous level of resistance here which is 13 is 13 521 US dollars so the range is tightening and tightening up a bit I would like to see more price action above that level to kick sort of confirmation of some more bullish action but today I'm going to use Fibonacci retracements if you aren't oops doesn't work like that basically it uses something called the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence which is a naturally occurring phenomena mathematical phenomenon in all of nature and of course technical masses is just a means to understand market psychology so funny enough the golden ratio applies to market psychology and you can see here that the golden ratio is indicating different price levels this is absolutely insane so I'm tracking it based on the absolutely high we reach to the very recent low of 11,000 then we can see we have the golden ratio bouncing off this price over here this price over here twice this price over here a few times this price over here and it's price over here so it's highly likely that we're going to be bouncing off this price level which similarly is approximately the sixth fourteen thousand six hundred twenty five levels so we're probably going to be trading in this range for quite some time and until we get some British action and see this 50-day moving average curve up I'm not gonna look at the hourly time for him to see more information or momentum so I really think we're going to be doing ok even though the MACD is showing a bearish pattern and even though the RSI showing a bearish pattern because we're strong trading here until we start trading below the green the Green Line which is a 50-day moving average I wouldn't be too worried so that's not going to be coming so I'll just clear the fibonacci retracement just to show you a bit clearer on the of the chart toward a very simple trend line over I expect the 50-day to be going so we're not probably not going to see any action serious action until tomorrow to the 5th of January so we're probably going to be trading in this area here before we see serious break for the upside or we're going to break bearish and touch down in the hundred day moving average so we have five six days to see what bitcoins going to do and it's quite a decisive month Bitcoin at the moment because yes everything is tethered to Bitcoin but we do see a lots of money moving into the all coin market if Bitcoin does break bearish sorry guys if Bitcoin does break bearish they're gonna see it starting to bounce off that hundredaire moving average moving on to ethereal let's see how a theorem is doing we can see if it retracement their previous the previous run up just to talk about price levels back we're not trading a theory and we can see here that a theorem is actually doing not too poorly it's not had too much price movement but we can see that's almost a doji candle which basically means very thin body very thin open and close so the market opens a certain level closes a very close several but it's volatility and price action then it indicates indecision in the market so people aren't too sure with a theory I'm at the moment ever where it's going to go so they're playing it very cautiously and safe again I'll take a quick look at the four hour time frame to see how we're trading up probably moving averages oh we broke above the moving averages on the four-hour time frame that's what we needed and above the support level so what I'd like to see moving forward is that we stay above this support level to start trading and bouncing off it because if we can do that it's a it's a good sign however the support level has actually moved down to here because it's where we ground stuff off today and although the candle isn't closed completely but that's way bouts of today bounce a foot before bounce off it one two three four five six almost seven times eight times the last couple of weeks so this is probably going to be quite a strong support level so hopefully you can keep trading above it and trade for the upside again all the major players are tethered to Bitcoin but we can see here on the MACD we've a very bullish very very bullish signal the histogram is still not peaked completely and the blue line is quite separated from pink / orange so it looks very bullish for PIC etherion brother and bulls are buying a dip on the four hour time frame so people are taking profits with this upper wick but the lower wick as longer some bulls are dying dip so we do have a bit of bullish momentum I'd like to see more volume coming in we had a bit of volume here but not really enough to sustain it so hopefully stable see more bullish volume on etherion let's take a quick look at litecoin and litecoin is trading above that previous price level we actually have set a new low here so I'm just gonna shift this up to the new low this candle hasn't closed today yet but it does look like rather hopeful day I did say litecoin was looking strongest amongst three we are trading below the moving averages so it seems like aetherium is our strongest amongst the three I shall move this this level down a bit but as you can see the candle boys are constantly bouncing off this level so we're finding support here quickly take a look at price history and we can see it's bounced up to this level before so what I'm going to see here again is if we do have a bit of a run-up that we're probably going to start contesting with 50 and 100 moving average and that'll be resistance that we need to break through we may see a bit of a tightening here as they trend downwards and we'll really see some price action however the MACD starting to open up and look bullish histogram isn't hasn't reached its peak yet and trending down so it does look like we're in more of a bridge pattern what we shall see again the big aetherium light going is tethered to Bitcoin so it's kind of depend on how Bitcoin is doing but we do have lots of new money flowing into the market so that's if the technical analysis will shell a jump into the news and we can see this is a article I wanted to him talk about I'm not gonna dive