CRYPTO NEWS: Bitstamp Gains BitLicense!! Great for BITCOIN and RIPPLE!

hey guys it seems you with crypto Pig and today we have a daily token review and two really awesome cryptocurrencies new segments to share with you now just before I start if you guys like our content and want to keep updated with the crypto space please make sure you hit the like and subscribe button as seen on Koide market cap we've got a mixture of greens and Red's on the market but the Bulls currently have the slight upper hand the world's flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased by 2.5 3 percent while ether still maintaining in its second-in-command status with the minor decrease of 0.48% now ripples xrp maintains number 3 position and it's currently gaming by 0.95% other considerable movements in the market include iOS and Cardano which have increased 3.14 and six point five four percent respectively now if I scroll down to the top 20 we're also having a mixture of a pretty lush and green environment with some shades of red across the board when era has increased by 3.5 1% or tehsils experienced some nice gains with seven point eight eight percent increase now on to the news guys according to a report by coin journal bitstamp USA incorporated a subsidiary of bitstamp limited has been granted a virtual currency license by the New York State Department of Financial Services the DFS now what does this mean for bitstamp the virtual currency license which is also known as bit license will make it possible for bit stamp USA incorporated to add support for a vast array of crypto assets which include Bitcoin ether like coin bit coin cash and even the US dollar interestingly the new licensure will also allow the firm to facilitate money transfers onto the ripple Bakhtin network if she XRP balances in fee a u.s. dollar as well as a few other fiat standards including the Australian dollar British Pound Sterling the euro the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen now commenting on the development we've got Neerja quadric the CEO of bitstamp who expressed his excitement over the achievement he also noted that securing the bit license is a significant step in the company's expansion journey in his words we've always been receptive to active efforts that protect the interests of retailing institutional investors alike securing a bit license is another excellent example of our commitment to be the most trusted digital currency exchange in the world having bitlicense is also a key element in ramping up our presence in the United States especially when it comes to institutional investors here it's worth noting that the bitlicense has proven quite elusive to several crypto related firms today and some big whales in the crypto space and this also includes the CEO of Kraken cryptic owns exchanged jesse powell who still sees it as draconian and unnecessary since its creation in august 2015 only 19 firms have succeeded in obtaining the bit license and these include circle gemini ripple coinbase Zappo and others now on to the second news item for today / a crypto inside a report bit for next a Hong kong-based crypto currency exchange has announced the removal of the $10,000 equity limit for new trading accounts in a bid to create a level playing field for everyone now explaining the reason for the sudden change the bit for next team hinted that in the past six months it has been overwhelmed by the massive increase in the number of new cryptocurrency traders that have shown interest in joining the platform against that backdrop it decided to remove the $10,000 barrier in a bid to make life easier for everyone commenting on the latest development BitFenix CEO jean-louis van de Velde reiterated that for the past six months we have been working tirelessly to ready our platform for a new wave of customer accounts and are now in a position to open before next to a wider audience by removing our minimum equity requirements the only limits are now set by the traders themselves also the chief technical officer CTO of BitFenix Paulo and joiner took to Twitter to handle to the state that one of the reasons behind the change is to attract more developers to the exchange as before next is significantly depth driven now what does this mean for beat 4 next with this forward-thinking maneuver the BitFenix exchange will now be open to air read a retail crypto traders and it would also significantly boost the lagging trading volume that has relegated it to the 36th position on coin market cap top 100 crypto currency exchange rankings so what are your thoughts are not the situation guys are you confident they're securing a bit license or significantly boost the reputation of bitstamp and what are your thoughts on the latest bit for next minimum equity reduction from ten thousand dollars to zero dollars will it uh shirring more investors into the exchange and the NASA world of Bitcoin in general let me know what you guys think below if you guys liked our content please subscribe and watch our latest videos it's into you with crypto 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13 thoughts on “CRYPTO NEWS: Bitstamp Gains BitLicense!! Great for BITCOIN and RIPPLE!”

  1. Bitstamp is ridiculous. More, it’s dangerous. They are stopping your withdrawals until you provide them with private information.

  2. I can`t see how it`s great for US users as there are so many bad reviews of bitstamp saying their service is extremely poor and kyc procedure is terrible.

  3. Bitstamp only got the license because bittrex fucked it up. They are really slow af and acount-freezing phase still there on bitstamp.

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