and it's the article but had a conversation with my friends Leo New Year's Eve if he's watching this hey leo and it's just he kept saying it's been a terrible crash and a bit quiz crash two markets crash what's going on and he's seen a lot of upside but and he was saying he's been looking at the charts as well and this is where it can get deceptive okay guys because I know ever probably said this a few times before but this is where it can get deceptive because you see this crazy run-up and just visually you see a chart like this and it has this dip and you say holy this is a massive crash and people keep saying in the news it's a crash it's a crypto market crash and this is extremely deceptive really assertive because if you look at look at the percentage difference between the peak and the actual drop that's about us about 43 percent okay and in traditional markets that's a big deal but this is the crypto markets and it's a very new market a lot of volatility we scroll to earlier price history and we start looking at those dips again and use sensors marker see how much of it was so this is a 30 percent dip here I know I've done this before but as we can see as we zoom out the chart starts to get a bit larger 35 percent dip here and you go from here to this low we're actually broke below the 100 day moving average 30 percent dip here so it's very similar to the current dip we've had so it's just a healthy pullback we need pull backs to have some healthy consolidation because without that consolidation we don't find support levels and we just have this exponential run-up and that's when we really will crash completely to the bottom 33% here so you can see as we go through the as we go through bitcoins price history we can see we've had at some I'm probably I've probably missed it but we've actually had a fifty percent dip in 2017 I think it was in September with a trying to fund but the point is is that we've had 30 to 50 percent dips in 2017 and this may visually look very terrible but compared to the previous history of Bitcoin this isn't anything new this is expected again we're bouncing off the 50-day moving average so everything's okay it's a bit of a decipher decisive moment moving forward but generally speaking everything is still okay so it's things things are still trending upwards it is a bit of a decisive time to see where the markets going but it's not completely dead we're not in the bear market or anything like that so just calm down don't sell your positions ad and buy on the dip next up next article I chose in 2017 raised four billion US dollars that's insane that is that is insane that's you know I shares our means of crowdfunding but also means that people are investing in in all coins in a massive way without in a completely speculative manner because these icos haven't proven proven anything 99 percent haven't proven anything and don't actually have a product to market so this means people are investing in a lottery ticket and so I mentioned that the live stream the live stream I did celebrate five thousand subs he had a great line it's basically saying he realized through experience that investing cryptocurrencies just like traditional markets isn't a lottery ticket you know you shouldn't be chucking at money at icos unless you are hundred and ten percent short this is going to be changing the world okay so can always invest after the I so I see you and have massive upside but to see four billion u.s. dollars invested in 2017 that's rather immense moving on culture shock Bitcoin apart of all walks of life in 2017 so a lot of these are calls in fact all these articles on coin but I just found them interesting today but it's interesting seeing what they consider to be all walks of life we did have a lot of market penetration in terms of the general public caring about Bitcoin but it's interesting seeing just how much so we look at Google Google Trends Bitcoin has never been searched more than it did in the last quarter last year Bitcoin was the second most searched for piece of news in 2017 how to buy bitcoins the third most searched for term and if we look at the map where people are searching for it's mostly in the West a lot in Asia and Australia has a lot of interest some in Africa as well and South America but Australia actually really surprised me because South Africa has a lot of interest well but Australia really blew my mind that I wasn't expecting that so very interesting also we found that miners actually put AMD in the video – quite stripped some stress with the guys – having enough graphics cards to market because there is such high demand mining blew up last year because before scripted currencies became very profitable celebrities endorse cryptocurrencies and we can kind of skip the rest next up so last few days I covered a story about a chap that was kidnapped in the Ukraine and extorted for $1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin now those are I cover the article from my point of you knows one key thing I overlooked and this is a stronger case for the need for privacy coins where we don't have our public balances actually on the on the ledger on the blockchain because it means that we're not susceptible to people taking a sausage for our funds so there's very strong arguments for privacy in the cryptocurrency space just like you would have privacy with the bank accounts people not being able to see how much you have in your bank account should really be happening on the blockchain as well people shouldn't be able to see how much money you have in a wallet now there are ways around this by having the wallets with a very little amount of money for example the amounts of money you would use in a week under or in a month and then having another work that's like a bank account that you feed to this first one I suspect technical and it's kind of a workaround and you can probably still be extorted if you see just one wallet feeding like a fixed amount of money each week it looks like a salary so of course they'll say mmm if you want to extort this guy for me in love dollars that he probably knows how to at least have some tied to this wallet so I'm an arrow funnily enough had a talk at coinbase which is were leading exchanges in the world and if you watch my video on coins to be listed on coinbase manera basically pleaded the case warden s necessity of privacy coins now I said manera is highly likely to be little coin base and many people said no because it's a privacy point however privacy and I said this in 20 in my 2018 video of things to cover predictions privacy is going to be a big share in 2018 because there are some things in the cryptocurrency space that is still up in the air and still keeps people at risk despite it being completely secure and safe we become the single point of failure rather than the banking system so if someone points a gun at our head and says give us all your Bitcoin it's nothing we can really do and similarly speaking I mean same situations with the bank the only the only way we could circumvent that is by having multi cygnets multi sing accounts from multi signal wallets which basically means two parties need to confirm transactions for a transaction to go through and a wallet okay so that's coming and though that's being implemented with a few parties and that has applications for example with the board of directors that one of them you know put a seal of approval on a transaction or investment you need you know all nine or ten board members to sign off on that transaction and then it can be sent off so that's a use case but also just personal security you could have an independent but independent body like your bank the bank can only have a secondary signature role I can't actually send coin out but you there just be the second signature on any transaction that means that your transactions with safe so that's another use case so that mean that you couldn't be extorted but also just people not knowing how much crypto you have how much funds you have in your wallets is actually another way that we can be protected so privacy is gonna be a big deal in 2018 this year and also Manero as they're having talks at queen base HQ is likely to be listed on coin base and I said that in that original video and two of the coins or one of the coins has been listed the ripples like to be listed quite soon but mineral manera was one of my other picks as well so of course it's going to shoot up in price fees added next up so just look back in 2017 as well the US dollar ends 2017 is the worst year since 2003 while Bitcoin is up a thousand three hundred and seventy two percent so Bitcoin is doing exceptionally well there is this theory with regards to inflation and deflation Airi currencies as cryptocurrencies are by nature deflationary if they're not pre mind that as more and more people start to move assets to cryptocurrencies global economy that's tied to fiat currencies will start to tank faster because it's tipping the scales provided that fiat currencies are in a downtrend and technically due to inflation hyperinflation and quantitative easing which is basically printing more money by printing more money you devaluing fiat currency so if more dollars are printed dollars are worth less in in theory that's not necessarily how things work out but that is how it is in theory so we have an inflationary currency and we have a deflationary currency so it's gonna make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies worth even more in comparison which is why we have people saying things like Bitcoin will be worth a hundred thousand two hundred thousand three hundred thousand even a million u.s. dollars in its lifetime so it's interesting to see that fiat currencies are struggling a bit I know the US dollar isn't the only one and I've seen an argument by Max Keiser that you don't really notice fiat currencies performing so poorly compared to alternative models because everything due to inflation no due to quantitative easing is being pulled down together because there's no alternative model so it's just being pulled down together so in contrast in comparison if you're going down together you don't see the rate you know rate of difference massively but compared to something like Bitcoin you see well Bitcoin must be having a crazy run-up it's in the bubble when in actual fact it could be not saying it isn't the bubble just saying it could be that you know scales are just tipping it in the other direction the last piece of news which I found interesting which relates to one of my patrons is talking about niceö is that startup seeks lower-cost improve outcomes by tokenizing healthcare now this isn't noise here you're speaking about it's just the fact that the healthcare system actually has a lot to benefit from watching the blockchain tech in terms of reducing costs and I think this is this is based on an Australian blockchain tech that's cost reduced by ten to fifteen times by just not having a documents or patient records stored in multiple places to be all stored in singular place which be in the blockchain it's really interesting I suggest you have a quick read of this one I'm not gonna go dive too deep into it but it just shows I just wanted to finish the positive and this is a great way that we can improve healthcare globally through blockchain technology it's really you know chain technologies are revolutionising every industry that they can so that's it for this video Happy New Year's again if you have any questions or any suggestions or any predictions of way C 2018 going don't hesitate to leave a comment below and I shall see you in the next video soon wishing you guys all the best thank you for watching that video make sure you hit the like button subscribe and hit the notification bell to watch last news video there's videos on the Left watch the last 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  2. This may be a stupid question, but how can Monero, a privacy coin, get listed on Coinbase, when the latter is coming under increased pressure to turn over customer information to the IRS et al?

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